no one is saying you have to stop calling yourself queer, and its great that you can reclaim a slur!! Its amazing to bring piwer to urself!!! But some ppl have trauma with the word and that needs to be respected by not using it on lgbt who are uncomfy with ut




Y’all are some of the most disingenuous motherfuckers. I am exhausted. And I am really done with this trauma argument.

A confession: I have been harassed and verbally abused with it/its pronouns before.

I don’t fully understand why some trans people choose to use it pronouns for themselves, and I don’t follow anyone who does anymore because seeing someone referred to as “it” upsets me.

However, I do not shame or belittle trans folks who use it/its pronouns in a reclaiming fashion because it’s none of my business and I am not a piece of obnoxious shit.

If you have trauma associated with the word queer, then you need to respect me and yourself enough to not interact with my blog.

This blog literally has QUEER in its url, name, and description. Every other post on this blog contains the word QUEER. This blog is about QUEER people, for QUEER people, by a QUEER person.

No one is forcing you to interact with this blog. No one is forcing you to interact with the QUEER community. No one is forcing you to apply the word QUEER to your own identity.

Block blogs that have queer in their url. Add the word QUEER to your Tumblr tag blacklist. Download one of the many different apps and browser extensions that exist and use it to hide posts with the word QUEER in them.

Try taking at least some responsibility for your own mental health.

You aren’t queer? You don’t like the word? That’s fine. Your feelings and your trauma are valid.

But hear this: y’all need to leave QUEER people the FUCK alone.

Stop adding “queer is a slur” to our posts.

Stop inviting yourselves onto our posts to whine about the phrase “queer community”.

Don’t reblog our posts if you’re going to tag them with “#q slur”.

Stop making discourse of our genders and sexualities.

Stop trying to create rules over who is allowed to call themselves queer when you yourself are not queer.

Stop sending us invasive messages demanding to know “how” we’re queer or if we’re “really lgbt”.

Stop trying to make the queer community responsible for your personal baggage, as if we aren’t surviving with our own.

Let QUEER people live.

god yes OP

“Stop trying to make the queer community responsible for your personal baggage, as if we aren’t surviving with our own.”

Holy shit. Exactly.


I Need Help

I’m moving at the end of the month, unless I get evicted before then.

I’m still 2 months behind on rent ($1140) and they might make me pay an extra month ($570) because I didn’t get my move notice in by the 1st. My PayPal account is overdrawn (by $550) and I have to pay that off before I can even use any donations to pay off my bills and rent. I’ll need money to move and to eat until I get settled in. I can probably afford to pay any rent and deposits to move into the new place, but my hours are so messed up that I can’t afford anything else.

I’m sure that if I move without paying off my back rent that they’ll make my life hell. And my current landlords are nice people, so I really don’t want to have to screw them over.

If there is any way anyone could help, even a reblog, that would be amazing.

My PayPal is


““Ah,” said Nanny. She took the girl’s arm. “The thing is,” she explained, “as you progress in the Craft, you’ll learn there is another rule. Esme’s obeyed it all her life.”
“And what’s that?”
“When you break rules, break ‘em good and hard,” said Nanny, and grinned a set of gums that were more menacing than teeth.”

— Terry Pratchett, “Wyrd Sisters” (via quietflorilegium)



On the surface (and in depth) this video is about Incels and exploring their stunted, socially-illiterate and viciously mysoginistic views on sexuality and society.


On another level it’s also about self-destructive internet habits. Looking at websites and searching for experiences that tear you down, depress you and confirm your deepest fears about yourself. “I was right, I really am unlovable/uncreative/insufficiently feminine”. Masochistic epistemology, the digital equivalent of cutting yourself. And haha… ha [sweats] boy oh boy do I know about cutting myself, digitally or otherwise.

I think that’s an aspect of mental illness that’s insufficiently explored. It’s central to Incel communities, but one can find it in all sorts of places. And the draw of it, at least to me, has always been real. At least as real as the desire for self harm, at least.

So yeah, give it a watch