He’s gonna be a serial killer when he grows up. Who the fucks shoots and person for any reason and than mocks him for being in pain holy fuck

How to tell someone is privileged and has never been victim of violence 101

I don’t know why that article says he mocked him, as if he was standing over his body and insulting him. He didn’t. The boy commented that the guy was crying after the fact.

The man who robbed his house was a methhead and had done so multiple times to his house and others in the area. The intruder was armed and told the boy that he was going to kill him. The boy got his gun but the intruder didn’t take him seriously until he fired.

The intruder was shot in the leg as he started to run and he was taken to the hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening. The boy later said the intruder was crying like a baby. 

Dude got a taste of his own medicine, threatening to kill an innocent child with a gun. He wasnt mocked but he absolutely fucking deserves it because he wouldn’t be crying if he shot that kid and killed him. 


“who the fuck shoots a person for any reason”

well i dunno, someone breaking into someone’s house armed and threatening to kill them’s a pretty good reason in my opinion

It literally says in the title… home intruder


right there

it ain’t even hidden

#like idk you break into my house for any reason and cry because you got shot i mean#wtf am i supposed to feel sympathy for you???

Phone scammers…





Ya boi just took some asshole for a ride. Some schmuck called me from a (spoofed) DC number with some cockamamie story about how he’s with the Federal Government and they’ve randomly selected me to receive a $7000 grant, oh and I’ll have to go pick it up at any of several chain grocery stores. Keeps using these “check-in” phrases that are meant to prompt you to say yes.

But see, joke’s on him: I’ve heard of this scam, and I don’t talk like most people. When I answer the phone and someone asks for me by name, I say “Speaking,” not “Yes.” So every single time this assclown tried to get me to say “Yes” I’d say something like “Understood” or “Go on.”

You see, the scam is, they trick you into saying “Yes,” and bonus if they can get you to repeat numbers (esp. 0-9) and/or “I agree.” What these low-lives do is record your voice and then use the sound bytes to make fraudulent charges in your name.

So fuck this guy right off the bat.

The more I dicked him around, the more frequently he started trying to goad me into saying the y-word. The funniest part came when he was going to “give me a confirmation number.”

Him: The confirmation is seven, one, three…

And he just STOPS. The “three” was pitched up to indicate there’d be more. I wait. He waits. I say, “Go on.”

And this bitch goes, “Yes, the confirmation number is seven, one, three…”

And he STOPS AGAIN. I wait. He waits. I say, “Go on,” again.

And he STARTS! OVER! AGAIN! He did this TWO MORE TIMES before giving me the “full confirmation number” and a “number to call,” which together JUST HAPPEN to include all ten digits, 0 through 9.

This entire time I haven’t said a single word that could be construed as agreement. So he asks me to repeat the numbers back to him. I decide I’ve had enough at that point. I tell him to get a better job, hang up, and block the number.

Another “DC” number immediately calls me. I reject & block it.

And then I filed a report with the Federal Trade Commission. :3

BE WARY. Get yourself on the National Do Not Call Registry. If a number you don’t recognize calls you, DON’T REPLY “YES” OR ANY OTHER GENERIC AFFIRMATIVE TO ANYTHING THEY SAY OR ASK.

The original scam is a robocall that starts off with “Can you hear me?” The most correct response is to hang up and report it to the FTC. The second best is “I can hear you,” if you’re not sure or if you forget. But get into the habit of using responses other than “Yes” on the phone. These fuckers are everywhere.

It gets worse, OP. Your voice can be spliced to sound like you agreed to something. You may have given them enough to do that with. Like those Microsoft Windows people that call and want your ‘important numbers off your computer’ I talked to them for far too long and only found out after the fact that they could make fraudulent charges just by splicing some of your words together. They were after something different, but it amounts to the same thing in the end. Also there’s the common ‘press 1′ people as well. It’s best to just hang up. The Attorney General says to get an answering machine and they can’t really do anything about them because they’re constantly spoofing numbers. Neither can the phone company, and they Charge You Money for reporting them!

Oof. Reblogging for additional warnings. I’ve already made my report to the FTC, so I’ll just be keeping a close eye on my finances for a while. (Like I’m not already given my situation.)


I’m trying not to be annoyed by this

but I’m annoyed

I understand that this is tunglr dot hell and people love to make up wild shit but llllllook boys girls and others this literally happened to me, personally, exactly as I described it. Here’s the screenshot of the two “DC” numbers that called me—the one I answered at 12:35, dicked around, and hung up on, and the one that called me immediately after which I rejected.


Here are some news articles about the “yes” scam:




Here are some articles about the fake $7000 grant scam:





On reflection I do partway suspect that it might have just been the fake grant scam, but I still gotta say, super fucking fishy that he kept trying so very hard to get me to say yes and repeat numbers.

I’m on the level, fam.







Do you ever think about how sperm don’t work right at body temperature and that’s why males have external testicles? Design-wise that is such a huge risk to take. Your most important organ is swinging free outside your body, vulnerable to injury or attack. All because one (1) type of cell, your fucking gametes for christ’s sake, cannot function at the normal body temperature of the organism they belong to. What the fuck. I never want to hear a man try and say females are biologically inferior ever again.

While I’m at it also they have to share one hole that they both pee and have sex out of. That’s fucking gross and unsanitary. Everytime a man cums in you you’re also getting all the pee that was in his urethra enjoy that thought ladies. You know how many holes birds have? One. They pee, poop and have sex all in the same hole it’s called the cloaca. You know how many holes women have? Three. Because we evolved one. Evolution-wise, men fall somewhere between a chicken and a human female. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

Evolution-wise, men fall somewhere between a chicken and a human female

Is just about the most legendary sentence I have ever read in my life in any language..


I’m so amused by this.

Don’t you love when men say we pee out of our vags but actually they’re the ones that do it


Honestly, it hadn’t occurred to me that this may be why that’s apparently a fairly common misconception 🤔