I go to take Mac (Asian water monitor) out for a tour and since he’s sopping wet I want to towel him off. My boss gave me a towel with the Minions on it for this task.

So when I’m first taking him out he freezes. I’m thinking, “okay, is he stuck?” and help him down. Then I see he’s clamped onto the towel.

Eh??? Did someone wipe up rat juice with that towel? I thought it was clean. He won’t let go. I holler for my boss. “Oh sorry I forgot.” Forgot what?

“He hates the Minions. He always does that to this towel.”

So I’m explaining to the tour trying not to keel over laughing the reason we can’t take Mac out is because of his hatred for the Minions.

He eventually let go for a cockroach but that was a good 10 minutes of latching and whipping the towel. I feel you, man. I hate them too.

A man of discerning taste.



The wolves at Wolf Park Indiana were given paint as a form of enrichment and as a
fundraiser to make “original wolf art”. Most of the wolves were happy
to step in the paint for a piece of hot dog and make nice paw prints on a
page, but this guy decided rolling in it was way more fun.

Picture by C. Love

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wake up america

this is to educate my non-American followers. This really is how the US sees itself. (and yes, 95% of the time, Florida = WHAT?!)

In Florida the more North you go, the more “South” you get 

In Florida the central part pretends to be the south, the western part pretends to be the northeast and the south pretends to be the west I’m not even kidding you 

… Please tell me you guys are kidding.  

Florida is like it’s own country I swear

I’m from Florida and I can confirm this. Also, South Florida is basically Miami and alligators.

oh, i always assumed florida was part of The South?

north florida is yes. The rest is not.

I’m from Florida, and grew up in SC/NC.
Can confirm all true. 👍

Um. This is so wrong.

You’re forgetting the part where California sees itself as its own entity.

We do not want to be grouped in with everyone else, thanks.


clearly none of you have ever met someone from texas

That last one is so true

A lot of these boundaries are historical/cultural/geographic, they have to do with the histories of individual areas (like were they English, French, or Spanish colonies? Or which side they fell on the Civil War)

Also they very based on where you live specifically, like I’ve never heard of a southerner count West Virginia as the south, I don’t know what it IS, but it’s not the south (it’s also not the North East.. it’s basically Appilachia along with Eastern Ky)

Also Alaska and Hawaii are their own things like Texas and Cali, they’re the newest states and have their own histories that don’t involve the history of the continental US until relatively recently.