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ok ill give a headstart:

i really like leopard seals 

axolotls are p rad


potoos look like muppets and i ove tem

here’s a quokka it’s like someone decided to splice together a wallaby and a teddy bear they literally always look like a benevolent cartoon

i don’t think you can get more wholesome than that adorable lil seed-eating smiley face. they’re not even like dolphins, cute on the outside and evil on the inside. they’re herbivores about the size of a cat. there is nothing wrong with them. 

The Springhaas, or “irl pikachu” as it is sometimes known, is basically a rat shaped like a bunny abruptly caught in the middle of trying to evolve into a kangaroo. This is why they tend to look startled.

This is a dik dik. They are tiny antelopes from southern and eastern Africa–seriously so smol. With teeny hooves and teeny horns and big soulful eyes. And the name is fun to say. It comes from the alarm call that the females make. They live together in monogamous pairs. 

Long Eared Jerboa

The adorable mash-up of a hamster, bunny, and kangaroo. Whiskers with no end, ears that put a fennec to shame, and adorability beyond measure!

bringing this back on your dashes

This is the paradise tree snake of southeast Asia:

Pretty, right?

But that’s not even the best part…

These guys can actually flatten out their bodies and…


Ratufa indica. Look at this awesome purpley squirrel.

Okay, this Tumblr game looks fun for once.

Image by Richard Bartz, under CC BY-SA 2.5.

The lammergeier (Gypaetus barbatus), a bone-eating, goat-dropping dragon bird that wears makeup.

Fruit bats.

No special reason, I just like fruit bats and think they deserve more love.

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Capybaras cause they’re basically really friendly rats the size of a large dog. 

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Also they apparently get along with just about everyone and everything. They’re just friendly giant rats that are adorable and they deserve more love.

The honduran white bat is tiny and fluffy.


One of only two mammals that lay eggs, has a venomous spur, can detect electricity, and so fuckin’ weird people thought they were a hoax at first.

Botos – pink river dolphins – are amazing.

When the Amazon rises, they swin amongst the trees and eat fruit.

Also, in local legends, they transform into pretty young men who seduce girls.

the vaquita!!! they’re the smallest and most endangered porpoises on the planet

this is a picture of a calf but they usually grow to 140.6 cm (4.6 ft)

leopard geckos absolutely have to be on this list!! i love them, they are my children 

This guy is a hoatzin, also known as a stinkbird. Because it stinks. Like really really bad. ‘Cause it solely subsides on plant matter, which it ferments in its giant crop that, combined with its short wings, make it too awkward to fly properly. It’s a stinky, useless bird that is actually doing pretty okay despite being clumsy and having a specialized diet ‘cause it smells so bad that most things don’t want to eat it. Supposedly it tastes as nasty as it smells.

Also, the babies have little claws on their wings that help them grip on branches and stuff. They fall off when they get older, but still. LOOK AT IT. LOOK AT THEM. LITTLE DINOSAURS.

I love hoatzins. I love these smelly horrible babies.

What a good post! Here’s

Elaphodus cephalophus, aka, a Tufted Deer! Like other, boring-er deer, but with FANGS and a cool hairdo!

I offer you, the highland cow!

They’re a scottish breed of cattle that come in quite the range of colors, have long wavy coats and long horns.

Also their calves look like literal stuffed animals.

Highland coos! So cute.

This here is a coquí (co-KEE) – it is a teensy eensy tree frog whose name comes from the incredibly loud (considering their size) sound they make. They chill out in Puerto Rico and at night they sound like a chorus of fairy car alarms going off.

This is a golden takin. They’re from the Himalayas. I think the first image I ever saw of one was on a piece of Nepalese currency.

This evening: Another episode of “What Can I Do With A Couple Of Boneless Chicken Pieces Plus Assorted Vegetable Remains (Without Going To The Store)”.

We had some odds and ends stir-fry recently, Indian takeout the other night, some chickeny pasta last night, and I’m the only real vegetable soup fan here.

But, I spotted some coconut milk, so I guess Kitchen Sink Thai Curry it is. (Haven’t quite decided on red or green paste yet, but I try to keep both in the fridge.) Jasmine rice? Check.

What usually passes for meal planning around here 😅 “What do we have, and what’s not too repetitive for the one who cares more?”




Capitalists will have children go without food before they give up even the tiniest part of their wealth.

I’ve actually asked Republicans why they’re against feeding children.  They believe the kids are hungry because their parents aren’t working hard enough.  Republicans think people will work harder if their children are hungry.  In other words, they believe it’s okay to TORTURE CHILDREN to get their parents to do what they want. 

