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OK, now the Android app seems to be defaulting here to making anything at the top of a new text post into a title. Even being careful not to enter it in the title field ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Time for a break.

With one (1) not quite full cup of coffee, I just managed to make a pond in the microwave, plus wet down two new loaves of bread and a plastic bag of onions.

I think some also dripped into the floor where I can’t get at it right now, but I’ll try to get it later. Hopefully the milk won’t have started to turn smelly by then. Because of course it was full of milk, to make the cleanup that much easier 😩

(At least the bread was in closed plastic bread bags, and I don’t think any managed to seep in. The onion bag was open, so it went in the trash and now the onions are air drying after some toweling off.)

This would be the second time in maybe a week that I have fumbled a cup and spilled drinks in the microwave while trying to warm them up. The previous one mostly went/stayed inside there, however.






So, when labs go to take serology samples, they want to keep the rats as calm and still as possible so nobody gets bit!

Their solution to this? 

pastry bags


they even make mouse sized ones

This strongly reminds me of the tubes used to weigh songbirds from mistnetting. 

Now these are some interesting restraint techniques…

And to think of how I got yelled at when I shared this chicken restraint photo

this is how i restrain my chickens when they need their toes worked on. just a bandana and a rubber snubber but it works AMAZING


“Indian citizens belonging to sexual minorities have waited. They have waited and watched as their fellow citizens were freed from the British yoke while their fundamental freedoms remained restrained under an antiquated and anachronistic colonial-era law – forcing them to live in hiding, in fear, and as second-class citizens. In seeking an adjudication of the validity of Section 377, these citizens urge that the acts which the provision makes culpable should be decriminalised. But this case involves much more than merely decriminalising certain conduct which has been proscribed by a colonial law. The case is about an aspiration to realise constitutional rights. It is about a right which every human being has, to live with dignity. It is about enabling these citizens to realise the worth of equal citizenship. Above all, our decision will speak to the transformative power of the Constitution. For it is in the transformation of society that the Constitution seeks to assure the values of a just, humane and compassionate existence to all her citizens.”

— From the Supreme Court of India’s judgment on 

Section 377









“Okay I didn’t read all of this but,”

Then👏 Why 👏The👏 Fuck 👏Are 👏You 👏Commenting👏

Hot fucking take, if a post is long and informative, you likely need to read all of it to make an informed contribution to the topic instead of just talking over people or dismissing them based on the first few lines of opening up a dialogue.

“Honestly I read the first few lines and this is bullshit, I—”

Oh you read the first few lines. Of a multi-thread reblog post, where others have put time and effort into trying to convey a complex issue, but y’know. You read the first few lines, and felt like you had something to say and are convinced it will be in no way irrelevant, repetitive or refutable. Okay. Great.

They read the first few lines, you guys, we’re good.

istg this is one of the biggest frustrations I run into these days. I put time and effort into laying out my perspective and my reasonings and all I get back is “who’s going to read that fucking essay, try harder”

it’s unspeakably rude! it’s a staggering lack of good faith, plain disrespect towards someone who’s trying to have an actual discussion, and I literally cannot understand why people think it’s any kind of an appropriate way to behave.

It. Drives. Me. Bonkers.

“Condense your life experiences and perspective into a soundbite so it looks on brand for quick and snappy reblogs so we can all feel woke about it.”

The same person a hot second later. “Well there’s no perspectives or proof to back this up so your point is invalid.”

*flips table*

Ok. I do genuinely understand where everyone is coming from here. I do recognise that it is exceptionally frustrating when someone is actually being lazy and genuinely can’t be bothered to read because they just want to yap their mouth off etc.

That being said.

Can we *please* be aware that people with ADHD and other processing issues exist and in those cases, because the person may have read a bit, had a thought and want to get it down, they start writing their ideas before they’ve read it completely so the thought doesn’t vanish. Furthermore, because of said processing issues a proper explanation would be ‘I haven’t read all of this, (I have ADHD and wanted to get this thought down before I forget) but (I fully intend to read the rest), anyway my thought was…’ and the bits in brackets are what doesn’t make it to the response because their processing has caused them to delete those bits from their short term memory while writing.

Also, sorry to have to say it, but if you’re more concerned about coming across eloquently and so forth, then basically you’re admitting that you’ve written a long response just to show off that you’re clever.

Fine, absolutely, someone who’s being lazy should just read it through.

However, I know for a fact that if a post is quite long, people with processing issues may find it daunting and would actually appreciate a condensed version so they can more easily follow the conversation and contribute.

