We Snuck into Seattle’s Super Secret White Nationalist Convention






White nationalists generally don’t want to look like characters out of American History X anymore. Fashion choices at the convention ranged from Ruby Ridge to Mad Men, but most of the people there looked like you might run into them on Capitol Hill or in the U-District. That said, there is a type. According to my observations, the standard Seattle Nazi is a white male under 30 who either works in the tech industry or is going to school to work in the tech industry. “You’re also a coder? Do you mind if I send you something I’ve been working on?” I heard that more than once.

“That movie Hidden Figures was bullshit,” a guy dressed like John Goodman in The Big Lebowski said out of nowhere. “We never went to the moon, Stanley Kubrick faked all of it.” Water almost squirted out of my nose and it was the closest I came all night to breaking character.

“ Much bleaker is Dr. Johnson’s Seattle-suitable, “secret agent” racism plan. Basically, white nationalists meet in secret at conventions like Northwest Forum while paying “lip service to diversity” at their day jobs. They move into positions of power where they can hire other racists and keep non-whites from getting into the company. Two years ago, this method would have seemed like a total joke, but these guys really do mostly work in tech, and they were doing a lot of networking. When talking about the people he has counseled on the “secret agent” method, Dr. Johnson has written that they include “college professors, writers, artists, designers, publishers, creative people working in the film industry, businessmen, and professionals, some of them quite prominent in their fields.” ”

I wonder when liberals are going to stop pretending racists are just a bunch of rural rednecks and start taking a serious approach in combating racism. And conservatives are outraged whenever they perceive an “Inquisition” like “you can’t hold conservative views anymore in your job:(” gee I wonder why my guy.

Lol I keep trynna tell people seattle is racist but they don’t hear me tho

notice how the standard racist was a man under 30. Often people think that racists are old boomers who are “going to die soon anyway”. And, as stated above, they are infiltrating the workplace and oppressing minorities in their career fields. These men aren’t retiring (or dying) anytime soon. White millennial racism is prominent, and it is dangerous.  

We Snuck into Seattle’s Super Secret White Nationalist Convention




Executive dysfunction gothic

– You have to shower. You cannot shower. You are standing right in front of the shower. You want to shower. You cannot shower.

– The meeting begins. “Did everyone see the email?” There is a chorus of nodding heads. You nod, too. You think you may possibly have checked an email account before, on one single occasion, at some unknown time, probably in a past life.

– You are hungry. You have been hungry for three days now. The hunger has not spontaneously resolved itself. How inconvenient, you think. How rude.

– You depend on your planner/calendar. You loathe your planner/calendar. You can’t function without it. You live in constant fear of it. It’s an unhealthy relationship. You think you both should start seeing other people.

– There is a pile on your floor. It is a treasure trove, the Room of Requirement. It has everything. You look for something specific. It has nothing. There was never any pile.

– There’s been a change of plans, they say. You don’t understand. They repeat: “there’s been a change of plans.” You don’t understand. The mere suggestion causes a buzzing in your head that drowns out everything else. You don’t understand.

– You’re in class and you don’t understand the lecture. You look back at your past notes. You look at a calendar. You have not been to class in two weeks. You have no memory of this supposed time. Where did it go? Why did it leave?

– “Organizational tips for success: Keep a planner! Write it down! Stick to a schedule! Make a list!” You are torn between deranged laughter and ugly crying. You choose both.

– You type a few words, your phone rings, you answer. You frown and type a few words. A text, you open it and respond. You forget what you were doing. You type a few words. A text, you ignore it. You type a thousand words. A text, you open it. “Why haven’t you responded?” It’s been a week.

– You need your medication, you call to renew your prescription. You’re out of refills and the doctor needs to see you before you renew. You don’t get your medication again for six months.

– You want to RSVP to your cousin’s wedding but there’s no email address or phone number, just a card in an envelope that you have to put in the mailbox. You put it somewhere that you won’t forget it. The wedding was yesterday.

– “Look, it’s just one more stop before we head home, why are you making such a big deal of it?”

– “Hey, I invited our friends over to hang out for the day and maybe get lunch. You said you were free today, right?” You’re always free but you never have time. It takes an hour to decide what lunch will be.

– You write the shopping list. You stand in front of your door holding your keys while you tape the list to your phone. You step outside and realize you don’t know where your keys are. You step inside and they’re in your hand. You go to the store and pull out your phone. There never was a list.

– You’re meeting someone for what you’re sure is the tenth time. They say their name and all you hear is a high-pitched ringing. You carefully avoid interacting with them for the rest of the evening so you don’t run the risk of having to introduce them to anyone.

– “C’mon, you were in ceramics with me, we made clay boxes together. I sat next to you for two years!” You’ve never seen this person before in your life.

– You have to be somewhere at 6AM. You can’t be late. You don’t sleep the night before to be sure you can make it. When you’re late to work the next week your boss says “you can be on time when you want to be, you’re choosing to show me that you don’t care.” You don’t sleep to make it in to work on time tomorrow. You never sleep. You never sleep.

– You have to pee but if you don’t finish typing this sentence you’ll forget what you were saying. By the time you finish typing your body doesn’t notice that you still have to pee.

– “Uh, did you know you’re bleeding?”




how do I differentiate between “I want to date women because I feel like an imposter calling myself bi before I have” versus “I want to date women to spite homophobic family members” versus “I want to date women because men have been violent and controlling with me in the past” versus “I genuinely want to date women because that feels right for me”

does anyone know. I do not

I do not know, but you are allowed to date women for “silly” reasons

You’re allowed to date anyone you want to date who also wants to date you* even if your reasons for wanting to date them are not 100% “I’m just attracted to this person in particular for reasons that are entirely uninfluenced by outside factors”

*that is, presuming neither of you have made promises to or entered into agreements with other people that preclude the option of you and them dating.

Support for Tree of Life Synagogue




If you’re able, please donate. The creator of this particular fundraiser works for Bet Tzedek Legal Services, which is a Jewish organisation devoted to fighting economic justice. She writes that you can also send money directly to:

Tree of Life – Or L’Simcha Congregation

5898 Wilkins Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

*It’s customary in Judaism to make donations in multiples of 18 as to bless the recipient(s) with good health and long life (the numerical value of the Hebrew word “chai” which means “life”), but by all means, just give what you can. 


Here’s a link for anyone who doesn’t want to give money through Facebook. It’s been passed around some Sikh Facebook groups and several people from my community have been able to donate through it.

From a Bengali Jew to the Sikh community, thank you ❤ 

Support for Tree of Life Synagogue






In Russia a man named Ivan smashed his way through icy water to save a stray dog from drowning, he adopted the dog afterwards and named him Rex.


God, look at him go. Even money this man was part of some Soviet super soldier program back in the day.

Ivan is only 21 years old here’s photos of them afterwards

when ppl say not all men they’re talking ab Ivan