i hate when businesses post little “only use this if you absolutely have to” signs above the buttons that open doors or on elevators

i understand wanting to save electricity but the result is that many people are going to make decisions like “i guess i can push this door open or use the stairs, even if it will contribute to my pain flare-up” and feel really shitty about pushing the button or using the elevator even if they do absolutely need it.

i hate the idea of “only use the elevator / mobility aid / medication if you absolutely must.” use the thing if it improves your quality of life. you don’t need to prove that you deserve it by needlessly suffering.

I doubt its about conserving electricity. The amount of power used by an elevator or electric door seems inconsequential and probably isn’t going to be enough to hurt your business.

It’s almost always about some able-bodied know-it-all thinking that anybody who isn’t in a wheelchair or otherwise visibly disabled doesn’t need the thing and is just being lazy.

The local library has a ‘please don’t use’ sign in winter blaming heating costs.

Including a copy visible where you can get shamed for using the button because you can’t open the door and balance because Armload Of Books.

I get that it takes slightly longer to close when powered, but the entryway is designed to preserve the heat of the building (two sets of doors) and it’s not a high-traffic entrance.

And yes, it does manage to shame me into not using the button because of my visible age even when I absolutely shouldn’t be hauling around a door that heavy myself.




i hate… i haaate when you’re talking to someone who you know won’t recognize just “dnd” so you have to say out loud “dungeons and dragons” and wait for a horde of jocks to start kicking the shit out of you

i had to tell my 71 year old grandpa i was tired today because last night was game night which meant playing Dungeons and Dragons with my friends. he asked me if i won and i had to say no i did not win Dungeons and Dragons

If you have fun you win, mostly everyone wins.








some info on bees and wasps 

I’ve been stung by a carpenter bee.  They’re usually pretty chill.

And dirt daubers are bros.  

It’s true you can pet Bumblebees

I’ve been mercilessly killing paper wasps and now I feel terrible 😭

I thought they were like yellow jackets!!! I wanna apologize to all the innocent paper wasps I’ve crushed!!!

yeah then there’s the tarantula hawk, which is a type of spider wasp, because of course that’s a thing.

so yanno. that’s pleasant.

a dude researching them described the pain as “…immediate, excruciating, unrelenting pain that simply shuts down one’s ability to do anything, except scream. Mental discipline simply does not work in these situations.”

good times.

To be fair, they’re so big and fast that they can easily avoid humans. They have no desire to waste their venom on anything that isn’t a big spider. 




New footage of the elusive Chinese Mountain Cat! 

(Image Credits: Shan Shui Conservation Center)

This documentation of a barely-known species of small wild felid is incredible – it’s potentially the first active Chinese mountain cat den ever found! As documented in a recent blog post, a researcher working on a crane conservation project took photos of what he thought was a Tibetan fox, only to discover later that he’d actually photographed a cat so rare it was only discovered as a species in 2007! Researchers returned to the site later and were ecstatic to find that the cat was a mother with two young kittens. The placed a camera trap close to one of the den entrances and was able to record multiple days worth of footage before the family moved on.

Chinese mountain cats (Felis bieti) live in a very small, high-altitude range in remote northern China. They’re well-adapted to the harsh weather at those heights, with a stocky build and thick fur in the winter, and are often called “grass cats” by locals because they blend into the the dry grass of the alpine meadow habitats where they’re most often observed. What little information we have about these elusive felids comes mostly from observations by herders whose livestock graze in those meadows. The IUCN lists that no substantive knowledge has been gained about Chinese mountain cats since 2010, so this new footage from Shan Shui Conservation Center is a major contribution to the scientific understanding of the species. 

Click through here to watch the footage of the Chinese mountain cat family! 

Wow!  A new animal I’ve never heard of before! Lovely!!





Most colleges and universities have on-campus food pantries and emergency financial funds for students. Do not drop out of school for lack of resources without talking to your student affairs office first!

I have worked at community colleges, four year schools and am currently in the Student Affairs office for a medical school. All have had food pantries and emergency financial assistance for students in a bind. Those resources are paid for by your student fees (or private donations marked for such use), use them! Other on-campus resources you should be using: writing center, public speaking lab, career counseling, and academic advising. Ask your Dean of Students for a full list of resources offered through Student Affairs! We are here to help!

There are even some schools that offer small subsistance loans, sometimes even without any interest rate or payment schedule, in case you have actual bills you’re struggling with. They’re very small, as they more or less act as charity (since there’s no strict requirement to repay), but if you’re in dire straits it can still help.



I really think we need to stop looking at /solidarity/ as an innate process where oppressed communities NATURALLY align with other oppressed communities and instead look at solidarity as an OVERTLY coalitionary tactic, one that is borne through learning and compassion

It won’t happen innately. Some of the most racist people I know are gay and I’ve heard awful homophobia from black people.

We have to work on our own prejudices as the first measure.