If you would report an undocumented immigrant to ICE you would have reported me to the Nazis and I don’t fucking trust you

A note:

I live in a state where you “have to” report anyone you suspect of being undocumented (that wonderful hellhole of Arizona). Now in practice this law has fallen far short, thank goodness. But if you live in such a place and they start enforcing it, here is how you get around it:

Assume everyone who doesn’t speak English is visiting.

Never ask about their job, because if they tell you they work here then you know they’re not visiting. You see them a lot for several weeks or months? Hm. Someone in the family must be ill. That’s terribly tough. They always dress in old, ratty laborers’ clothes? I feel you, my dude, I can’t afford new clothes either, and my dad has the fashion sense of an aardvark, so sometimes it’s not even about “affording” them. They say they’ve been here for years? You must have misunderstood. Spanish isn’t your first language, after all. First and last name? It never came up, or you don’t recall–you meet a lot of people.

And then, if you’re asked: no, you haven’t seen anyone residing illegally in the United States. Just people visiting.

Very good very important addition

Essentially, this is the civil society version of a work-to-rule strike.

Don’t do more than is expressly asked of you, and do what you are asked with such an intense attention to protocol that not asking you at all becomes more effective than even bothering.

In this case:

“Have you seen an illegal immigrant?”

“Could you describe an illegal immigrant, officer?”

*officer describes a person who is in the country without appropriate paperwork, or who has crossed the border illegally*

“No, sir, I haven’t seen any illegal immigrant.”

And this is correct. You have NOT seen an illegal immigrant, because you have no way of knowing if Jose Fulano is here legally or not. And since you can’t see his paperwork (or lack thereof), and did not personally see him cross the border illegally, you are only answering precisely the question asked.



just to be clear there is a difference between an asexual person choosing freely to have sex for fun/curiosity/pleasing their partner/money/having a kid/whatever and an asexual person forcing themselves to have sex because societal expectations/bullying/abuse/primary or secondary trauma/the narrative that their partner will rape them if they don’t have sex

we can discuss that there are circumstances where it is unhealthy for an asexual person to have sex. we can discuss that there are circumstances where it is unhealthy for anyone to have sex. but we can do it in a way that doesn’t remove asexual peoples’ sexual agency. 

lbr “aces are helpless infants who can’t consent to sex under any circumstances” is just “women are helpless infants who can’t consent to sex with men” 2.0

i’m never not rolling my eyes to high heaven at the sheer number of people on this website who manage to overlook The Discourse’s blatant roots in radfem rhetoric despite having ~NO TERFS~ plastered all over their blogs


My dear lgbt+ kids, 

One of the most heartbreaking things is the moment when someone sees the real you – and then you need to disagree because you are still in the closet. 

Here are two examples: 

– Your parents ask (again) if there are any cute boys in your school. You lie (again) that you’re too busy with studying to even think about boys. Your sister says “Well, maybe you think about girls instead? That would be okay!”. You have to say “Eww, no!” because your parents are already angrily glaring at your sister… but your sister is right. 

– Your mom is chatting with your new neighbor when he turns to you and says “And this is your daughter, I assume?”. Your mom replies, with a offended voice, “That’s my son!”. She will later tell you how rude it was of him to say that, you don’t look like a girl at all. You have to smile at her and maybe even thank her… but your neighbor was right. 

Situations like that suck. They’re so disheartening – it can feel like you’re offered a piece of food when you’re starving and then have to say “No, thanks, I’m full.”. 

These moments are one of the reasons why being in the closet is not “the easy way” or even “selfish” – being in the closet can be hecking painful. 

There’s not really the one piece of advice for such situations. “Just tell people the truth then” is oversimplified and can even be dangerous – not everyone can safely come out. “Just ignore it” is easier said than done – you’re a human being, you can’t just turn off your emotions. 

Maybe the best “advice” is simply this: You’re not alone. There are many people who understand how much it hurts, people who have been in similar situations. We feel your heartbreak, or your anger, We see you. 

As uncouth as it sounds: We are all in this sh*t together. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom