possibly controversial opinion: i think “natural” makeup is, over time, more damaging than bold, obvious makeup

I don’t think that’s controversial at all. 

@qualr sure I’ll explain 🙂

Mainly because makeup itself, the generic concept, is an integral part of human identity. People have always done it (even Neanderthals used makeup) and we’re always going to keep doing it. The concept of decorating our faces/bodies with colored pigments is practically hardwired and on a deep level just plain FUN (look at how much kids love to get their faces painted at fairs and carnivals and so on). The concept is also totally gender neutral. In some societies, men traditionally do it more than women, for example. Using your own body as a canvas for art taps into a mystical, childlike sense of wonder. First you look one way, then… another! Like magic. 

But mainstream commercial makeup culture as it exists today is incredibly exploitative, misogynist, colonialist, colorist, and hurts women, especially poorer women and women who don’t fit the racial ideal as expressed by the mainstream corporate beauty industry. And a big part of that is pushing “natural” looks. All women are supposed to look “naturally” poreless, for example (which isn’t realistic or healthy) and are punished socially and often financially if we aren’t. Another example: contouring is supposed to accentuate the “natural” lines of your face but for me and a lot of other Asian women with moonfaces, it’s the furthest thing from natural! The further you are from the rich thin young lightskinned bigeyed straightsmallnosed highcheekboned look, the more weirdly artificial the word “natural” becomes. We’re supposed to sink all this time and money and resources into achieving this bullshit “natural” look until it all feels a bit like Sisyphus rolling the stone up the hill. 

Putting a bright blue streak on your eyelids and walking out the door might take five seconds and probably makes you feel expressive and happy and good about yourself, even if it seems “tacky” through the lens of mainstream makeup culture. But taking an hour and trying soooo hard, using all the latest expensive products to make it seem like you’re not really trying at all, makes a lot of women feel worse about themselves, not better. In fact it leads to a lot of women feeling insecure about their real face and their real skin. There are many ways to look garish, but only ONE way to look “natural”. Instead of turning your own face into a canvas where you’re the creative artist, you’re following a ruthless set of instructions and doing a sort of strict paint-by-numbers that you’re never going to do right anyway. So it represents giving up more power over your own face/body than you’re actually getting back. Subjugation to the social norm, not creativity.

Additional note about nose shape – notice how MUAs with broad noses contour them to look much smaller? (there’s a Lot of racism in the history behind the contouring movement)

Currently trying to decide if I want some quick macaroni and cheese enough to fire the stove up and fill the kitchen up with pasta water steam.

And it’s (just) past midnight. Still over 80F, though.












if i were a zookeeper my intrusive thoughts would be wild

brain: slap that penguin. right across his little blubbery tummy. it’ll jiggle.

me: no??? that’s mean???

brain: polar bear, then

me: no

brain: the lions just got fed raw meat

me: yes?

brain: steal it and eat it in front of them


rowan i want you to know that this is the best possible reply i could have received

I work with animals and this is true for me. No, I cannot eat sea stars out the touch tank no matter HOW good you think the cronch will be, brain. 

sometimes you wonder what was going through the head of the first human to eat something really weird and then you see this post and stop wondering


This 100% was me at the zoo. Don’t touch Melon, he’s mean. Okay, but I have to touch Bob to make him get his stupid emu head out of my shirt, so what if I also touch Melon until he likes it?

Sephiroth is angery because he has one wing and sometimes attacks people? I want to pet him also. Also he won’t get off the rock I have to clean anyway, surely a little pets on the good side will be fine.

Martha and Stewart are assholes that tag-team while the pond is filling? I bet I could CUDDLE THEM.

The female deer will excitedly nuzzle you in the stomach for feeding them. This is fine, because they don’t have antlers. The male deer is locked up while we’re putting out food because he will gouge you to death with his little nubby asymmetrical horns, because he thinks the females are doing it.

The entire monkey enclosure will eat your fingers for a single fruit loop. They also have the smallest arms and can reach through holes they’ve made in the tarp on the gate to their enclosure. Do not hold hands with the monkeys. (2nd gen old man monkey will also pee on the keepers that don’t give him fruit loops. He is a jerk.)

The rehabilitated bear that still sits like she’s on a couch because she did that when she was living in a crack house? Yes, she looks chill. Yes, she looks The Softest. No, do not pet her back through the fence. No, do not go into the corridor and try to offer treats for pets.

Big Mac does not know he will break your ribs, but YOU know he will break your ribs. Do not enter Big Mac’s enclosure no matter how much he chuffs and displays his belly and rubs on the cage and looks sad. Yes, he genuinely wants pets. Yes, Pinkie is deliberately getting pets where he can see it as a sign of dominance even though she’s a housecat and he could eat her in approximately one bite.

The turtle is mean. Period. He is an old man and he does not like you. He does not like the parrot getting fries and he does not like that he is in a kiddie pool to warm up because his enclosure lost power, and he does not like you behind him preparing food for the owls and raptors. Petting him will not help this. He will rock back and forth and mean mug you forever because he is a grumpy old man.

