Don’t armchair diagnose mass shooters and other killers. The misconception that all violent people must be mentally ill (and the following conclusion that all mentally ill people must be dangerous) has horrible real life consequences for visibly mentally ill people.

Schizophrenic people are 14 times more likely to be a victim of a violent crime than committing one because people assume that we’re homicidal and dangerous and may react very negatively to visibly mentally ill behavior, partly due to all the media portrayals of schizophrenics as violent killers.

50% of people killed by police are disabled or mentally ill (and the victims are disproportionately black or other people of color) because the unusual behavior of visibly disabled and visibly mentally ill people is read as inherently threathening and dangerous.

Please consider the real life consequences of reinforcing the association between mental illness and violence – people are dying because y’all want to blame all evil in the world on severe mental illness so that you can clearly separate yourself from it. You’re harming an already extremely vulnerable and marginalized group of people and it’s time to stop!

I encourage people who aren’t schizophrenic to reblog this. These stereotypes are literally getting people killed and I’ve seen no awareness around this on this website.



The second best pun I’ve ever encountered in the wild was when I was walking down the street in a “hip” part of Seattle and saw a couple of Budweiser cans thrown into a bush. And I said to a random stranger walking nearby “damn, the local beer harvest is really poor this year”. And the random stranger responded “give it time, they’re only buds”.

why is this the second what the fuck could top that

pretty fucking wild how all these people are showing up on your blog acting like they’re the messiah of the chronically ill, here to distribute invaluable wisdom to the poor huddled masses like you don’t know how best to handle your own goddamn illness (at least for the most part; you’re not omniscient but you have been in pain for a long time and that’s almost the same, really)


The majority of them aren’t even followers, they just found the posts and decided that harassing a disabled person was the best way to show the world what good and conscientious people they are. I want to say that’s irony but, surreal works too.

Some are outright trolls of course. But a lot of the people saying these things truly believe they are right and are just as frustrated with me as I am with them. The difference is I’m just trying to stay in my own lane and live my life, but, whatever. You can’t please or appease everyone, and I’m not about to try.