My partner may have stopped playing over the winter and never really started up again, but thankfully he was nice enough to add me and help out with that “trade one Pokémon” goal. Also glad I remembered to ask before he went to bed 🙄

After posting here to help meet the “add 3 new friends” goal earlier, that’s up to around 50 total. None that I would expect to be within 100m of to trade with anytime soon, though.

I can only imagine this goal might not be too popular with a lot of other players who just don’t have local in-game friends to trade with for any of a variety of reasons. Especially if they don’t have someone like Mr. C willing/able to help out, either. Bit of luck there.


“I.W.O.C. initially expected tens of thousands of prisoners across seventeen states to participate. One week into the strike, the union reported that actions seemed to have taken place in prisons, jails, and immigration detention facilities in ten states, and also in Nova Scotia. Accurate numbers were hard to come by, in part because some state-prison officials refused to confirm that a strike had occurred. Over the past two weeks, reports have trickled out through letters, accounts of family members, and contraband cell phones.

The strike participant spoke to me on August 31st and September 4th from inside a maximum-security prison in South Carolina. He said that the facility has been on lockdown for months, but that he had spread word of the strike on Facebook. His account has been edited and condensed.”

undiagnosed autism at school



– welcome to Bullying™. you can never leave

– everyone hates you and you don’t know why

– you are disappointing your parents. you have no idea how, but you know you are

– people keep taking you on as a pet project

– you spin between “academic genius” and “profound special needs” daily

– a lady takes you out of class to play with blocks and answer mental math problems. the reason why she does this is never explained

– why is everyone so mean?????? to you? to each other?????? does not compute

– you try to be funny. you fail. spectacularly.

– it feels like the whole world wants to kick your ass

– “stop that filthy habit [that comforts you in times of stress that you don’t even realise you’re doing]”

– fuck

God this was my life. I was also always taken away to “speech therapy” in the middle of classes, under the guise of my pretty mild speech impediment. We would “practice talking,” and that included being forced to make eye contact, having my hands pinned to the table so I couldn’t move them, and plenty of other attempts to make me more “normal.”

And no, no one ever told me what I missed during this awful sessions. I had to go back to class distraught and confused and try to ignore everyone staring at me, since I was always too ashamed to say where I had been.

Then there’s the perceived Anger Problem™ which too often develops from visibly not liking pretty much all the rest 😩