@autistiqueer – Not really, it’s in the mid 50s right now. But, that was mostly snark.

I shouldn’t be contagious anymore, but the kind of asthma cough I get triggered by viruses does tend to attract some dirty looks here like I’m purposely trying to spread TB or something. Was getting some of those on the bus.

I was just staying in as much as possible while it probably was still contagious, especially since this crud has felt like some strain of the flu. Not just because I didn’t feel like going anywhere, but not to spread germs if I could help it.

Another of those times that I’m to the point where I’d much rather get out a little and do something I enjoy while feeling like crap, than continue to hang around Plague House and feel like crap anyway.

People on the same bus might not agree, but I really do not want to get close enough to anyone to spread the germs around 🙄







It’s that time of year again!

You’d think it’d be 32 because he’s got a slight weight advantage, but 856 is the underdog.

but where’s my boy 480 Otis?

480 Otis got out-fatted by 409 Beadnose this year.

My prediction that 856 would be 32 Chunk was wrong.

My money is on 747, the dude is a straight MONSTER


This is the only bracket anyone ever needs to care about all other brackets are cancelled.



I don’t really think of myself as a sexual assault survivor, not on a daily basis.  It’s true, but most of the time it’s true in the same sense that I’m a car crash survivor–it happened, it hurt, I got away, I healed, I don’t think about it every day.

But it’s something that never completely goes away.  And man can it blindside you how hard and sudden it can come back.  I hate to use the word “triggered” because it’s become a battleground for gatekeeping and mockery, but having a rapist president appoint a rapist Supreme Court justice and get away with it is getting me… emotionally activated in an unwanted and unpleasant manner.

All the talk swarming around about “she has no evidence”–of course she has no fucking evidence!  The vast majority of sexual assaults don’t leave evidence that can ever meet the standards set by people who want to believe the best of a nice rich boy.

But for those same people, a woman reporting a sexual assault is perfect proof of her guilt.  Dr. Blasey Ford has gotten death threats.  She’s had to move out of her house.  She’s been made to relive the details of her trauma on national TV with pundits providing live and after-action commentary. She testified that one of the worst parts of her assault was the assailants laughing at her, and the president of the United States goaded an arena full of his fans to laugh at her.  She has received excruciating punishment for her crime of speaking up against the man who assaulted her.

And in the end it was all for nothing, because “Brett Kavanaugh will help me get away with crimes” is the only thing that matters to Trump, and “we do whatever Trump wants” is the only thing that matters to Republican senators.

Plus the whole thing’s been twisted around into some kind of completely fucked up reverse victimization where Brett Kavanaugh is not only innocent, not only qualified for the Supreme Court, but he is the victim and Dr. Blasey Ford is the aggressor.  It’s not enough for him to merely be innocent; now he’s a cause célèbre, a totem of the poor downtrodden rich white boys who had their lives ruined (i.e., almost didn’t get everything they wanted) over a little thing like sexual assault.

It’s a political frame-up, it really happened but it wasn’t him, he did it but it wasn’t so bad and he was just a kid–all three of these ideas coexist quite comfortably within the Republican party, because they don’t really care what the truth is.  The truth is that he assaulted multiple women and everyone knows it but that is simply not as important as installing a Supreme Court justice who will help achieve Republican goals.  The same way that Trump is a blithering incompetent who also assaulted multiple women, and everyone also knows that, but what are you going to do?  Pay a slightly higher tax rate on your multi-million-dollar estate? 

I would like to not take this personally.  I would like to shrug and say “yeah, everything sucks, what did you expect, there’s nothing to do but vote for our lives in November.”  But it’s getting to me, as a survivor and a human being.  I’m furious and I’m terrified and I really don’t know whether to expect the country to recover from this.

This is… very close to my own feelings on the matter as well. 

Broke af?










But still interested in feeding yourself? What if I told you that there’s a woman with a blog who had to feed both herself and her young son…on 10 British pounds ($15/14 Euro) per week?

Let me tell you a thing.

This woman saved my life last year. Actually saved my life. I had a piggy bank full of change and that’s it. Many people in my fandom might remember that dark time as when I had to hock my writing skills in exchange for donations. I cried a lot then. 

This is real talk, people: I marked down exactly what I needed to buy, totaled it, counted out that exact change, and then went to three different stores to buy what I needed so I didn’t have to dump a load of change on just one person. I was already embarrassed, but to feel people staring? Utter shame suffused me. The reasons behind that are another post all together. 

AgirlcalledJack.com is run by a British woman who was on benefits for years. Things got desperate. She had to find a way to feed herself and her son using just the basics that could be found at the supermarket. But the recipes she came up with are amazing. 

You have to consider the differing costs of things between countries, but if you just have three ingredients in your cupboard, this woman will tell you what to do with it. Check what you already have. Chances are you have the basics of a filling meal already. 

Here’s her list of kitchen basics. 