Yes, I write long posts but if someone reblogged a post asking me to condense it for their understanding, I absolutely would.

If I can do that, there’s no reason you can’t and if you’re going to grumble about it, it shows that first and foremost you’re happy to shove people with processing issues under the bus in favour of being able to show off.

I apologise if this comes across as unnecessarily harsh but I think more people need to think about the ways in which they engage in actual ableism.

If you’re automatic response to ‘could you explain this’ is to accuse people of laziness, the only people you are hurting is those with processing issues. The people who are genuinely just being lazy will just strop at you and digitally storm off.

Meanwhile you will leave someone with an issue they cannot change, because it is hardwired, feeling bad about themselves and more likely to not engage with topics of interest, because they’ll be accused of laziness for being overwhelmed by the amount of text etc.

As someone with ADHD, this is not even remotely what this post is about.

It’s the venting of a personal frustration that I expend so much energy and focus trying to explain things to people, being as concise, relevant and thorough as possible, (because inevitably someone always tags on “but what about X issue! why are you being problematic and missing out X issue!”) and then some rude person comments with the lengthier version of “tl;dr” and then proceeds to talk over everyone else in the comment thread, either being needlessly repetitive because they didn’t read the comments, or just outright wrong or just plain dismissive.

Someone needs me to condense and clarify, I will. I absolutely will. But the way to get me to do that is not to say “I didn’t read all of this, but here’s my opinion anyway.”

It’s a post about people butting in where they should take the time to sit down and process something rather than interjecting for the sake of hearing their own voice.

Yeah, no, I have ADHD and if I’m invested enough in a long post to respond, I’m nine times out of ten going to be interested enough to read the whole thing.

Mistakes in reading comprehension or a series of working memory failures like described above are one thing, but they’re a tiny fraction of the people just literally saying “Lol I’m not gonna read this”.

Which – a metaphor that might help: ADHD makes it more difficult to allow someone to finish their point before jumping in, interrupting them to get to your point. It’s SO tempting to just constantly interrupt people, because they’re taking TOO LONG, and you’ll forget your point or it won’t be relevant anymore – but that doesn’t make it ok to just constantly talk over people when you have ADHD. Reading the first few sentences of a long post and saying “Fuck finishing this, here’s what I have to say” is roughly equivalent to interrupting someone’s point to get to your own, making it clear that you don’t care what they have to say. And while that’s sometimes appropriate, just be aware of the message you’re sending by doing so. If you don’t care what Joy has to say, why are you following or reblogging her?

Oh god the need to interject and say something before I forget it is so fucking real and I’ve had to train myself not to do it while speaking to others. (Now I just look like the rude asshole always on my phone, when actually I am opening up the notepad or a blank text and writing myself a note to REMEMBER THE THING because I will lose thoughts within a 30 second gap of time sometimes)

And it does happen when I’m reading posts and a thought forms too. But you know what I do, I open up a new tab or a word document and I start processing it there so that the person “speaking” doesn’t wind up feeling dismissed or talked over. And sometimes if I keep reading long enough, I find out that what I was about to interject with was already said, and a simple “this” or “I support this” is all that is necessary.

What I do not do, is comment on posts where people are clearly putting in time and effort, and reply with “Okay I didn’t read this, but here are my thoughts.”

Like, there is a profound difference between that and “Okay this was lengthy and I struggled with this, can you explain it again or let me know if I got the gist of it?”



Write out the name Donkey Kong but replace the “D” in Donkey with the first consonant of your first name and replace the “K” in Kong with the first consonant of your last name. That is your official DK Crew name.

I have been personally victimized by this post.  It was written just to spite me.  Just to rustle my jimmies.  Just to call me Monkey Dong.





I’ll be the first to admit I thoroughly enjoy all the “holy shit, Australia” posts that circulate around here but I feel like there’s a very important caveat when it comes to the discussion of swooping season that no one seems to mention.

For those not aware, swooping season is when the magpies start to nest and turn into mini dive-bombers comprised of talons, feathers and spite. It’s not fun. I bled heavily after a particularly vicious swoop when I was a kid, and I’m definitely not the only one.

But here’s the thing: swooping is not an innate behaviour. It’s a learned one. I realised this the moment I moved out of home and began my decade long (entirely unintentional) habit of moving to a different suburb every two years. 

