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Sadly that picture is photoshopped, the snakes are not in fact fucking in front of the dingo and its lunch. They are fucking on the side of an unrelated road.

However, the dingo is in fact eating a shark. Because Australia.


University Accommodations: Talking to Professors

This is where I wish more schools would adapt the student driven IEP model in middle and high school. It’s coming for New York in the most recently updated special education policies and I can’t wait. I’m willing to give suggestions on that. But more on that in another post.

At the university level, as the student, it is 100% your responsibility to advocate for yourself. Your parents aren’t legally allowed to be involved (due to privacy laws) and the disability office cannot get too involved for the same reason. I’ll get to what the disability office can and cannot legally do in a separate post.

So you did your intake meeting. You know what your accommodations are. What next? Well you need to meet with your professors to discuss accommodations. This can go multiple ways:

•They insist you meet in their office

•You wait for the class to drain out and you talk to them after class if they are available.

Then their response usually falls somewhere between:

•Incredibly helpful, asking on a regular basis how they can best assist your learning according to your accommodations so you get the most out of their class (I don’t know how I managed three of these professors this semester).

•Indifferent, they’ll follow the accommodations and not much else. If it isn’t specifically written in the accommodations, they might not do it.

•Intentionally obstructive, trying to get in your way. Ableist as hell. Don’t believe students who need accommodations belong at universities. Has the false belief that accommodations affect academic integrity (they legally aren’t allowed to do that). I’ll be covering that in a separate post.

Usually a disability services office that goes out of their way is on a campus that has mostly incredibly helpful to helpful professors. Can you get an intentionally obstructive professor in this scenario? It’s theoretically possible (remember the best professors are constantly checking themselves for bias) but unlikely as it’s likely university policy to be accountable for all student learning. The reverse is also likely.

Anyway, so you have your time for when you are going to speak to your professors. What do you say? First, you introduce yourself. Tell them why you wish to speak to them (or remind them of you schedule an appointment over email). Then tell them what accommodations from the disability office you were given and how it will affect their specific class. So I’m going to use my accommodations from this semester and my hybrid class as an example of applying the accommodations to the class:

•Time and a half on tests [Blackboard quizzes require Time and a half, which only needs to be set once]

•Small group test taking in alternate location [Will be taking final exam at disability office]

•Requires computer for written exams/essays etc.

[N/A, quizzes already on computer, all papers typed and submitted electronically]

•Requires computer for taking notes in class

[During on campus classes, I need to have my laptop to take notes on]

•Requires audio note taking software

[It’s easier for me to record audio then only type the absolutely important things vs trying to type everything and getting frustrated. My laptop mic is pretty good plus there are settings I can adjust and I have a USB mic just in case.]

•Requires books and large texts in alternate format (ebook/audio)

[I can’t process long bits of text. It’s easier for me to have text to speech/audible read to me while I read along. I have a way to convert longer PDFs into ones that screen readers can handle but if I look confused on what went on in the reading, it’s because the conversion went array.]

Each class is different, so I tailor my responses to how the accommodations apply to that class. This must be done in the first week if everything is going to go smoothly. If your disability services office is good, they’ll email your accommodation letter to you and your professor every semester so everyone gets it and no one can claim ignorance.



easy thing to do to help people with eating disorders:

avoid giving “food numbers” like weight and calorie counts. this is a REALLY common eating disorder trigger and outside of a handful of contexts such as nutrition forums really easy to avoid

Definitely true for me. Goes double for ED recovery memoirs, unless you want people to use it as a how-to guide.

What do you think is the weirdest shaped pigeon, that’s still a healthy breed?



Ah, that’s tough to answer…

The weirder the shape gets, generally the less structurally sound the bird will be.

The weird shaped birds that I think may be sound are not breeds I’ve laid hands on, so I can’t guarantee the assessment.

After having taken some time to think about this, I did come up with a few weird looking breeds that I have laid hands on and seen.

The German Beauty Homer

Their faces are weird AF, but peeps can easily reach into their parents’ crops to eat and their big noses and small wattles are really easy to breathe through.

Not my thing, but sound.

Voorburg Shield Croppers, on the other hand, very much ARE a thing of mine!

When not inflated, their crop folds neatly against their long neck, just like any other pigeon not cooing.

The Voorburg Shield Cropper is a long bodied breed, and the only one I know of given points for friendliness with people in shows.

Behold, the American Fantasy!

A gorgeous cross between the Jacobin and the Indian Fantail

Beautiful, well balanced, and comes with built in hatch control. XD

Now, if you like intersting head shapes, the Falencian Figurita is required to have a trapezoidal head.

And the Portuguese Tumbler’s head is required to be shaped like a box with rounded corners.



“I’m from Basra.  In the seventies we were the economic capital of Iraq.  It was beautiful once.  The only city with two rivers.  We had one million people but ten million palm trees.  In those days everyone was optimistic.  Our oil reserves were better than the Saudis.  We assumed the oil would be invested, and that our lives would keep getting better.  But our leaders failed us.  It was war after war.  Without all the fighting, things could have really been great.  But the palm trees are gone now.  There’s no potable water.  We have a shortage of electricity.  Healthcare is very poor, and cancer is everywhere because the Americans used radioactive bombs.  Our whole land is contaminated.  The food that comes from the soil is poison.  But please visit, you’ll be welcome.  The people are friendly.  You’ll be met with hospitality.  We understand that governments are the warmongers.  You’re victims just like us.”
(Cairo, Egypt)

The Guardian, 2014:

“US forces fired depleted uranium (DU) weapons at civilian areas and troops in Iraq in breach of official advice meant to prevent unnecessary suffering in conflicts, a report has found.

Coordinates revealing where US jets and tanks fired nearly 10,000 DU rounds in Iraq during the war in 2003 have been obtained by the Dutch peace group Pax. This is the first time that any US DU firing coordinates have been released, despite previous requests by the United Nations Environment Programme and the Iraqi government.

According to PAX’s report, which is due to be published this week, the data shows that many of the DU rounds were fired in or near populated areas of Iraq, including As Samawah, Nasiriyah and Basrah. At least 1,500 rounds were also aimed at troops, the group says.

This conflicts with legal advice from the US Air Force in 1975 suggesting that DU weapons should only be used against hard targets like tanks and armoured vehicles, the report says. This advice, designed to comply with international law by minimising deaths and injuries to urban populations and troops, was largely ignored by US forces, it argues.”

The Guardian, 2013:

[Hans] Von Sponeck [’former UN assistant secretary general and UN humanitarian coordinator for Iraq’] said that US political pressure on WHO had scuppered previous investigations into the impact of DU on Iraq:

“I served in Baghdad and was confronted with the reality of the environmental impact of DU. In 2001, I saw in Geneva how a WHO mission to conduct on-spot assessments in Basra and southern Iraq, where depleted uranium had led to devastating environmental health problems, was aborted under US political pressure.”



I just saw some article about how leg makeup is a summer beauty essential, and that’s how I know we’re in hell! Ladies, it’s your duty to #empower yourself by covering your entire fucking body in a sarcophagus made of contoured concealer ($275.50 from sephora) so that the general public doesn’t end up vomiting en Masse and forever shunning you after being forced to witness how unforgivably disgusting, offensive, ugly, and un-instagrammable your uncovered skin is!!!!!

At first I thought they were coming out with a cool body glitter to make me look ethereal but no Sephora just wants you to cover your hideous extremities.