I’m translating this so any foreigners who have been to the national museum can help as well. Please reblog regardless of where you’re from.

“After tonight’s tragedy, museology students from UNIRIO(University of Rio de Janeiro) are trying to help preserve the memory of the brazilian national museum.
We ask that those who have videos or pictures(and even selfies), of the collection share them through the e-mail”




This is Ayla, my medical alert service dog.

Last night at 4am her back legs suddenly stopped working. I had to rush her to the emergency vet, in fear that something had happened to her.

Ayla is now on several medications and is still not walking. She needs to see an actual vet or orthopedist as soon as possible. Her back legs collapse whenever she tries to walk. She’s not in pain, so we are worried it is neurological.

She will not use the bathroom or eat. She has extreme behavioral changes. I need to take her to the vet this week. I don’t know how much it will cost, but I’ve already lost every bit of money I had for one tiny exam. The vet couldnt even take x Rays because I cant afford them.

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I can just hear the radfems saying “but a man can’t just DECIDE to change his orientation to include nbs when he was only attracted to someone in the first place because he thought they were a woman!” – radfems tell straight and queer women that they can choose to cut men out of their lives and be lesbians, so by that logic men should be able to “decide” to change their orientation too. (And it is a decision, how you choose to label yourself regardless of your actual attraction)



I cannot even begin to explain how much the next sentence out of my fingers is going to make me want to cringe into an early grave but here we go.

Radical feminism quite literally looks at the structures that create societal sexism and misogyny and, well, reverses them. There is no attempt to dismantle these hierarchies and create a truly kind, nurturing environment for all people. It’s just a blatant shot at placing (white, cis, abled) women at the top of the hierarchy and moving (white, cis, abled) men into the newly vacated inferior position.

Complete with all the hypocrisy, paradox, and abuse that entails.

As such, creating a double standard where women should take unilateral control of their own identities to adhere to a specific and rigid construction of acceptable sexuality, but men fundamentally are unable to. 

Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh, I can’t believe I just had to define and defend “reverse sexism” but here we all are. These are the depths to which radical feminism forces us all to sink.

>Michel Foucault initially coined the phrase “reverse discourse” to describe the approach taken by gay liberationists who re-appropriated the heterosexual/homosexual distinction in order to forward the narrative of a homosexual class that was oppressed at the hands of the heterosexual majority.[4] Within feminist theory, the phrase “reverse discourse” has been used to describe certain strands of feminism that conceptualize sexism solely in terms of “men are the oppressors, women the oppressed, end of story.” (Note: in some of my previous writings, I have used the term “unilateral feminism” to describe this particular approach to feminism.) Reverse discourses have also arisen in other activist movements, where they are often described under the rubric of “identity politics.”[5]…

>Having come into activism during the heyday of third-wave feminism and queer theory, I was taught to be highly suspicious of reverse discourses for several of reasons. First, they divvy up all people into two mutually-exclusive groups: the oppressors and the oppressed. This move excludes countless “liminal” people who do not fall neatly into one group or another. This is why feminists who forward reverse discourses have such a horrendous track record in dealing with people who fall under the transgender umbrella, and why gay men and lesbians who forward reverse discourses have such a horrendous track record in dealing with people who fall under the asexual and bisexual umbrellas.

>Reverse discourses also tend to be highly unilateral, focusing primarily on that one particular axis of oppression, while ignoring other forms of marginalization that intersect with that “primary axis” (as well as with one another).[6] As a result, reverse discourses tend to depict the marginalized group in a homogeneous manner—e.g., by making claims that all members share the same perspectives, beliefs, needs, and desires—when this is typically far from the truth. Reverse discourses also tend to portray the “oppressor class” (who in reality are a heterogeneous mix of people who vary greatly in their experiences, privileges, and forms of marginalization they may face) in a monolithic and stereotyped manner. As Judith Butler once said: “The effort to identify the enemy as singular in form is a reverse-discourse that uncritically mimics the strategy of the oppressor instead of offering a different set of terms.”[7]

Cleaning a metal straw is a level of effort most people aren’t willing to deal with.








And my OCD would make it a nightmare. Reusable straws, where if I don’t get them sterilized thoroughly enough will grow mold which could potentially kill my immuno-compromised ass? No the fuck thank you.

I already wash knives and forks like 2-3 time before I use them on bad days, my neurosis doesn’t need any more help.

How about no straws. It’s not that hard.

I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not, it’s been one of those days.

Pipe cleaners exist for a reason

They sure fuckin do buddy. Off you pop.

I can’t believe René Magritte’s delighted yet furious ghost materialized in my living room specifically to make me create this.

Okay, everyone else go home. This was all worth it just to see this. THANK YOU





Extremely Cursed Earth AU:

The USSR won the Cold War and Lin-Manuel Miranda writes a revolutionary-era musical about Trotsky instead of Hamilton that ends with the ice-picking. There is a ship war between Stalsky and Lensky.

Nuke that Earth and then salt it.

What you don’t want flowcrown Stalin and Non-binary headcannons of Ovseyenko?

Actually. I wouldn’t even doubt there are tankies that do that already, never mind.

The only man I trust