have you heard of the pitcher that uses shrew shit for food



ah, nepenthes lowii……my old shit-eating friend…..

the mechanism- for those new to Shit Eater Mcgee over here- works like this: the pitcher top has a sweet nectar that the tree shrew native to it’s habitat loves. the shrew sits on the top of the pitcher and eats the nectar, which conveniently, though the wonders of evolution, places the shrew’s asshole directly above the neck of the pitcher. under the neck of the pitcher is digestive fluid. the shrew then poops and so is the way of life and the wonders of biology

you have no idea how much this plant is ridiculed by the scientific community. at the carnivorous plant convention i was at a couple weeks ago whenever even an IMAGE of this plant would come up on a slide it would be met with a round of laughter. nobody can take this plant seriously. 

i actually got to see it in person at the same convention, which was pretty cool, and they’re actually smaller than u would expect?? they’re notorious for taking a long time to grow their first full-sized pitchers, which makes sense when you hold one in your hands for the first time and realize that these pitchers are woody. like, i was expecting a flexible leaf kind of feel like most of the other species have, but apparently to support the sheer weight of a shitting shrew on u you gotta have like, support and stuff in there. it deadass feels like light, strong, hallow wood, while looking like a flexible leaf. 

its a fucking ridiculous plant but at the same time….my bitch made it through millions of years of evolution like that. like do u see that image? that image of a shrew taking a dump into a pitcher plant? that pitcher plant has it made

the toilet plant laughs at your derision, humanity, it has fertilizer on delivery order and it just does not care




Hey everyone!

It’s breaking my heart already to make this post, but my kitty, Apple, needs a home in the NYC area. I could potentially do the Georgia/North Florida area as well. I can’t keep her any longer due to personal reasons, and unfortunately she and my best friend’s cat don’t get along great.

She’s about five years old, no health problems. Her given birthday is July 3rd, not sure when she was actually born. She was an adoption and I still have all her papers and vaccine receipts. She’s an absolute sweetheart, fairly cuddly, and will often let you rub her belly. She loves to eat, so watch her food intake! She can also eat really fast sometimes and then throw up, just watch her and make sure she doesn’t inhale her food. I’d prefer she goes to a home with no other cats or dogs, but if you do have other animals, they need to be laid back and fairly easy going. The current cat she lives with is very energetic and playful and a bit of a bully, which is why she doesn’t get along with him. She’s very lazy (but does still love to play with a stick toy or a good catnip toy), sleeps often, and has something like nightmares where she wakes up crying. She’s a pretty easy cat to handle, all told. She will take time to get used to a new home, but just feed her, show her love and affection and care, and she’ll warm right up to you. She can be a bit timid, especially around loud noises and tall people, she just needs a gentle hand. She’s a very very special cat and she holds my heart, and I absolutely hate that I have to give her up. I want to find her the best home possible, so if you’re interested or able please message this blog and I can set a meet-up with her. 

She has to be adopted out by September 13th at the absolute latest, I would prefer she’s adopted ASAP so I know she’s got a good home.

Please boost (getting the word out is a great help)and let us know if you have know anyone in the Georgia/Florida/New York area looking for a sweet kitty. Shes a big cuddler 

You can DM me on here or my personal blog: master-bruce-wayne.tumblr.com

Would be happy to discuss a proper arrangement that would suit us all best. 

Oh no.

Please boost this, people. She sounds like such a delightful lady.



if you’re going to urge people to think critically about the media they consume, you must accept that they might do that and come to a different conclusion to you.

the phrase ‘think critically…’ all too often comes with an unspoken assumption of ‘…and you’ll adopt my opinion, which is the right one’ which is both arrogant and contrary to the initial suggestion.

let people come to their own conclusions. you don’t have to adopt, support, or even like them but you should respect them.

(also stop assuming that people haven’t already ~thought critically~ about the media they consume before you deigned to show up. condescending intellectual elitism is not a good look.)

The degree to which SJ believes that its opinions are not merely right, but indeed the only ones which could be reached by someone who’s done the requisite thinking, is one of the more damning things about its intellectual style.

I’m gonna take this point about media criticism and leap in a weird direction: SJ really doesn’t trust that you’ve thought about something if you don’t already agree with their conclusion.

As an overly-long example, I wanted to do a speech jamming party for my birthday recently. I have a friend with cerebral palsy whose speech is strongly affected. He generally has to talk by typing into a phone. People who know him well can translate, but people who haven’t met him usually find his speech to be just a soup of vowel sounds. I reached out: “is it cool if we do this party activity? I recognize that it’s not particularly accessible to you, and I’m concerned that this could hit too close to home for someone living with a debilitating speech impediment.”

He wasn’t comfortable, so we played a different game at the party. But his initial response was really troubling: “I think if you’re asking the question ‘is this oppressive/shitty, you already have your answer.’”

To which: no. I thought critically and had thoughts as diverse as “speech jamming is pretty different in expression from the impediment you experience,” “making comedy out of verbal incapacity feels like it could really come from a place of mocking disability,” “but for me, its about the comedy of rendering a simple task terribly hard. its comedy is no more oppressive than laughing at a three-legged race,” “is it, in some sense, always a little fucked up to laugh at failure? Even failure that people willingly brought on themselves?,” “actually, this is a way for people to experience the frustration of disability in a direct way that should increase empathy,” “on the other hand disability tourism is kind of a thing I think,” and “some of the people who have been the most gung ho about this are the ones with substantial verbal or lexical disability in their history.”

I thought about it, for some time, before asking the person whose feelings I was concerned about. The presence of my doubts and worries wasn’t an indication that I already secretly knew the real answer. It was the terminal point of a long process which left me with a variety of conflicting concerns. “Thinking critically” did not cause my feelings to fall into line with the SJ orthodoxy and the guy I approached to talk about it, rather than helping me to resolve those conflicts (which, to be clear, was not something he was obligated to do but would have been a way to be nice to a friend), wasn’t ready to here the truth of the matter: thinking critically resulted in more questions.

But what I got back amounted to “the fact that you were able to examine this for signs of Oppressive Badness probably means that it is, in fact, oppressive” and that’s just no kind of opinion at all?





Look, this is my litmus test: I pretend I am the original Earl of Sandwich. I have asked for non-bread foods to be brought to me inside bread, that I might more easily consume them one-handed while gambling.

This does not enable my wretched regency habits. This is not what I asked for. I do not deign to grace it with the name of my house.

This is the most important addition to the sandwich discourse I have ever read.



Today I finally managed to re-register to vote. I’ve been meaning to do this since we moved, but it was complicated and the state of California’s website was a hassle and it required me to mail things and the baby ripped up the thing they mailed me and altogether it was just not going to happen. The reason it finally happened was that I asked for help.

I filled out a short form on vote.org, so I didn’t have to interact with California’s website. They mailed me something to print, and my housemate printed it and brought it to me to sign. I signed it and he put it in the mail. Now I’m registered.

If you’re like me and find bureaucracy interactions terrifying and hard, and don’t expect to succeed at them and as a result you often don’t try, I recommend this: set a timer for ten minutes. Go to vote.org and spend ten minutes taking steps that move you closer to being registered to vote. You are reasonably likely to succeed and be registered by the end of that, or to have enough momentum to continue. This matters – it may not matter if just you do it, but it matters very profoundly if all the people like you do it.

You are not a bad person because you haven’t gotten this figured out yet. You are not a failure because you haven’t gotten this figured out yet. You are not less worthy of a voice in our democracy because you haven’t got this figured out yet.