@ this entire website did u know it’s possible to make an informative post about a tragedy and/or national disaster without guilting and/or blaming your entire reader base for not posting about it when they PROBABLY simply haven’t heard about it?

If any of my followers are wondering why I don’t reblog a lot of important posts it’s because theyre often condescending and i don’t think my followers deserve to be treated like that. Also there’s multiple reasons why someone might choose not to reblog and they don’t deserve to be guilt tripped into it. This is a social media, not a news site, and I imagine I’m not the only one who will actively peruse a news site but be quiet on here. Just because people choose to be quiet on a platform you know them from, doesn’t mean they don’t care, they could be more vocal on Facebook or in real life, for example.


These young hedgehogs arrived at the centre after their nest was disturbed by a dog.

Sadly, they could not be returned to their mother and were far too young to survive in the wild on their own. They are currently being taken care of by Viv, one of our trained hedgehog orphan feeders, and will return to the wild as soon as they are fully grown.


This young little owl was found collapsed and was hurried to the centre for treatment. This is the latest in a series of patients that have arrived in a collapsed and dehydrated state due to the extreme weather and will, no doubt, not be the last.

Luckily, this youngster was found in time and, with gentle fluid therapy and food, it is getting stronger by the day. It is currently recovering in one of our pens and is looking much brighter. We will do all we can to get it back out to the wild as soon as we can.


This beautiful tawny owl was rushed into the centre after being hit by a car. Although seemingly uninjured, it was dazed and wasn’t able to fly.

Maru could not find any broken bones and tests on the owls eyes proved no damage. Any animal hit by a car will often go into shock and, with careful monitoring and management, they often recover well. This owl has already started to show signs of improvement and we hope that we will be able to return it to the wild soon!




Do companies realize that they’ll eventually run out of people who can realistically fill their demands if they keep demanding you have 3-5+ years experience at 25 and refuse to hire anything less

actually, I think what they are doing is hiring 25 year olds with 1 year of experience and using that as a way to coerce the 25 year old to accept less pay.

They post 3-5 years experience at 45,000 on the job boards. Which is the market value of the position.But not for someone who has worked in the field for 5 years who at that point in their career might demand 50,000 instead.

then when people come in with 1 year of experience *(which is really secretly all the experience that is needed for the job) they go “oohhhh so. we really like you but based on your experience level we’re going to start you at 35k? is that okay? You know, cause we could be getting someone with 5 years experience, but we really like you.”

And then the 25 year old feels lucky to get ahead and get the job in the first place so they say yes

there’s also been a surge of companies complaining they “have to” relax their hiring standards (and, yeop, lower pay) bc otherwise they can’t find candidates, so yea you’re not wrong