I think a lot of people’s opinions about the incel community (as opposed to shy and romantically lonely men or shy and romantically lonely people in general) are looking way too hard for an explanation for something that’s kind of obvious. if you are the sort of person who responds to loneliness by posting sentences like “[SuicideFuel] daily reminder, every female you see has had a dick in her mouth,” you don’t have to be fucking Einstein to figure out why you can’t get laid

Did they all start out that way, or are you falling victim to the just world fallacy?

I feel like at this point I have a reasonable sample of men who are decent people and who are romantically lonely, and literally none of them do this. I am actually sort of insulted on behalf of the lonely and formerly lonely men I know that you think they would! 

I mean, at some point (assuming free will exists etc) they did, in fact, make the free choice to be terrible people when they had the option to not be terrible people. I don’t think this is, like, a defense.

re: tags, no the point is more ‘they started out fairly normal, had problems with loneliness and got super sad then eventually super resentful then eventually turned into assholes (which may contribute to them continuing to be lonely now)’ rather than ‘they started out as assholes and that’s why they’re lonely’.

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