Cis people attracted to non-cis people aren’t inherently lgbt lmao. Nonbinary genders and attraction to nonbinary people doesn’t function like attraction to binary genders.

i think thats very invalidating of nonbinary genders. its like saying we are not enough to make someone “count” as queer.

we do “count”. as a nonbinary person who is stellarian most of the time, it’s tiring to see so many people treat people like me like we’re just neutral or we are whatever is convenient to others at the moment

sorry guys, only binary genders are real enough to count. /sarcasm

Exclusionists: what do you mean our worldview is inherently hostile to nb people?

Also exclusionists: there are only two genders and if you’re not one of those you’re just a fetish object, sorry I don’t make the rules.

Also, OP? I’ve heard of multiple situations where a lesbian didn’t realize another person was a woman at first, and became attracted to her upon finding out.

In your estimation, is attraction to women solely a form of fetishism based on the fact that this can happen? Or does that seem like saying that would be unfair and dehumanizing to women?

Anyway: it’s also dehumanizing to nonbinary people. We exist and our genders are real.

Maybe you, personally, would not be able to date a nonbinary person without treating them like that, but for the sake of social justice it’s better to cultivate self-awareness and take responsibility for your personal failings rather than to pretend everyone behaves equally offensively.

Somewhat urgent



Hey,  does anyone know of any resources or places to stay for an autistic young adult / teen who is considering running away from home?  Things are bad and the more options the better.  Also he is a bit wary of going through the official system because they keep putting him in contact with his parents.

Edit: parts of mainland europe might be an option if there is a guaranteed place to crash.

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houses with cats that don’t have toys everywhere creep me out in the same way as houses with kids that don’t have toys everywhere

okay i thought it was clear from context but apparently i should have been more careful about using the word “stuff” instead of “toys”

no cat beds

no cat trees

no cat tents

no crinkle tunnels

no scratching posts

no scratching pads

just nothing, anywhere, that indicates that a cat lives there, except maybe a litterbox from skymall that looks like a potted plant and an autofeeder tucked somewhere discreet

obviously not every cat goes bonkers for catnip mice and kicker fish and little bell balls but

anything? anything at all?

i was going to specify “weirdly sterile houses” but i didn’t because i’ve also seen this with semi-functional adults who grew up in one of those weirdly sterile houses

they grew up in a house where the cat was declawed and there was a vase on the counter with a rotating cast of betta fish and none of their toys were allowed to leave their room, assuming they weren’t collectible toys kept under glass.

then they moved out and got older and they end up with a cat but they don’t really know what to do with it. it doesn’t occur to them to buy things for the cat because they grew up in a house where the cat didn’t have things. cats just sort of sleep and eat and that is what cats do. sometimes when you feel like it you drag some string around and see if they’ll chase it. there’s none of the weird sterility their parents had but they don’t seem aware of pets as having needs or wants of their own, independent of pure survival. litterbox, food, water. they prefer cats because they wouldn’t want to have to walk a dog. people who ‘spoil’ their cats are crazy, they think, because cats don’t need all that. they know, because they grew up with cats, and their cats were perfectly happy, they will rush to assure you. it’s just that cats are all a little bit terrible, really, and a cat will never love you as much as you love it, and that’s just what cats are like, and if you think otherwise you’re just one of those cat owners, imagining things—not like this practical cat owner, who knows better

so i guess ultimately the creepiness in both cases comes from the same place, which is “this person fundamentally misunderstands what it is to be responsible for another living being because this is all they have ever known, and they have chosen to respond to more positive examples with scoffing accusations of softness, because to do otherwise would be to acknowledge the wrongdoings of the past”





“Old friend” either means an elderly dog or an individual of the same gender with whom you have been secretly in love for more than a decade. There are no other possible interpretations.

This is blatant archenemy erasure and I won’t stand for it

Bold of you to assume the archenemy isn’t the individual of the same gender you’ve been secretly in love with for more than a decade

Bold of you to assume the archenemy isn’t an elderly dog