All of the rabbits need more handling on principle. They don’t know you and they are very distressed that you’re taking their poop away. They can learn, a little, kind of. The guinea pig is insane and will not learn. Do not pet the guinea pig.

this post is gathering some highly blessed zoo stories i love it! thank you

as biologist, can confirm

brain: that frog is very small
me: well spotted, brain
brain: put smol frog in mouth
me: no!

brain: that lynx…looks so fluffy…
me: it does
brain: we should pet it.
me: it’s awake and angry so no.

brain: baaaaby bunny.
me: yup.
brain: baby bunny goes in pocket
me: nooo it doesn’t.

Robin Ince explained at his latest show that intrusive thoughts are often just your brain running a public information film about ways it is possible to fuck up the situation you’re in, like, “Do not throw the baby out of the window.”


lol, you know that sj line about how you can’t be friends with anyone who has bigoted beliefs? imagine if that was supposed to apply to beliefs about disabled people! just imagine everyone trying to not be friends with anyone who believed in guardianship, or forced treatment, or institutions, and still ever talk to anyone ever! i am sure we would solve a lot of problems through NO ONE HAVING ANY FRIENDS






so my friend is studying abroad in germany this semester

My mom is German and told me what the fuck these were actually trying to mean.

“You can me once” is supposed to mean “you can kiss my ass ONCE ” As in like,, you can be a suck up once.

“What must, THAT MUST” is supposed to be “it is what it is”

“Now butter by the fishes is a German saying that is more like ” can I have some butter with the fish?“ Which basically means ” get to he point of the story. “

These are somehow just as confusing as the coasters

I don’t wanna shit on someone’s mother, but the actual correct explanations should make more sense.

“You Can Me Once”: “Du kannst mich mal (am Arsch lecken).” This is the equivalent to “kiss my ass”. “Mal” which was googled into ‘once’ here is just a filler word used to complete the half-sentence, it does not actually mean anything. Just like “kiss my ass” is ironically not about asskissing but about telling someone to fuck off, fuck you, so is “Du kannst mich mal.”

“What must that must”: “Was muss das muss”. Not completely wrong up there, but more precisely, it’s “you gotta do what you gotta do”. Often muttered as a politely vague reply to someone you randomly meet asking “how’s life” when life’s shit or you’re running an unpleasant errant/on a doctor’s visit etc.

“Now butter by the fishes”: “Butter bei die Fische” (which btw is not standard German grammar but that’s exactly how we say it, I’m honestly not sure why… may have its root in a dialect or other Germanic language). Correct translation here, it means to get to the point, get real for a second. Explanation? By the time you plop a piece of butter on a grilled or baked fish, it’s ready to eat, aka you ‘got to the point of the meal’.

Hope this makes more sense now!


I was starting to get a little worried, thinking that Mr. C might have gotten stuck on the way home thanks to overheated train rails.

(One tabloid take from today: SHOCK RAIL WARNING: Trains to stop running within HOURS as 37C heat MELTS tracks across UK 🙄)

Erm, nope, but I have gotten stuck between stations in a baking tin can for at least an hour at a time before–thanks to unsafely expanded tracks not rated for higher temperatures. Not much fun, to say the least.

Anyway, I finally messaged him after 8 p.m. to find out where he was. Not train delays, just an after work end of the month pub stop. Which is fine in itself, but now I’m not so much concerned as irked that he didn’t think to drop a message again 😬

And, just about 3 hours later:

(Guessing the diner is supposed to be a doner kebab with chips instead of the pita, to make it vaguely celiac friendly.)

He may be worse at keeping track of time than I am once he’s had so much as a drop, and he seems to forget that phones exist. But he is offering to feed me, so I’m slightly less put out now 😅

Japan heatwave declared natural disaster as death toll mounts



An agency spokesman warned that “unprecedented levels of heat” were being seen in some areas.

More than 22,000 people have been taken to hospital with heat stroke, nearly half of them elderly, officials say.

On Monday, the city of Kumagaya reported a temperature of 41.1C (106F), the highest ever recorded in Japan.

The heatwave shows no sign of abating, forecasters say.

In central Tokyo, temperatures over 40C were also registered for the first time.

The Japan Meteorological Agency warned that temperatures of 35C or higher would continue until early August.

“We are observing unprecedented levels of heat in some areas,” spokesman Motoaki Takekawa said, adding that the heatwave was “a threat to life and we recognise it as a natural disaster”.

In Ibaraki prefecture, north of Tokyo, a 91-year-old woman was found collapsed in a field and later pronounced dead in hospital. In nearby Saitama two elderly women were found dead in their homes.

With less than half of Japan’s public schools equipped with air conditioning, government spokesman Yoshihide Suga said the summer holidays could be extended to protect pupils.

“As a record heatwave continues to blanket the country, urgent measures are required to protect the lives of schoolchildren,” he told a news conference on Tuesday.

The public is being advised to drink plenty of water, to use air conditioning and to rest often.

People in some cities have taken part in an event known as uchimizu, or “water ceremony” – pouring or sprinkling cold water on to the hot pavements in an attempt to cool them.

The heatwave closely followed torrential rain that caused severe flooding and landslides in the west of Japan.

Where else has experienced severe heat?

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If only we knew what was likely causing these extreme weather conditions. I guess scientists are too busy wasting time and money on fake research to figure it out. idk

Japan heatwave declared natural disaster as death toll mounts