I hate to break it to you, but causes autism. 

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that’s why tumblr makes it so easy to follow blogs, they don’t care whether it’s an intentional or unintentional follow









bitch i got adhd lmao

Water is one oxygen atom away from being hydrogen peroxide. Take a wild guess at which one will kill you if you drink it…

Regular water is also only four neutrons away from being radioactive

“If we add meth to it, it turns into meth!” No shit Sherlock, that’s why we don’t add any meth to it!


Look, guys, yes making minor changes to a molecule can massively alter its behaviour. This isnt one of those cases.

Methamphetamine and dextroamphetamine actually are very similar in how they behave and how they effect people, which is why the FDA allows methamphetamine for ADHD treatment and why people generally cant tell the difference between the two. See also: the similar effects of oxycontin, heroin, and morphine.

The operative part of methamphetamine is “amphetamine”; just because the name has been shortened to “meth” in common parlance doesnt mean getting rid of the methyl group radically changes the drug.

Overall chemical structure isnt an absolute determinate of behaviour, but it actually is usefully predictive, which is the whole point of organizing organic structures into various categories: by and large, chemicals with similar structure really do have similar behaviour.

I knew they were similar but i thought meth was stronger/ more addictive or something. Why is crystal meth the one that’s popular as a recreational drug and regular amphetamine is the one that’s usually used medicinally?

Meth is somewhat stronger and more addictive; the extra methyl group lets the body take it up faster. Its a difference of degrees, though; careful use of either wont hurt you, they can both be used to treat similar conditions, and abuse of both will hurt you in similar ways. One of the major reasons adderall is so tightly controlled is because it keeps getting sold to the drug market as a meth substitute.

I’m not saying they’re identical, I’m saying minor structural differences aren’t enough to safely say “well, these are clearly different drugs, we dont have to worry.” If your friend is buying adderall from a dealer for exam time, she’s probably ok. If she’s buying adderall constantly, you should probably respond to that as if she were regularly taking meth. They’re not wildly different, and they present similar benefits and risks.

And the argument from minor structural differences is a fantastistically bad argument in organic chemistry, a field largely predicated on organizing itself around structural similarity.

This is why if you DON’T have ADD/ADHD you absolutely should not take adderall. If you do it helps you slow the fuck down but if you DON’T it’s basically speed.

please help me to eat!!



Friday, August 31st – Hi everyone, I’m Gemma and I’m so sorry to ask this again so soon from my previous benefit sanction post but is anyone able to send me a few £’s so I can eat this coming month?

At the moment, I have absolutely no income or food until my benefits are reinstated, the sanctions aren’t due to be lifted until the start of September and I am not due to receive a payment until September 25th (a whole month away, I can provide evidence) and I know that I have asked this a lot these past few months and all the help I have previously received has literally helped me from spiralling into more debt and helped me to eat and stay warm so far and I absolutely hate to ask for more help but I have no one else to turn to.  

Also, as many of you know, earlier this month I was diagnosed with a folic acid deficiency, due to lack of nutrition and without basic groceries to take my 14 meds per day, my condition will only get worse, so this post is incredibly urgent for me.

If anyone could spare any amount to help me, even if it’s just £1/$1/€1, it would literally save my life and, sharing definitely helps just as much as donations. Nobody has to donate if they can’t or don’t want to, I know we’re all struggling. Thank you for your help 💖


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This post is about vaginas. My vagina in particular. I get yeast infections pretty regularly, and until recently I was able to afford to see a doctor who could prescribe me fluconazole.

Fluconazole, a drug also known by the brand name Diflucan, is a small pink pill. You take two pills a few days apart from each other to restore balance and harmony to your bountiful folds. I’ve never ever had a bad side effect from taking this pill.

Cut to November 2016. I’m a recent college grad without reliable health care coverage in the process of finding a job. And I’m dealing with a yeast infection. Before I moved out of state, my previous doctor told me about Miconazole. She said it was as effective as the pill and hallelujah, it’s over the counter! I decided to purchase the cream pictured above. This treatment only lasted 3 days, a convenient time frame for my schedule.

The application process was a little messy, and some of the cream came in contact with my vulva and labia. Within 5 minutes every piece of skin that had come in contact with the cream, excluding my hands, was on fire. I wanted to scream it was so painful. I began frantically searching for what I should do online. 

I found a whole forum of people on who had experienced something similar. These comments saved me, and these were just on the first page. There were 33 pages total, the earliest dated July 2009.


