I’m still pretty messed up and feeling jet-lagged from that virus. The continuing blood sugar wackiness is probably not helping.

Now I can suddenly barely keep my eyes open, and would really like to get down for a couple of hours. Here’s hoping that doesn’t turn into 8 or 12 again 😵






Delete the fuck out of windows update

Okay bitches are you sick of windows update fucking up your shit, bricking you computer, deleting your folders, restarting your computer in the middle of a game, and just being a Goddamn nuisance!? Of course you are, you aren’t capitalism’s doormat, fuck Bill Gates! So here’s what you gotta do first open up services if you dont know how click that little search bar on the task bar and type in services or hell just type ser your compy’s a good smart boy he’ll know what you’re talking about. Once services pops up click it to open the fucking thing scroll down until you see windows update; that’s the fucker we’re gonna kill right click on it and then click properties next to service name you should see what windows update told your computer its name is the fucking liar. mine said WUAUSERV but anyway copy that bitch we’re almost done. Now that you have copied it you can close services and click the search bar again. Now type CMD to bring up the command prompt and now this is important right click on it and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR if you don’t you will fail and windows update and bill gates stupid ass face will laugh at you. Once you have command prompt open type sc delete and then right click to past the name. For instance I typed sc delete wuauserv. And that’s it you have slain your demon you’re welcome. Hey guys spread this around @thebibliosphere @systlin @copperbadge @couldnt-think-of-a-funny-name @therealjacksepticeye @markiplier

I don’t have Windows 10 so I can’t test this, but I know several people who have wanted to deactivate updates and I’m sure at some point I’ll upgrade from 7, so here you go guys 😀 

This is bad advice. Do not do what the OP recommends.

I will, speaking as someone who has been building and fixing computers longer than a good many of you have been alive (both for fun and as my fucking job), offer a calming voice in counterpoint, because, yeah, I use Windows 10, and even am on the fast-track for preview builds.

I, personally, have not lost anything, on any of the machines on which I’ve done the update.

“Yeah, that’s great for you, buddy, but…”

Microsoft has heard the concerns and paused the deployment until they fixed the bug. Which they already have. (source: https://www.zdnet.com/article/windows-10-october-2018-update-microsoft-releases-fix-for-data-deletion-bug/ )

Don’t fuck around and delete your goddamned windows services unless you know what you’re doing, unless, at some future date, you want to pay someone like me to un-fuck it, or buy a new computer that you didn’t shiv in a fit of pique.

Look, OP, I realize your heart (and spleen) are in the right place, but… just tell people to disable the fucking service  when they go to that propterties screen in the Services window, not delete the goddamned thing.

Better advice prevailing!

Also, updates are important security wise. The Equifax breach was because they didn’t update the software for months. So if you disable auto updates (I do) make sure to check and update periodically. Otherwise you too will have a breach of PII so damaging that John Oliver has an episode about it.







I don’t know why, but I think some Americans don’t realise how big the UK is….

American Customer: you’re English right? Do you know the bookshop between Wales and Bristol that has lots of books in?

Me in my head: yeah mate, I know that one. Classic. Love to pop down there on a cheeky break between work. What a wanker…

the continuous 48 states are is almost 39x the size of the isle of great britan

that’s your answer

For reference:

That’s JUST Texas.

Fucking hell

But how many bookstores do you know the location of in your state, just for reference? Because my guess is it’s still too big to know even a quarter of them, which I think op’s post was about.

If the conversation happened at all, the poor possibly-fictional American was probably just trying to talk about Hay-on-Wye. Hay-on-Wye is the most famous book town in the world, with a prestigious
literary festival and so many “shops with all the books in” that the
streets are literally full of open-air bookshelves. It’s like Pinterest and Diagon Alley and Waterstones all created some kind of massive hashtag-book-life village for the sole purpose of trying to attract Americans. It’s on the Wales/England border and a tourist would have approached it from Bristol.

This is hardly an unreasonable conversation starter, not like how British
people are always demanding to know where I’m from, and then, when I
release the information, say chirpily “I have a brother in San Diego!”
as if that isn’t on the other side of a continent. And then! ! the only thing for it! is to say “Oh, I don’t believe in San Diego”! and turn away!

In general, the premise of the OP surprises me a bit, because I bet that I could put a photo of a single tree from somewhere in the UK on my Tumblr with a slightly incorrect caption, and three people would immediately correct me, because they would know that specific tree with an uncomfortable intimacy. I know because you have done this to me. It’s like a national pastime for you all. I’m shaken by OP, I am shaken to my fucking core and I respect them so much for having this terrifyingly novel attitude. I bet they’d look me dead in the eyes and tell me they had never heard of London. This is some kind of Gen Z shit that I’m not prepared for.

Because I know, I KNOW that I could spout a bunch of gibberish CAPTCHA word salads that are much more obscure directions than this, and y’all will IMMEDIATELy know exactly where in the British Isles I was talking about to a fuckin’ five foot radius, like some kind of wild scavenger hunt, you’ll all be like “oh did you enjoy it Elodie? did you go to the tea shop”

I swear to God I’ll do it. how do we place bets. how does that work exactly, does anyone know


Being raised without stability really fucks with your head, you’re forever trying to figure out a person’s “pattern“ to see how you have to approach them, whether they’re in a good mood and it’s safe, or if they’re in a bad mood and you have to be careful or maybe avoid them altogether, just because those who raised you could never keep a consistent emotional reaction