A lot of people are really scared and angry because of the results of the newest climate change reports — as they should be. But I’m already seeing a lot of posts and news reports like “HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN DO TO FIGHT GLOBAL WARMING” and bizarrely enough, the answers are never like “weed out climate change deniers from your government, impose strict new rules for the corporations that are  creating most of the emissions, pour government resources into alternate forms of fuel, etc.” It’s always like “carpool to work!”

Look. Of course you should be working to reduce waste in your own life. But let’s not fucking pretend that consumers are the ones who made this mess. You know what another recent study found? Just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions. If the rest of us stopped ALL WASTE and fucking ascended to a higher plane of existence that no longer requires consumption of any kind, the world would still be absolutely fucked if those 100 companies keep on as they do.

I hate this personal responsibility model when it comes to conservation. By ignoring the actual source of the problem and focusing on individuals instead, guess who gets targeted? The absolute most vulnerable individuals on the planet. When people advocate personal responsibility, somehow they’re never talking about billionaires and their private jets. They’re creating straw bans that will make life more dangerous for people with disabilities. They’re shaming women for using disposable menstrual products. They’re criticizing the poor and destitute for using “wasteful” products because they’re all they can afford. They’re making vaguely eugenic statements about getting people in “third world countries” to stop ~breeding~ so much. It’s monstrous.

Stop shaming consumers for the sins of corporations and their powerful investors. Stop placing the blame at the feet of the people who already have the hardest time getting through life. Do something, and by “do something” I mean buy a reusable coffee cup on the way to fucking vote. Go to a protest. Call a representative. Demand accountability from the people who got us into this mess.






Boozhoo (hello), my name is Ken, I am a disabled Ojibwe artist from northern Wisconsin. I am writing this post because I am having a hard time making ends meet and any donations I could possibly receive at this time would be greatly appreciated. Recent events have left my bank account depleted and my cupboards bare, I have some food but it will not last and I still do not know how I will cover all the utility bills.

I do have PayPal, that is really the best way to donate at this time, the email I use for that is:, or you can click here.

I have the opportunity to move, and this is something I desperately need to do for my health and well being, I will have better access to medical care and the services I require. To make this work I am going to need to be bringing more funds than my disability payment, I really need to get some art together and get more things on my redbubble, I would love to do something like a patreon but I don’t think I can put out timely content at this time. 

I have a scanner now, I am desperately in need of a new computer, I have been using a borrowed computer for the last few months and will have to give it back before I move, and it is not compatible with my scanner and I am unable to add editing software to it even if I could. 

I am trying to raise at least $1000 at this time, for moving expenses and a new laptop, I am trying to move forward but there is so much holding me back and I need help. 

I’m not even worried about the laptop at this point I just really need to move and I need help to do it, anything helps.

It’s Oct 1st, in just over a week I will be moving and I’m really hoping this works out. I figure I’m $400 short at this time.

Oct 8th, could still use around $250, moving in less than a week.


Ninety Nashville Warblers (Oreothlypis ruficapilla), like the one pictured here, were killed after flying into a glass-sided building in Galveston, Texas on a May morning last year. A total of almost 400 spring-migratory birds were killed when they collided with
the 23-story American National Insurance

building overnight. Additional casualties included
29 Yellow Warblers, 26 Black-and-white Warblers, 24 Magnolia Warblers,
21 American Redstarts, 15 Indigo Buntings, 14 Bay Breasted warblers,

8 Black-throated Green
Warblers, 5 Kentucky Warblers, 4 Eastern Wood-Peewees, 3 Golden-winged
Warblers, 2 Painted Buntings, 2 Orchard Orioles, plus a Hooded Warbler,
Gray Catbird, Blue Grosbeak, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Orange-crowned
Warbler, Summer Tanager, Worm-eating Warbler, Red-eyed Vireo, and
Cerulean Warbler. Three birds were rescued and survived their collision with the building.

The complete story can be found at the Audubon website: .




This mysterious “chicken church” is located in the middle of the Indonesian jungle. The abandoned building itself is quite bizarre but even more bizarre is the fact that there are 12 underground chambers.

thats my house

It’s not abandoned anymore, or that mysterious. Nor are prayer rooms underground ‘bizarre’. The actually story is interesting and kinda cute how earnest it is.