Naturally Erupted Elephant Rock in Heimaey in Iceland

I’ve often seen pictures of the elephant’s head, and have been amazed by it every time. But I’d never seen the picture from above, showing the whole body/tail and trunk. It’s incredible from this angle, and am convinced it is a real ancient mega elephant turned to stone by a dark or benevolent force long forgotten.

AKA this fucks me up

The Outcasts by Alexa Black | Bold Strokes Books


My sci fi lesbian erotic novel The Outcasts released today!

Sue Jones is a spacebus driver from a nowhere colony. Yearning for adventure, she pilots a shuttle into uncharted regions—and crash-lands in a harsh world. Kara is an alien whose people are Outcasts who have been banished to this world and survive in Rings above the storm-swept surface.

When Kara rescues her and brings her to the Rings, Sue soon learns that the Outcasts believe humans belong on the surface. As Sue discovers her protector’s secrets, Kara struggles to keep Sue safe and her own feelings at bay. Can love bridge the gap between worlds and heal the deepest of wounds?

The Outcasts by Alexa Black | Bold Strokes Books



Assembly member Mark Levine, in whose district the facility supporting the refugees in New York [is, …] gives recommendations for organizations that can use help in various ways:

The foster agencies are all in need of financial contributions, Spanish-speaking foster parents, and a limited number of general volunteers (for security reasons and to protect the safety of the children, the organizations need time to vet foster parents and volunteers; as such, responses may take time).

For information on how you can help each individual organization see:
Children’s Villagehttps://childrensvillage.org/how-you-can-help-cv/
Cayuga Centershttp://cayugacenters.org/programs/immigrant-foster-care/
Rising Groundhttps://www.risingground.org/be-mentor/
Abbott Househttp://www.abbotthouse.net/how-you-help/volunteer.html

(courtesy of Congregation Beit Simchat Torah’s Social Justice team)



In Cree we don’t say “horse”, we say “ᒥᐢᑕᑎᒼ (mistatim)” which literally means “big dog” and I think that’s beautiful.

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One of the pueblos that I’m from calls it bahimoo-ha-shim-peh-the

Which means the thing that blows steam/fog out it’s nose since in the cold or after a run horses noses do the thing


Great news from the osprey nest: The parents seem to have accepted the two new additions!  All three babies are in the nest and seem to be doing great.  

Billy from LKNWC has been checking the nest to make sure that everyone is safe.  He has an amazing drone that allows him to monitor it without disturbing the parents or babies.  Thanks, Billy!



Last night, after waiting out multiple thunderstorms, we successfully added two osprey nestlings to an active nest site on Lake Norman.  These siblings were admitted to our medical center after they had to be removed from their nest.  Over the past 10 years, we have only received 13 baby osprey, so we do not have much experience with re-nesting them.  In fact, this is the first time that we have re-nested them in a nest that was not their own.

They were placed into an ideal situation: both parents present, only one baby and it was similar in age, and the nest was easily accessible.  

After the young were added to the nest, a parent was back on it within 5 minutes.  

We owe Billy Wilson and Gene Vaughan of Lake Norman Wildlife Conservationists a huge thank you for helping us to locate and then access the active osprey nest that was used.