The reason why saying “straight culture™” or “this is the most heterosexual thing i’ve ever seen” when it comes to toxic or abusive relationships isn’t good is because

1. It normalizes the idea that relationships between a man and a woman are inherently toxic and abusive or that it’s okay for relationships between a man and a woman to be toxic and abusive and

2. it erases the truth that abuse happens just as often in homosexual relationships as it does in heterosexual relations.

Both those things lead to people not recognizing abuse or staying in abusive relationships out of the notion that what is happening is acceptable. So stop it. Abuse and toxicity are not “Straight culture”. They’re filthy things that can happen to anyone.

Honestly I hate seeing that.

Abuse is not a strict cultural thing. It can occur in many places in many forms.

Acting as if abuse in relationships is “straight culture” will help convince that abuse victims in mlm or wlw relationships aren’t really suffering abuse. It’s a “straight people thing,” so it can’t possibly happen to them.

This is such a toxic ideology I don’t know how people can share it.

It also leads to erasure of men/boys who were abused by women/girls. Abuse is a pattern of controlling and manipulative behavior that is equally wrong regardless of the gender of the perpetrator or the victim. Most men/boys do not abuse their partners, and some are survivors of abuse. 



Concept: a bunch of high school Satanists get drunk in the local graveyard and try to conjure a demon, but they’re using one of those “reconstructionist” ritual books that gets its sources all mixed up, so they end up with a minor Mithraic fertility spirit that hasn’t spoken with humans in like 1700 years instead. By the terms of its binding it’s not allowed to leave until it’s ensured a successful harvest for its summoners, which is a problem, because none of these goobers have ever raised so much as a houseplant; if it wants to go home, it’s going to have to teach them how to garden – whether they want to learn or not!

This sounds like an adorable slice of life anime that I would watch to soothe my anxiety.