I was writhing in pain at 2AM when I found this forum (which I found by searching “my vagina burn itch hurts after miconazole” on Google). As soon as I read these comments I threw the devil cream directly into the trash and jumped in the shower. I didn’t feel any actual relief until I reached in and scraped the cream out of me. I paid $17 plus tax on this bullshit, but I could have just as easily ripped up my money or paid someone to not hurt me. 

The moral of the story is that vaginal health care is is completely fucked up because we don’t have access to an over the counter cure for yeast infections that is safe for our bodies and also YOU SHOULD NEVER BUY THIS CREAM EVER.

Reblog to save a vagina.

Okay so I used to get yeast infections every month after my period ‘cause my pH levels were fucked up or something (idk that’s what my doctor said) and I actually used to take this stuff and it was fine. Then a couple years down the road I had a yeast infection for the first time in ages and I used this again and it burned so bad I had to sit in the bath and like physically dig it out of my vagina

AND THEN I LEARNED THAT IT’S BECAUSE I DIDN’T HAVE A YEAST INFECTION. I had a bacterial infection, which is honestly pretty much identical to a yeast infection depending on the severity. The only difference is that IF YOU HAVE A BACTERIAL INFECTION AND TRY TO USE YEAST INFECTION MEDICATION IT WILL HURT

But it’s not actually the medication’s fault. The medication DOES do what it’s supposed to do, provided you’re actually suffering from a yeast infection. Chances are though that you and every one who commented on this did, in fact, have bacterial infections instead.

FORTUNATELY they also make over the counter tests so you can know if you need to call your doctor or just grab some yeast medicine off the shelf. Next time if you aren’t sure, pee on a stick and save yourself a world of fucking pain


It’s unfortunate that I’m 27 and never knew that last bit of information. The world of vaginal health is so obscure and inaccessible.

Reblogging because I too once found out the hard way that I had a bacterial & not yeast infection. 😑

I, too, once set my vagina aflame with miconazole. I didn’t know it was because of a bacterial infection. Reblogging to save a vag.

Reblogging to save a vag.

It’s almost like the shame and stigma thar surrounds vaginas is a danger to the health and well being of people who have vaginas.

Damn y’all #saveavag

I had surgery a couple years ago and along with that came a hefty dose of antibiotics to prevent an infection. Skip forward a few days and yup, definitely have a yeast infection. I got some Monistat because I had used it on the past and knew it worked. Put it in, and within a few hours the fires of hell were bursting forth from my lady business. I put an ice pack on my crotch, took some painkillers, and went to sleep because some of the online reviews were like “It burns like hell for the first couple days but that shows it working” (total bullshit btw)

When I woke up the pain was better but I was starting to get some minor cramping and had salmon colored discharge. (🤢) I texted my aunt who’s an OBGYN who informed that I had developed an allergy to either the medicine or the cream base (and finding which is trial and error and sucks) so she recommended switching to a Lotrimin product (like Gyne Lotrimin or Clotrimazole) and holy hell the relief was instantaneous. I cleared up my yeast infection without any pain.

If I didn’t have my aunt as a resource I probably would have tried to stick out the Monistat and honestly could have ended up scarring my vag because I listened to people online. Do your research PROPERLY, if you have a question ask someone who actually knows what they’re talking about.

Your hoo-ha is precious, treat her as such.

Fierce Historical Ladies post: Vladka Meed



These posts tell the story of a Jewish woman named Vladka Meed who, beginning at the age of 21, armed the Warsaw Ghetto in preparation for the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, set up covert aid networks in forced labor camps, and dedicated her life to building and preserving the memory of the Holocaust.

Part 1: The Ghetto

Part 2: The Aryans

Part 3: Vladka, on the Wall, with Dynamite

Part 4: Uprising

Part 5: Aftermath

Part 6: The Labor Camps

Part 7: The Red Army

Part 8: Not an Epilogue

Part 9: Meanwhile, in Poland…

Part 10: A Four-Day Visa

Part 11: Bibliography and Further Reading

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It’s also a level of elitism and classism and ethnic purification and a whole lot of jazz because not everyone will be able to pay these fees and those who can’t will just have to suffer and then America would only be gaining the more affluent of the bunch

Does anyone know if there’s any kind of fund to donate to these families?????

There is! They’ve been collecting since they’ve started, help donate!



Geosesarma dennerle, or the purple vampire crab, is a species of small land-living crab which is found on Java, Indonesia. Described by scientists in 2015, it is already popular in the aquarium trade, in which all species of Geosesarma crabs are often called vampire crabs. (x x x x x)

Special thanks to @roksyk for showing me this species!

this was a good crab until I saw the name and now it is a great crab