The extremes of red-tailed hawk color morphs. White to very, very dark. Both are the same species, Buteo jamaicensis.

The bird on the left has an extreme lack of melanin production and the bird on the right over-produces melanin. Melanin is produced by cells called melanocytes, which also produce pheomelanin, which results in a reddish-brown color. Note that the bird on the left has a red tint to her tail even though her melanocytes aren’t functioning normally, this could be due to porphyrins and/or carotenoids contributing to the red color in red-tailed hawk tails as well.

Both birds still exhibit the common trait of being total derps (as demonstrated in the third set of photos).


Life Update




So about 3 weeks ago my father had his gallbladder out it was the size of a 2-liter soda botte resulting in an 18-inch opening across his stomach and him not being allowed to return to work for now

During the operation, they took a biopsy of his liver and a day before the 2-year anniversary of my mom’s death we found out he has cancer and severe cirrhosis resulting in the need of a transplant which we’ve been told he does not qualify for

We’ve been told there’s nothing they can really do to treat it but we are going to the hospital in Kansas City where my mother and I had both received wonderful treatment and I continue to be treated at, for a second opinion 

My dad is only 55 I lost my mom 2 years ago at 19 forcing me to provide for my sisters I can’t lose my dad not after finally reconnecting with him as an adult

I think we’re currently about 3000$ in Medical debt that his insurance won’t pay and the bills are rolling in my income is a disability check and baby sitting but I’ve been in the hospital with a viral infection in my heart and blood cclot in my leg and haven’t been able to return back to the daycare because I can’t seem to get over it 

On top of that my vehicle may need at most a new tire at the very least I’ll have to get it repaired and I have like 6$ in my bank account it’s the only way we can get to appointments which are usually an hour away 

I’m going to make a donation and try to sell some art I know we’re all having a hard time but if you could help me out and reblog I’d appreaciate it even if we can just get enough to make the 8 hour travel to Kansas City and the rest of our appointments and his medication 

My paypal is or 

PayPal.Me/MS821 If you guys want to help me out 

Tags are coming up and I need 150$ to pay for mine which is currently our only form of transportation since we didnt have the money to insure the other vehicle and my dad has another radiation treatment next month which is another 75$ in gas that I dont have plus I’ll have a consult for double hip replacement surgery and jaw surgery which is 150$ in gas and I’m not sure if I can get a free ride for it or not




Stairwell in an abandoned button factory

A cool aesthetic, but also a damn fucking easy way to fall down some stairs

I mean… how did they get there? Was the factory abandoned after a button explosion? Did disgruntled former employees just hurl buttons around on their way out after being made redundant? Or was the factory abandoned after their fifth fatal staircase fall in a month because this is just how they kept the buttons?