If you’re a young person in Ohio, DON’T tell your therapist you are trans. You may think “oh but my therapist would never tell my parents!” No, you don’t understand, there’s a hellova lot of people who dont give two shits about the morality of their actions, all they care about is being law abiding citizens. If they’ve made it a felony to not tell parents about trans clients, then people are gonna tell parents about trans clients. Confidentiality of you identity doesn’t exist any more. Don’t. Tell. Your. Therapist.

It’s awesome that op is raising awareness about this, but the information is slightly incorrect – probably due to the ambiguous wording of pretty much everyone reporting on House Bill 658 (”Parents Rights Act”).

HB658 is not yet law. So trans youth are relatively safe when it comes to confidentiality…for now. If signed into law, this bill would allow therapists, teachers, etc. to legally break confidentially on topics of transitioning and dysphoria if the minor “has exhibited symptoms of gender dysphoria or otherwise demonstrates a desire to be treated in a manner opposite of the child’s biological sex, to immediately notify the child’s parents, guardian, or custodian” (click link for more details).

Fighting this bill is important, not only for Ohio transgender youth, but for the rest of America. The passing of this bill into law would set a precedent for other states to follow suit.

Here’s how to fight HB658

  • call or write to Ohio House Speaker Ryan Smith
  • (614) 466-1366 (the # given by or (614) 412-4237 (the # given by Equality Ohio
    • “Introduce yourself, say where you live, and that this bill is damaging to transgender kids. Then ask that it not be moved forward.” Wouldn’t hurt to mention that you’re an eligible/future voter either.
    • seriously, a call only takes a few minutes…you could do it during a commercial break
  • educate yourself on the bill and donate to Equality Ohio 

Calling or writing would be the most immediate effective action, but even donating $5 if you don’t have the time would be a big help.

Protect transgender youth by opposing House Bill 658 and supporting LGBT+ rights advocates!

And like OP, please spread the word on social media! Show them that we will not tolerate this abuse.


In a state where we’ve in recent history have had a very tragic death of a trans youth after their parents found out and basically tortured and isolated them, they’re now trying to pass this bullshit? I also don’t think this bill is legal on the basis of HIPAA. Even as a minor, you have the right to confidentiality. This bill is just aiming to get youth very much in danger.

This bill is not about protection, as mentioned above this bill violates HIPAA and Confidentiality. This is not about helping kids, this is about giving parents the right to control how their child chooses to present and how their child authentically feels about their own body.

Do not let this go by. Do not let this pass.

If you are concerned about your own therapist bring up the bill in passing and vaguely ask their opinion on it. If they answer they will follow it then you have the right to refer out. They must refer you out to another therapist. You do not have to tell them why. 

Seriously though, it was frightening enough that time only one off-duty cop just about broke our door down, shoved his way in, hit my mother in the face, and threw her on the floor. Obviously looking for my biodad, who wasn’t at home.

That one didn’t point a gun at anyone (though he did pull it), and he at least had the decency to look a little ashamed once he realized she was trying to block for a screaming toddler and not the adult he was coming for. Faint praise, right? 😩

Anyway, that was a disturbing enough experience that I remembered it, even if I had no way of knowing what was even going on at 2 or 3. (Beyond “random bad man busts into the house and attacks Mommy”. More explanation as appropriate later, of course.)

(ETA: Not just remembered the incident, but getting triggered by even slightly similar stories this many years later.)

I can only imagine how much more traumatic a situation like that recent case might be. Bad enough for the adults, but a 3-year-old? A settlement is better than nothing, but that really doesn’t do much about the situation leading to shit like that happening at all. As usual.



Seriously. What on earth could a 3 yr old do to “warrant” a gun to the chest???

This whole story is wild because apparently they also beat her mother in front of her and put the gun to her grandmothers head, during a raid. It makes absolutely no sense. One of their lawyers said it was the “worst case of child trauma” they had ever seen.  

I’m positive that if this had happened a few years ago there would have been nothing done to help this girl. All the noise is what’s making them settle instead of taking it to court. 

What I don’t understand is how pointing a gun at the chest of a 3 year old isn’t enough to get someone instantly fired. Like, where is the line?? – source