I’ve met a lot of wildlife, walking everywhere as I do. And I’ve met a lot of magpies – hella intelligent creatures that are probably thinking “what the fuck is this chick doing” every time I say hi to them as I walk past.

When I first moved out of home, I automatically started taking notes on areas I saw magpies in preparation for swooping season. It was just the done thing. It wasn’t until September came and went and the magpies in my area continued their quizzical but otherwise completely non-aggressive behaviour that it started to twig with me.

The next few years of moving around solidified my suspicions.

Anytime I lived close to a school or in an area with a high concentration of families with young kids, the magpies would swoop. Any suburb (usually inner city) with a high concentration of childless households and/or share-houses: no swooping to be seen.

And it’s any goddamn wonder.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve yelled at kids for messing with wildlife. I grew up in the outer suburbs, so there was no shortage of mini-assholes with an empathy shortage. Australian kids will poke anything they can reach with a stick, and throw rocks at everything else. Including birds nests.

Magpies are intelligent as hell, and they remember shit for GENERATIONS. Some human-shaped fucker throwing rocks at them and their nests? That’s something that’d stick.

So anytime you read one of those “lol the birds try to kill us here” posts, remember: it’s not the birds that started that shit – it was the asshole humans.

country magpies don’t swoop


Adding on to the fact that magpies are super intelligent:

In primary school there were these really huge gum trees in which a family of magpies took up residence one year. 

(an important thing to note is that I grew up in the country with A LOT of magpies -that were basically like relatives for the amount of time they spent on the veranda- and never encountered any swooping)

So one morning walking in to school I noticed that all the kids ahead of me were giving the really huge gum trees a wide berth, with other kids shouting warnings from the buildings. Being an airy-headed little kid, I wasn’t really paying attention to what they were actually saying, so I just kept walking straight under the trees.

Nothing happened.

I got to the buildings and asked why everyone was making a big fuss about the trees, and one of my friends just pointed back the way I came and said “the birds!”

And sure enough, any of the other kids that tried to walk under the trees got immediately swooped and chased to what the magpies thought was a good distance from their nests.

Magpies not only remember humans that are mean to them, but they recognise humans that have been given the seal of approval by other magpies.





doctors: GOOD NEWS EVERYONE we have found a treatment for diabetes it’s called insulin! people won’t die from this illness anymore if we just give them insulin isn’t this great news?

united states of america: how about we make it so poor people have either limited to zero access to this insulin?

doctors: but don’t we have enough resources to provide for everyone in need of such a medication?

the united states of america: yes!

doctors: isn’t that genocide

united states of america: YES

united states of america fist pumping and chanting ‘U’ ‘S’ ‘A’:

capitalism is genocide

i usually don’t add to posts i reblog but as a type 1 diabetic this makes me so fucking angry.

i have an insulin pump. each time i change the port (basically what connects it to my body, similar to an iv) i use about a third of a bottle refilling the cartridge. i change it every three days, so one single, 10ml bottle of insulin lasts me around nine days.

i had to look this up because my parents don’t like to tell me how much my supplies cost. (for reasons like this. i feel guilty for my t1d. i shouldn’t have to feel guilty about an autoimmune disorder i was born with.)

you know how much it is for that one, single 10ml bottle of insulin, for those without any insurance?


for nine days.

$328 for a nine days supply of the medicine that i literally need to survive. the medicine that once i become an adult and have to take care of myself, i will have to pay for. the medicine that unless, by some miracle, they find a cure, i will need to take for the rest of my life. $328 for nine days of my life.







I need this dog

I need this dog to know I love them

I need to know the name of this dog


His name is Prague!


vantablack doge

anish kapoor is banned from petting this dog

This…is a hell hound.

I’ve never seen a dog so deserving of the gravitas of that title. Never in all my long life. Stunning.

Death’s dog. He’s best boi

Why are people clicking on a blog called facts-i-just-made-up to message you corrections of facts you openly made up within a blog called facts-i-just-made-up tho


Comes with the territory. It began as soon as the blog began. It will continue long after the blog ceases to post. As my factoids cross the barrier to Facebook and Instagram, people from all around the world will unite to let me know that I am wrong. This is my curse. This is my power.

It’s like a Cassandra situation- I have 142,889 followers listening to me. Well over 12 of them are not porn bots. However many are real, I can speak to the masses with a loud strong voice. But everyone thinks that everything I say is a lie.

I’ve written books, made movies, comics, art, even a tarot deck. But in the end, I will only be known as a great liar. I suppose it’s better than not being known at all. Marginally.