Once upon a time @seananmcguire wrote a book that spoke images into my brain so strongly I had to put the book down and design a temari before I could proceed. That book’s sequel, The Girl in the Green Silk Gown, is out today! If you enjoy ghost stories and urban legends and the feeling of driving down a deserted highway late at night, read these books and learn all about Rose Marshall, the girl in the green silk gown and protective road ghost. Maybe keep a jacket handy for her.

Temari info: I call this pattern Roses and Roads, for obvious reasons. It combines two of my favorite techniques, wrapped bands and rose garden, plus gave me an excuse to play with all kinds of interesting specialty fibers. The roads are a synthetic black that looks like wet pavement, with center lines made from yellow silk lamé braid to simulate reflectors down a double yellow line, and the white edge lines actually glow in the dark. The roses are done in three shades of green silk that match the original book cover better than they ought to, considering I didn’t have the book with me at the store.

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Homeland Security advisory council members resign over family separations: report | TheHill


Homeland Security advisory council members resign over family separations: report | TheHill

The resignation letter reportedly said the administration failed to consult with the council before carrying out Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policy, which was introduced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in May. The policy resulted in the separation of hundreds of migrant families before Trump signed an executive order in June ending the separations.“Were we consulted, we would have…

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This is finally the last of probably the worst canned kidney beans I have ever seen!

I’ve gotten hold of plenty of canned beans which were undercooked to my taste, but not like this. Best guess is that they may have just cooked them the minimum 15 minutes recommended to break down toxins. Likely from their totally dry state. Very possibly tip some dry beans into the cans, fill up with water, and rely on the usual heat processing to do the rest 🤔 Best hypothesis I can come up with.

Anyway, they may as well not be cooked at all. I found out the hard way that, no, say cooking them in with rice isn’t nearly enough to get them a decent texture. (Like in the rice and peas I’m using them in tonight, actually.) It takes at least 45 minutes of simmering to get them halfway edible, before you even simmer them in anything else. Great shortcut ingredient!

So, of course those were on sale and I got like 6 cans 🙄 Not planning to buy that brand again, and I’m glad to get the last of them gone now.

(Did have to wonder if this might actually have something to do with the reason that they are so aggressive about the “must boil kidney beans in particular at least 15 minutes for safety!!!” warnings here. Apparently, it was a popular thing in the ‘70s to just soak dry kidney beans and use them totally raw in salads 😷 These canned beans would be the next best thing, minus the poisoning. And they are from a very British brand.)


Royal starfish (Astropecten articulatus)

The royal starfish is a West Atlantic sea star of the family Astropectinidae.The species of starfish Astropecten articulatus, commonly known as the
Royal Starfish is characterized by its bold colors. It has a purple
granulated disk, which is the central region of the sea star, and the
purple color continues to extend to its five flat rays, which are its
arms. A. articulatus feeds by swallowing its food whole and digesting it in
its stomach, like other members of the genus Astropecten. However,
unlike other species in the same genus, A. articulatus consumes
significantly more organisms.A. articulatus also feeds on a diverse number of organisms. 

photo credits:

Mark Walz


The large trees at Muir Woods National Monument in California are coastal redwoods, the tallest of all living things. Undisturbed, redwoods can grow taller than the Statue of Liberty and live longer than 1,200 years. Looking up at these incredible trees in an unforgettable experience. As John Muir said, “Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of autumn.” Photo by National Park Service.