TIL that the first woman to serve in the US senate was Rebecca Latimer Felton in 1922. She was 87 and served for only one day. She championed prison reform, women’s rights, and education. She was the last member of Congress to have owned slaves, was a white supremacist and openly supported lynching.


Damn reading that was like 2 steps forward and then 6 steps back

Girl Power

i can see a reason her serving only one day was a good thing

One of the senators from Georgia died in the middle of his term, and they had a special election in November, 1922.  Georgia Governor Thomas Hardwick was running, and he also got to select someone to sit in the vacant seat until the election.  He chose Felton because he had opposed the Nineteenth Amendment (women’s suffrage) before its adoption in 1920 and thought that appointing Felton would win back women voters.  He lost to Walter F. George, who was sworn in the day after Felton was, which is why she only served one day.

All of these people were Georgia Democrats, in an era when the Democrats were the party of white conservatives and the Republicans were the party of white liberals.  Felton was terrible, but she wasn’t replaced because of it – the fellow who won the election wasn’t much better.


“I agree with Alan.” said Terry Arsehole, Gammon King of All The Gammons, when Pointless Letters reached out for comment. “Just the other day my June was in Morrisons and bought some French apples. As a result of this shameless treachery I’m now crowdfunding to build a wicker man to throw her in. Harsh, maybe, but that’s democracy for you.”

I probably should say that most of the time it’s safer to go up a shoe size if you’re in doubt.

Just remembering that time I was in a friend’s wedding, and she decided we should go for these matching dyed pumps. As happens with wedding parties.

That maybe wouldn’t have been so bad if the shop had my size in stock when we went in to try them on. But, of course the closest pair was a little tight.

“Sure, let’s go ahead and order in the size up, I’m sure that will be fine.”

Spoiler: It wasn’t fine. And it was too late by the time they came to try something else. I would have been better off with the ones I tried on.

The Sasquatch-sized pair they ordered in seemed to be a different brand, with different sizing. So I got stuck in heels that felt at least 2 sizes too big. They didn’t really want to stay on, it was that great a fit.

So, I tried insoles and stuffed the toes with paper. Which put a lot of my weight onto the toes crumpling themselves down against the toe paper, instead of on the balls of the feet. Besides the blisters.

(And of course I forgot to pack along comfier shoes for the reception. It was too cold to just go without, though I seriously considered it anyway. So it was pretty much all day stuck in those horrible shoes.)

I’m not sure if any toes actually ended up broken, or “just” dislocated. (Thank you lousy collagen. 😩) There was a lot of bruising, and walking was not easy for a couple of weeks afterwards.

Now I would just say, “Sorry, I’m just going to have to wear non-matching shoes. These are not working at all.” Even if I didn’t have diabetic foot issues to keep in mind.

That was over 15 years ago, though, and I felt like I needed to good sport my way through in horrible shoes.

Also a cautionary tale, I suppose. Please don’t do that. 😱

@natalunasans – Sounds like about the same size as my mom, and she always had a lot more trouble finding any decent selection of shoes.

I usually want to add some arch support to Chucks anyway, but thicker type insoles were exactly what I was thinking of it that pair is a little loose 😅 Glad that’s mostly been working for you.

Definitely better to aim for a size up if you’re in between and not sure, IME. Much easier to adjust fit that way..


@ajax-daughter-of-telamon – In US sizes, the 8 men’s would be the equivalent of a 10 women’s. I actually wore a lot of 9.5 when I could find them, because of course I’d need half sizes.

(In UK sizing, the numbers are the same. It’s just often hard to find much women’s selection over a size 6 or so–equivalent of 8 US women’s. Roughly.)

From buying insoles and stuff, I apparently also wear what’s considered a men’s medium shoe size here.

Which still seems a little odd to me, but I’m also not far off average male height. So it makes more sense.