Pancit Canton with Chicken & Sausage

Very tasty and fairly easy “didn’t feel like going to the store” meal: a lot of the same ingredients as last night, very different taste 😉

We actually ended up with pancit bihon, since I decided to go ahead and use softened rice noodles instead of the closest GF equivalent to Chinese egg noodles. But, this recipe is pretty close to the seasoning proportions and procedure I went with, just swapping the noodle type. (About 200g/8 oz. of thin rice noodles soaked in cool water for maybe 20-30 minutes while everything else got cut up and I stir-fried the meat to set aside.)

A good bit of cabbage, carrot, onion, and mushrooms thrown in. I usually want plenty of veggies for anything like this.

Part of the plan was to use up the little bit of smoked sausage that was left, along with one lone boneless chicken thigh lurking in the freezer. It may not taste anything like Chinese sausage, but the flavors did work well together.

Pancit Canton with Chicken & Sausage


If you guys are able, consider donating to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women database.

“In the US, murder is the third-leading cause of death among American Indian women, the rate of rape on some reservations can be ten times higher than the national average, and Native women and girls are highly overrepresented in cases of missing persons (for example, in Montana, Native people make up 8% of the state population, and yet 40% of the state’s missing girls are Native). A complex maze of jurisdictional policies and institutionalized violence means much of this violence is not only not addressed, but not documented.” 


I replied to someone’s comment on my favourite fat youtuber’s video about fatphobia…that was just ignoring everything she said and was telling her she was going to die soon for sure. I told her what websites and studies to check out, that what she has been lead to believe about weight isn’t the whole truth, I gave her a list of books to check out. I even gave her personal anecdotes to counter her personal anecdotes. I even tried to get at her nonexistent empathy and tell her how what she said is NOT ever helpful, it is only hurtful, no matter your intention. This fucking asshole had the audacity to say that I didn’t respond to any of her points and didn’t show her any statistics or resources. Fatphobes just want to be fatphobes. This is why we have to just block these people. They NEVER want to learn. They just want to tell you how much they care that you are going to DIE.

She saw my first point about how fat people live in the same world you do and she was saying NOTHING new or constructive, and apparently stopped there. She used that to say that same old argument again…since we should know better than it makes it even WORSE and MORE your own fault. They NEED to feel like they are smarter and morally better than you, and you must know it.

I knew I was just wasting my time replying to her, but sometimes you can’t help it. This youtuber I have watched for years was being so honest about her expiriences with fatphobia and this person DARES to say that they are a big fan and then goes on to assert that this woman is wrong and stupid. That this woman who lives in her body doesn’t know her own body. That this woman who lives a happy life with her husband is morally wrong for becoming and staying fat.

Hateful people just want to stay hateful. Willfully ignorant people will always be ignorant. This is why we just learn to say fuck you and move on, you can scream all you want about how we doing back up our arguments (which we do), don’t have the science (which we do), and that we don’t want to listen (which YOU don’t want to do). They scream common sense but don’t realise that “common sense” had been wrong before and will be wrong again. It was common sense that smoking was fine and was so good that it was prescribed to you! It was common sense that homosexuality was a disease! It was common sense that the more sun you get the healthier you are guaranteed to be, so slather in that oil and lie on the beach. It was common sense that women were inferior to and less intelligent than men. It was common sense that black people were genetically inferior, for fucks sake. All of that is now known to be SO FUCKING WRONG. All of that had “science” to back it up. Science is biased and flawed, because the humans ruining the studies are biased and flawed. So common sense is as bullshit an argument as I can think of for pretty much everything you are going to claim about medical media and any judgment of the validity of a group of people.

It’s so pitiful. They call fat people disgusting, but the most disgusting thing in a human is hate. Willful ignorance. Hate without reason.

Every fucking time I give fatphobes a chance they prove EVERY point against them. Every. Single. Fucking. Time.