Bake your own bread. It’s easier than you think. Here’s a list of many recipes, each using some variation of just plain flour, yeast, some oil, maybe water or lemon juice. And kneading bread is therapeutic. 

Make your own pasta–gluten free. 

She gets it. She really does. This is the article that started it all. It’s called “Hunger Hurts”.

She has vegan recipes.

A carrot, a can of kidney beans, and some cumin will get you a really filling soupor throw in some flour for binding and you’ve got yourself a burger. 

Don’t have an oven or the stove isn’t available? She covers that in her Microwave Cooking section. 

She has a book, but many recipes can be found on her blog for free. She prices her recipes down to the cent, and every year she participates in a project called “Living Below the Line” where she has to live on 1 BP per day of food for five days. 

Things improved for me a little, but her website is my go to. I learned how to bake bread (using my crockpot, but that was my own twist), and I have a little cart full of things that saved me back then, just in case I need them again. She gives you the tools to feed yourself, for very little money, and that’s a fabulous feeling. 

Tip: Whenever you have a little extra money, buy a 10 dollar/pound/euro giftcard from your discount grocer. Stash it. That’s your super emergency money. Make sure they don’t charge by the month for lack of use, though.

I don’t care if it sounds like an advertisement–you won’t be buying anything from the site. What I DO care about is your mental, emotional, and physical health–and dammit, food’s right in the center of that. 

If you don’t need this now, pass it on to someone who does. Pass it on anyway, because do you REALLY know which of the people in your life is in need? Which follower might be staring at their own piggy bank? Trust me: someone out there needs to see this. 

Reblogging for all the impoverished students. Jack is the breadline queen. And if you don’t need this – donate to your nearest food bank, stat.

Reblogging for students, working folks, and everyone who’s ever had to choose between essentials at the store because you can only afford milk OR bread, not both.

Fuck hunger. If anyone can find this useful… 

Links are broken, here’s her website: https://cookingonabootstrap.com/

Good recipes, good food, seriously low cost.

@bitchesgetriches I thought y’all would find this helpful to your followers

You were heckin right.

just in case someone I know needs this or knows someone who does

Many of the recipes–and all of the more recent ones–are also vegan, for anyone that might particularly help.

What specific ingredients are cheap and readily available will vary a lot depending on where you are, and this is very UK-based. But, it might be helpful elsewhere, for ideas on working out good uses for what’s cheap there.






for the last……..i don’t know, 5 or so years, my m.o. regarding internet bisexual disourse has largely been to ignore it and encourage other bi people to do the same. it made sense to me because as far as i could see it was an issue that exclusively existed on this site. which isn’t to say i didn’t think it was harmful – i hated myself for years as a direct result of the things other lgbt people said about bisexual women on here – but i thought the harm could largely be avoided by blocking the few loudmouths who were trying to start shit and hanging with people who weren’t evil.

i no longer feel that way.

i no longer feel that way because, as of yesterday, you absolute fucking buffoons have ran your mouth so far that your fire new radical materialist feminist discourse so hot even fellow lgbts cant handle????????? has reached lena fucking dunham

do you want to know WHY your radical materialist feminist discourse reached lena dunham?????

because a bisexual journalist made this simple ass tweet


and in response, some straight white woman decided to tweet this


which would have just stayed straight nonsense if an extremely smart and clever white lesbian writer friend of hers hadn’t decided to join in with a searing hot take based on a radical perspective towards gender that could only have been achieved with her clearly useful phd in queer literature


which would have just stayed mildly irritating if she and the rest of her friends hadn’t proceeded to defend themselves by arguing that bi women deserve rape and abuse actually


which would have only been horrifyingly offensive if all of these people weren’t 1.) people who make money writing about lgbt shit that 2.) were tweeting from their work accounts where 3.) they have enough reach to be followed by actually influential people such as comrade lena dunham


so seeing as the “close your eyes and maybe itll go away” method has CLEARLY failed, i am genuinely pleased to announce my new tactic. its called

“I Am Going To Spread The CDC Stats on Bisexual Assault and Abuse Everywhere Until It’s So Well Known Every Bisexual Has It Memorized and is Pissed as Hell About It” 

Can I also just draw out here that their argument is LITERALLY that “women who sleep with men deserve what happens to them.” 


This kind of person is, straight (haha) up, the kind of person who is only here for “I want mine”. If they’d been born a straight guy they’d be the worst kind of bros. 

This is a thing that happens: I know PLENTY of straight white women whose grasp of feminism is limited strictly to “this affects me, so it’s important”. And of every other stripe of identity. 

But never mistake it for anything than what it is. 

I recognize one of the names there


This woman gets paid for writing her opinions, having hot takes like “bi women deserve to suffer because of their sexuality”, “Picasso dating a 17 y/o girl when he was 45 is not that bad” and some bullshit stupid about butch women having male privilege

As somebody from queer journalism twitter lemme just say fuck this bitch and I see this shit all the time

Also fuck that person for saying an autistic woman has ‘faux empathy’ tbqh.