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“I’ll remember” is the ADHD demon talking. You won’t remember. Write it down.

bold of you to assume i’ll remember where i wrote it, or even that i wrote it

Visual exhaustion is another symptom of ADHD, which means that if we see something enough times (or we see enough instances of something), it fades into background noise and we fail to notice it.

This is why a lot of ADHD people can stand living surrounded by mess/clutter, because it’s just visual background noise to us. We don’t even notice it anymore.

So if we write something down and see the note stuck up somewhere a lot – or if we write a LOT of somethings down and have a lot of notes hanging around – then we’re even less likely to think of/remember the thing because it’s just part of the scenery now.

ADHD is the Catch-22 of brains.

A very good thing to know about ADHD. Don’t fall into the trap.

A lot of folks in the comments are talking about writing on themselves or setting phone/calendar reminders. Your mileage may vary on those. You may also want to consider ways to set a habit of referring back to a planner or similar every day/hour.

To get those brain juices flowing, check out this Buzzfeed article on different ways folks with ADHD stay on top of things.

Readers, let us know if you have specific advice for this situation!

This is why sticky note reminders don’t work??

The mess clutter thing is something I’ve always had and ppl will walk in and be like “WHAT IS ALL THIS, HOW DOES THIS NOT BUG YOU” and i’m like literally why would i ever be looking at any of it????? What??

But then also if someone were to take the clutter and change it in some major visual way it messes me up for a few days bc then i’ll keep noticing it

So i guess my advice on this is make it intrusive and annoying if you’re gonna leave yourself reminders

Hmmmm…all of these sound like me.

I left my boyfriend because he cheated on me. He’s now twisting the story such that I’m the bad guy for being bigoted against poly people.


I walked in on my boyfriend with another woman and I then and there broke up with him for cheating, something I told him at the beginning of our relationship told him was a straight red card for me. I moved out of our shared apartment and have tried to cut off contact, at least for the time being to get past my hurt. He claims now that he is poly and I am being intolerant and that was wrong to break up with him because of it and especially to label it as infidelity. He’s even gotten some of our mutual friends on board with his defense, telling me if he’s poly what he did was not cheating and I need to get over it and apologize for calling him a cheater. I do try to be tolerant. I have no issues with people who want to be in polyamorous relationships, but I know they aren’t for me. Him being poly was never something he communicated to me in the 6 years we were together, I wouldn’t not have entered into a relationship with him if he had. Is what he did cheating? Or am I being ignorant?

Wow. The cojones on that guy. This nonsense would be funny if it wasn’t so maddening. I don’t want to make this about me instead of you, but fuck do people like this give polyamory a bad name and make me want to explode with baffled rage.

You are not ignorant. You did everything right. You knew your boundaries and stuck to them. He is 100% in the wrong. There is no grey area or wiggle room in the situation you described.

This guy is an absolute disaster. Of course what he did was cheating. Do not second guess yourself on this. Do not look back. Cut ties with all those “mutual friends.” Find new friends. All I want for you is joy and fun. Do everything that makes you happy. Be self indulgent. I’d send you on a cruise if I had the money.

I’m being so blunt here because I think, from your letter, that you know how absurd his argument is, and just wanted a sanity check because you’re being massively gaslit right now. If you want me to actually dive into why he’s wrong, why “tolerance” does not obligate you to accept horrible behavior from people, why this counts as cheating – send me a follow up.

Very Tiny Animal Joins A Herd Of Wild Horses



In a herd of wild horses, it’s the lead stallion who often drops behind the herd as they’re running, helping to guide his group safely to food and water.

And so, whenever Clare Staples, founder of Skydog Ranch, a sanctuary in Oregon, sees Cassidy drop behind the herd of rescued wild horses, she can’t help but laugh.

At just 39 inches tall, Cassidy (who is named after singer David Cassidy) is far from being a wild mustang.

Cassidy is actually a miniature mule, or “mini hinny,” a mix between a mini horse and mini donkey. And even though he was saved at the last minute from a miserable place, and is several feet shorter than the horses with whom he’s bonded, that doesn’t stop him from thinking quite highly of himself.

“We tried to put him with the donkey herd several times,” Staples told The Dodo, “and he just goes under the fence and back to his wild mustang herd.” Cassidy was saved with a mustang from a kill pen in Waco, Texas, back in 2016. Kill pens are where unwanted horses, donkeys and mules are sent when no one wants them anymore; if they aren’t saved from these places, they’re sent to slaughter in Canada or Mexico. 

Very Tiny Animal Joins A Herd Of Wild Horses