Not quite the same level as that other story, but I’m still way less into TV and movies than a lot of people. Even after I found out how much putting subtitles/captioning on helps me be able to follow what’s going on, so it actually makes sense.

It was actually pretty disturbing when I started realizing just how much I’d been used to missing…and just sort of mentally glossing over? Weird experience. (Between auditory processing and unacknowledged/unaddressed progressive hearing loss over the years.)

But, that wasn’t until I was past 30, and I guess I just never got into the habit. I will watch things sometimes, but it just doesn’t occur to me right off as a fun thing to do.





I’m seriously beginning to think that a lot of people honestly assume that “childhood trauma” is something that only affects children, rather than both children and adults who were traumatized back when they used to be children.

This is the kinda shit that ruins every attempt I make at taking a hiatus, like, I witnessed the galaxy brain take of someone saying, “I can buy people still suffering from childhood trauma when they’re 16, but if you’re in your early 20s, you can only use that as an excuse for so long”, and by “excuse” they literally just meant, like, an excuse for being sad and fucked up by the fact that your parents beat you or something.

Like, imagine sitting a kid down after they’ve been through some horrible, soul-shrivening shit and telling them “Well, you’re 10 now, so you’ve got about 8 years to figure out the many complicated and emotionally draining feelings you’re experiencing right now, cause once that big 18 rolls around, you need to grow the fuck up and get over it!”

And I fucking say this like this isn’t essentially the exact sort of message I was bombarded with as a kid for years until it eventually turned into “You really should be over this by now.” or the more nefarious and to-the-point “I think you might be some kinda fucked up weirdo because you’re so obsessed with your own childhood.”

The worst thing about this is I have NEVER SEEN anyone who had a positive experience with any intervention happening before they were an adult. Like in general if you get sent to therapy or whatever it is often your parents who hire the them, and afaik usually children are abused by their family or people who the family trusts.

The result is, everyone I know who started treatment young are completely unable to trust their perceptions on anything because the “help” they got was basically gaslighting them. This additionally on some level can make you dependent on therapy because you need a check system because you cannot trust yourself.

Child abuse trauma effects the foundation you build your thought processes on and if you have no “before” you can remember, how the fuck are you supposed to get better???







3 people died and 7 became ill after eating blue bell due to the bacteria listeria being found in several machines. Most people’s immune systems shrugged it off but people with compromised immune systems (birth defects or diseases such as HIV) could become seriously ill or in this case die as a result of it.

Damn, that’s crazy that it happened, I’m glad I know not to buy them now.

@amerigoilluminatusx Hello! Texas native, here with more information that you should have the opportunity to know.

The second it became clear that Blue Bell was the source, they voluntarily shut down their facilities and recalled EVERYTHING they currently had on the market, around 8 million gallons of ice cream.

They tested, disassembled and thoroughly sterilized, then retested their manufacturing equipment. At least one major piece of equipment was thrown away, presumably because they couldn’t guarantee it was safe.

They tracked down the source of the “outbreak” and submitted a root cause analysis (with some info redacted here) to the FDA. And then they slowly started manufacturing again, releasing a few flavors at a time, testing each shipment before sending them out.

This happened over a year ago. They’re still recovering.

They threw away MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to keep people safe instead of, you know, trying to keep everything under wraps. (Honestly the tagline here should be “We Scare Because We Care” or somethin.) Blue Bell is a fricken solid and honest company.


That is all.

I like how OP implied Blue Bell was out killing hordes of people through deliberate malfeasance. Sounds like a PETA smear campaign.



when i was a little kid, i didn’t care for movies. my parents always admonished me for sitting too close to the screen or fidgeting too much, so i turned to books instead. when i was four, i tried to watch the first harry potter movie. i absolutely loved it, but it wasn’t enough for me. i had to get my hands on that book. the teachers at pre-school said it was a horrible idea, but i read the first two books anyway.

then came kindergarten. the teachers scolded my parents for letting me bring novels to school. “she can’t possibly understand them,” they said. so they gave me tests on the books. i made perfect scores on all of them. i preferred books to movies and television; movies didn’t do justice to the stories i loved.

so, they marked me down as a “gifted child.” they tested my IQ and everything. i was the perfect student, in their eyes. i sat in the front and listened to the teachers as intently as i could.

one day after school, i ran up to my mother and hugged her. then, i turned my head and saw my mother walking towards me. i looked up at the woman i had hugged. “you’re not my mother,” i said, astutely.

my mother, a clever woman, thought to have my eyesight tested. turns out, i had horrible vision. somewhere around 20/450. functionally blind without glasses. not ideal for anyone, especially a six year old.

all my life until that point, people thought i must be some sort of brilliant prodigy, eschewing television and movies for more intellectual pursuits, but actually i just couldn’t fucking see lol

This took a different direction than I was expecting.



oppression isn’t generational and trying to frame politics as “the old people are wrong and the young people are right” erases the fact that there are old people who have been fighting the good fight for decades and the fact that there are young people who are literally nazis

Plus while there might be less old people fighting the good fight it’s usually because they were killed or were part of the minorities that have poor living conditions that kill you early

As came up recently, in fact: Seniors Are More Conservative Because the Poor Don’t Survive to Become Seniors