When Mr. C brought this in, I suspected that the “super hot” description might mean by British standards. Considering it was made here.


This does have a really good flavor. In small doses. Tonight, I thought that attempt at black bean chicken could use a bit of heat, so I added less than a teaspoon to the whole pan–trying to use some caution starting out. That ended up borderline overly capsaicin-tastic to my taste, and I do like me some peppers 🙄

Delicious, though. Just glad there was plenty of rice.

Not at all sure what variety/varieties they’re using, and I can’t quite place the flavor. Shame it just says “chilli” on the label.




[ID: two tweets by @tommysantelli

“USING a wheelchair. USES a wheelchair.

just like WEARING glasses, WEARS glasses.

not “confined to being behind frames” or “being behind frames” or “lens-bound.”

a wheelchair is a tool. a good tool. like glasses.

this correlation isn’t something i invented. disability communities have been saying these things for years. we keep saying it until it gets imbedded.” End ID]






best moments in gaming journalism


  • “What’s with all the fucking gaijin in this area?” “Dude, don’t say that, use gaikokujin, it’s nicer.” “Oh, shit, right. What’s with all the fucking gaikokujin in this area?”
  • “The breaded pork cutlet bento box is like mega power. More than ramen. That’s accurate.”
  • all of them start dragging kiryu for his shitty cheap shirt for five minutes
  • “Shooting people sends a message.” “So does shooting anything.”
  • (after being told that massage parlors, mahjong, and hostess clubs were cut from the US version) “I feel sorry for the people who bought the American version. SEGA USA sucks.”

S: I don’t know any ex-yakuza running orphanages.
K: There was one a few years ago. A good guy.
M: You sure it wasn’t just a tax shelter?
K: Sure it was a tax shelter but he ran it like a legitimate thing. You know.



Y’all, do yourselves a favor and read the full article, it’s freaking glorious. These are but a few of the gems featured in there.


when the president lies abt the official death toll from the last hurricane on the morning of the next one, maybe that is not a good sign.

[ Trump disputes Puerto Rico hurricane death toll ]

“3000 people did not die in the two hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico,” Mr Trump wrote on Twitter, without offering evidence for the claim. He accused Democrats of inflating the official death toll to “make me look as bad as possible”.

[ Hurricane Florence could kill ‘a lot of people’ ]

Mr Long told Thursday morning’s news conference that while Florence’s wind speed had dipped, its wind field had expanded and total rainfall predictions were unchanged.

#trumpets #katrina #puertorico #nihilism




one of my insurance covered prescriptions is at the pharmacy that is a walk that is currently too far for me to take due to my plantar fasciitis if anyone could toss me $20 for uber money so the run can take me 6 minutes vs 60 i would be super appreciative

Hey my state wont give me food stamps unless im employed and i have no job prospects unless things suddenly change please donate so I can buy my dumb gluten free food



Boozhoo (hello), my name is Ken, I am a disabled Ojibwe artist from northern Wisconsin. I am writing this post because I am having a hard time making ends meet and any donations I could possibly receive at this time would be greatly appreciated. Recent events have left my bank account depleted and my cupboards bare, I have some food but it will not last and I still do not know how I will cover all the utility bills.

I do have PayPal, that is really the best way to donate at this time, the email I use for that is: baapimakwa@gmail.com, or you can click here.

I have the opportunity to move, and this is something I desperately need to do for my health and well being, I will have better access to medical care and the services I require. To make this work I am going to need to be bringing more funds than my disability payment, I really need to get some art together and get more things on my redbubble, I would love to do something like a patreon but I don’t think I can put out timely content at this time. 

I have a scanner now, I am desperately in need of a new computer, I have been using a borrowed computer for the last few months and will have to give it back before I move, and it is not compatible with my scanner and I am unable to add editing software to it even if I could. 

I am trying to raise at least $1000 at this time, for moving expenses and a new laptop, I am trying to move forward but there is so much holding me back and I need help. 

Perfect setup again to drive myself crazy: Mr. C is running late home without getting in touch (again). So, I delay finishing putting supper together–and crash my blood sugar (again)! 😈

Cue some shaky OCD fun.

As many times as variations on this exact same bullshit have happened, it still took me a while to recognize what was going on. (Again.)

Now at least I am fed and sitting down for a while. And I am already getting less looping garbage. Rationally pretty sure he’s fine, but just shit at remembering to text me once he’s caught up in something and/or after a couple of drinks. I’m not very happy with him right now, assuming he is fine.

Frustrating how this stuff can keep sneaking up on you, though.

Everything You Need To Know About The Law The EU Just Passed That Could Change The Internet As We Know It



The European Parliament voted to adopt an extremely controversial copyright reform on Wednesday that could have profound ramifications for how the internet works. (And, yes, maybe make memes illegal.)

The reform is called the Copyright Directive and it was first proposed in 2016. On Wednesday, members of European Parliament voted 438–226 in favor of adopting the directive. The law is meant to be an overhaul of copyright rules, aimed at making sure publishers and artists are compensated by platforms like Google or Facebook.

The directive has been in the works since July, when it was announced that parliament would move forward with the copyright legislation. Wednesday’s vote was the last chance for any amendments.

The controversial directive contains two articles that open internet and free speech advocates believe could fundamentally alter the way the internet works. Here’s what they mean.

UK followers, to contact your MEP, go to “writetothem.com” and type in your postcode. this will bring up your mp, local councillors, and members of European parliament. Then you can write and express your concerns over freedom of speech as outlined above. Mention perhaps that internet censorship by the back door as a means of suppressing dissent will remove the moral high ground Europe keeps trying to take about China. Mention that this article i s open to exploitation by hostile foreign powers. Bring up the cairncross review on press sustainability and ask if a sustainable online press can be run under these conditions.

Everything You Need To Know About The Law The EU Just Passed That Could Change The Internet As We Know It