“Well, if X accommodation is so important to disabled people then how did they manage years ago?”

They didn’t Karen, they died.

Or more prosaically, just didn’t do whatever the accomodation was for. Which, yes, frequently included “leaving the home at all, ever.” There used to be an entire class of people who literally lived next to the hearth in a multigenerational home.

Pharmacist denies woman miscarriage medication over religious beliefs


A Michigan woman says a pharmacist for a regional supermarket chain denied her medication prescribed to treat her miscarriage because it was against his religious beliefs.

The Michigan branch of the American Civil Liberties Union sent a letter of complaint Tuesday to Meijer, asking the company to require pharmacists to fill patients’ prescriptions, regardless of the pharmacists’ beliefs, after Rachel Peterson was forced to drive more than three hours to get her medication.

Peterson suffered a miscarriage in July, and her doctor prescribed her Misoprostol, which was “crucial for her to take … in a timely manner to avoid having to undergo a more invasive surgical procedure,” the ACLU said in the letter. Misoprostol can also be used to induce labor, treat ulcers and terminate a pregnancy

The pharmacist, identified by the ACLU as Richard Kalkman at the Meijer store in Poteskey, told Peterson that “as a good Catholic male,” he could not “in good conscience fill the prescription” because he thought she wanted to use it to end her pregnancy, the letter states.

Peterson explained to Kalkman that her doctor said the fetus was not viable, but he responded “that was just [her] word,“ the letter says.

“And it was very disheartening and frustrating and I just felt this couldn’t be happening,” Peterson told NBC News. “If it’s happening to me, then who else could it be happening to?”

Peterson recalled asking Kalkman if he could pass her on to another pharmacist, let her speak to a supervisor or transfer her prescription to another pharmacy — and each time he said “no.” Instead he “berated” Peterson, according to the ACLU.

“When you’re at one of the lowest moments of your life, you don’t expect this sort of demeaning treatment,” said Peterson. “A pharmacy should not be able to deny patients medication prescribed by their doctors based on the personal beliefs of a particular employee.”

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Pharmacist denies woman miscarriage medication over religious beliefs

OK, I doubt falling right on him would really crush Mr. C too seriously. He probably has a good 90 lbs on me these days, and it wouldn’t be the first time either. But, I still get concerned 😑

Relax, Ladies. Don’t Be So Uptight. You Know You Want It



It 1982, Donald Trump was 36 years old and he preferred Hanes pantyhose. Not because other leading brands constricted his balls, but because women belonged in dresses; it pleased the male eye.If you’re a Gen-Xer, you undoubtedly remember these ads

For nearly two decades, Hanes ran television, print, and radio ads as part of their Gentlemen Prefer Hanes campaign.As for your preferences, ladies? No one gave a shit, least of all, you. You were happy to tuck that ass in Hanes if that’s how gentlemen preferred it.

 Why? Because you, Gen-Xer, were socialized not to see a problem with this campaign. Even if you did see a problem, what were you going to do about it in 1982? Form a hashtag army on Twitter?

Gen X. We came of age with movies like Sixteen Candles, Weird Science, and Revenge of the Nerds. Date rape scenes were “funny.” Harassment meant you were “hot.” Getting pinned to a wall by a guy at work, at school, or a party was “normal.” Relax. Don’t be so uptight. You know you want it.

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As a Gen Xr also raised by a 2nd waver, I identify a lot with this. 90s feminist statements, riot grrls, Docs, the culture around sex education activism… it’s not like those spring up from nothing. They were definitely a pushback.

Relax, Ladies. Don’t Be So Uptight. You Know You Want It