Police interrogate man for being black, lock down campus building


Reginald Andrade is the consumer manager of disability services at
the University of Massachusetts Amherst. On September 14 he was walking
across campus to work. This scared a bystander who called the police.
Andrade says the police were waiting for him by the time he arrived at






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thank you possums we don’t deserve you


let the trash babies eat ticks 💋

also it’s extremely rare for opossums to carry rabies, wild opossums are actually pretty gentle animals unless you try to hurt them/corner them/or harm their babies (please don’t bother them), and they are beneficial to the environment. 💕






Taako greatly disapproves.

Interesting tip: Cats are self cleaning.

Generally, yes. This 5 week old foster kitten is still learning how to not be covered in food and got particularly gross. I do not anticipate too many future baths as he is slowly learning.

oh jeez… the amount of times Lilith at barely 3wks (abandoned feral kitty) got what should have been in the litter tray all over her butt and legs and didn’t know enough to clean herself meant she got very many butt-baths as a smol. 

Cats are self cleaning. Kittens, on the other hand, need some help.

Some adult cats still need help. I’ve known adult kitties who were bad at cleaning themselves and needed, for instance, their nose sponged off after eating moist food, or butt-baths when they have even just a little extra squishy poops, or who just don’t lick themselves properly in general for whatever reason and have to be brushed frequently and also bathed periodically because they just… don’t do it themselves (despite being apparently entirely healthy). 

Also once in a while a kitty will just get into something nasty and need extra bathing. I had to clean off my kitty once when she knocked over a paint can that apparently didn’t have the lid hammered on as well as it should’ve been. She had blue paint splatters all over her and also walked through it so it was on her paws, and you really don’t want a kitty licking HOUSE PAINT off their fur! It’s not meant to be ingested! Yes, she hated both the bath and the spot-trimming I had to do to get the bigger blobs of paint out of her fur all the way since I didn’t want to, you know, expose her to solvents on top of everything she was already gunked up with. 






Is Melania T the most bullied person in the world? Hell no, far from it. Do a lot of ostensibly progressive people jump at the chance to hurl misogynistic abuse at women they think “deserve it”? Hell yes, and I wish literally anyone would make that point instead of going for the lowest-hanging fruit. 

“it’s hilarious that the stupid gold-digging whore thinks she’s being bullied” – everyone on the internet today

Also… her husband is Donald Trump. I imagine she at the very least sees bullying often, if not experiences it often.

That’s the other thing – how many people are gleefully dismissing any abuse she experiences with “what did she expect, being married to him?”

When someone we like stays in a relationship despite obvious abuse, it’s because she’s trapped and psychologically cowed. When it’s someone we don’t like, it’s because she’s either a gold digger or just as evil as her spouse, probably both. Gotcha.


Also, there’s no room for “she was gold digging and figured how difficult could marrying a rich old fart and having sex with him now and again be… and then he ended up being spectacularly mean and awful”

Nuance is bad







Another weird and frustrating phenomenon when you get sucked into an argument with conservative types (something I usually try to avoid bothering with anymore) is that there’s this very narrow set of people they’re convinced are key figures, even “leaders” on any given topic. Talk about climate change and they bring up Al Gore. Talk about women’s rights and they bring up Anita Sarkeesian.

To this day I have NO IDEA what any of those people have ever said on those topics, and in most cases, I never even heard of them outside of conservative complaints and memes. I would never know the name Anita Sarkeesian if she wasn’t one random blogger out of thousands that an obscure niche of people went positively ballistic over. I’ve never heard of anyone accepting the existence of global warming just because non-scientist Al Gore said to.

If I tell them this they never believe it. They’re completely convinced that the beliefs they hate actually revolve around some random youtubers or B-list politicians they randomly elevated into their own bugbears and the idea that the people they fight hardest against actually have barely any influence or fame outside their own subculture seems almost impossible for them to accept.

George Soros.

I always see people saying George Soros pays people like me to protest (I wish), or buses people to vote on battleground states, some way or another he has us under our thrall.

I don’t even know who the fuck George Soros IS

I don’t even feel bothered to Google him and find out- he’s utterly irrelevant to my life. But apparently all liberals are on his payroll somehow.

I, too, never heard of George Soros before just recently.

They could make up absolutely any name in these arguments and it would have just as much meaning to me. “You’re only pro-vaccine because you’re shilling for Jiminy Ferpendoodle!!!”

I’ve heard this referred to as the central fallacy of the authoritarian mindset: It’s not that authoritarians don’t care about facts, it’s that facts aren’t real until they are confirmed by an Authority. Of course no liberal believed in Global Warming until Al Gore said so! Why would they believe it, until Someone In Charge said it? And moreover, if you can prove That Person Isn’t Really An Authority, the facts will change! See also:

  • Why Creationists are obsessed with disproving Darwin – not his theory, but the man himself. As if casting doubt on Darwin-a-dude-born-in-eighteen-fucking-oh-nine-for-chrissake-’s personal beliefs will somehow completely disprove the ensuing two centuries of scientific research.
  • Why various idiot politicians try to legislate away Global Climate Change, as if making laws against the ocean will stop it from rising. 

I’m sure you could add on ten thousand bullet points but it’s Saturday and I don’t wanna do the research when I could be cleaning my kitchen and playing Minecraft. 

You ever notice that they have a huge reliance on buzzwords?  I don’t think they know who George Soros is either, but it’s a buzzword that the Authorities have given them, so they beat the hell out of it. 

More buzzwords that will drive me to screaming: Family Values.  Christian Values. Patriot/Patriotism. Pro-Military.

I swear, they’re using immigration control and better education as buzzwords too.  They make their world small so they have to use small words to fit better.

See numbers 8, humiliation by wealth of enemies, and 14, a shared set of buzzwords..