“Scientific implausibility aside, this is a federal agency proposing widespread genetic testing and keeping records of citizens’ genitals. This is a proposal by the government imposing an expectation that everyone look and act in one of two ways, and that everything in between is somehow not right—an aberration, an anomaly, a flaw, a problem, a disease—rather than a marvel of the natural world, a way that humans survive and thrive not despite but because of our complexity as a species.”

James Hamblin,
Against a Federal Registry of Genitals


ok but the problem is more the way electoral college votes by state are handled, rather than the college existing at all. almost every state has a ‘winner take all’ policy – if the vote is 51% one way and 49% the other in a state w 10 votes in the college, the 51% will get all 10… when in reality it should be each side getting 5 votes. which would fix a *lot* of the issues w the college.



people seem to stop listening to other people as soon as someone says the phrase “drug zombies”. psych meds sometimes help people and they cannot turn you into a literal actual zombie. they can however:

– make you very dissociated, fatigued, depressed, confused, numb, unable to think clearly

– as a result of this, make you less able to make decisions and therefore more compliant

– make you have episodes of either complete or partial catatonia, which can affect your ability to move in a lot of different ways

– change the way you think, feel and act in ways you don’t want them to. some people feel that they have had their personalities taken away

so it seems perfectly reasonable to me that people use the metaphor of feeling like a zombie to describe their experiences with psych meds

… Also, this is literally what real-life zombies were. You just kinda kidnapped someone and drugged them into compliance.

Some tag commentary I ended up adding on the last reblog:

#people do get impatient and actively shitty with me #a lot #stupid foreigner bonus #since i moved here #i just don’t do voice calls if there’s literally any other choice

Some of that is down to significant further hearing loss (which also gives less info for the screwy auditory processing to work with!)–but not all of it.

I also refuse to call the anxiety component “phone phobia”, precisely because it is a secondary thing. The anxiety has gotten worse in direct response to actual shitty behavior trying to deal with people on the phone. Not every time, of course, but people do turn just plain rude and insulting frequently enough that it really is a problem.

Another thing where it’s often kinda hard to sort out the ableism from the xenophobia, tbqh. I mean, I did already run into the “stupid hillbilly” reactions before. If anything, that makes me more frustrated just trying to go about my business. Not much win possible.