Is there actually any evidence for the Kavanaugh accusations beyond “she said” ?




Yes, a lot of it. I think he’s very likely to be guilty of the attack on Ford and the attack on Ramirez; I think it’s more likely than not he’s guilty of the attacks Swetnick described, though I’m significantly less confident in that case. 

First, Ford:

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Reminder that the right on Tumblr and elsewhere are lying through their teeth about “no evidence.”  Would this be “beyond a reasonable doubt”?  Probably not (for sexual assault; it certainly is for repeated perjury), but that is not the correct standard for lifetime court appointments.  There is a clear preponderance of the evidence.

@argumate, because you let one of your askers say this unchallenged, presumably due to not following things as closely.

Even if every accusation against Kavanaugh was totally fabricated, that would still leave us with “would this guy who, when accused of something, dodges questions by shouting and crying about how much he loves beer make a good judge?”



financial goals: bathtub that’s deep enough for me to be 100% fully submerged; preferably one of those triangle corner ones. Also maybe being debt free but the tub comes first

me, 8 years old, sitting in the largest bathtub that they have on display in the Home Depot:


If you know Newfies and St. Bernards, you know that they are a veritable fountain of drool. A St. Bernewfie is no different. Lola proudly wears her bib that says “Slime Flies when you’re having fun”. She has a couple of others (different designs) on order so that when one’s in the wash, she remains protected. It’s been a huge help, and she loves it 😊




Today I finally managed to re-register to vote. I’ve been meaning to do this since we moved, but it was complicated and the state of California’s website was a hassle and it required me to mail things and the baby ripped up the thing they mailed me and altogether it was just not going to happen. The reason it finally happened was that I asked for help.

I filled out a short form on, so I didn’t have to interact with California’s website. They mailed me something to print, and my housemate printed it and brought it to me to sign. I signed it and he put it in the mail. Now I’m registered.

If you’re like me and find bureaucracy interactions terrifying and hard, and don’t expect to succeed at them and as a result you often don’t try, I recommend this: set a timer for ten minutes. Go to and spend ten minutes taking steps that move you closer to being registered to vote. You are reasonably likely to succeed and be registered by the end of that, or to have enough momentum to continue. This matters – it may not matter if just you do it, but it matters very profoundly if all the people like you do it.

You are not a bad person because you haven’t gotten this figured out yet. You are not a failure because you haven’t gotten this figured out yet. You are not less worthy of a voice in our democracy because you haven’t got this figured out yet. 

All of this, and yay for

Take 10 minutes & go now! 

This is so good!



Honestly I find it pretty devastating that Massachusetts of all places is having a “trans people: are we just gonna let them do that?” vote. The polling and funding numbers look pretty good but it makes me scared and sad that this is even up as a question for everyone to vote on.

Right? Worse is the way that it’s worded is fucking confusing. You might think “oh! There’s a question on the ballot threatening the rights of trans folks! Better vote no on that!” WRONG. You have to vote YES to keep the protections that WE AS A STATE ALREADY AGREED THAT TRANS FOLKS NEED AND DESERVE.

Also, as an aside, fuck whoever wrote the note in the What’s on My Ballot red book we got in the mail for the “vote no” side of question 3. Talking about “voting yes lets men into women’s bathrooms” and other transphobic shit. Eat my entire ass, sir and/or madam. That’s bullshit.

Vote yes on question 3, massholes. Protect our trans* siblings.