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This is me. Please help if you can.

I don’t even know what to do. We’ve got bills coming due, and we need grocery money. It’s sweltering and the power bill is up because I can’t sleep in the heat and then I get really sick, so we run the AC. I send out resume after resume, and either get no answer or the occasional negative one. I’m at my wits’ end.

Please, if you can help and are minded to, we’d very much appreciate it.

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The creature above may resemble a liver that has adapted to life on its own, but it is in fact a uniquely adapted and rarely seen spotted shovelnose frog [Hemisus guttatus], a strange little amphibian that gets along just fine in spite of its preferred habitat of South African dry savannah. These frogs use their pointy snouts and powerful forelimbs to burrow deep into the soil, where they can better retain moisture while awaiting seasonal rains. Image by Scott Ramsay.




Managed to get my tire fixed today

It was… an odd place

Let me set the mood

Were in the boat/car shop

Its 100 degrees the radio is blasting Africa by toto

Theres a big sticker that says “I eat ass” prominently displayed

A man comes up to you

He has 1 tooth and a big insane clown posse tattoo of the hatchet man smoking a blunt on one leg

And a naked lady with the subway logo on the other (also wearing a subway shirt)

He fixed the tire tho so

This is like classic midwest btw if you’ve never been here









that feeling when you see someone wearing a jacket with a shit-ton of patches and you need to get closer so you can tell what type of punk they are

counterpoint: girl scouts

Are you trying to tell me that girl scouts aren’t a type of punk?

SHIT fuck you’re absolutely right

Actually, I totally have something to add to this.

So walking home from work yesterday, I passed a girl scout and her big sis selling girl guide cookies, and I was like: Score! I just got kickback money, so for once I have money on hand, and they never come to my house!

As I’m walking up, I hear the person at the door they’re currently at …let’s say he was berating the poor girl for being brown.

So when he slams the door, the little one just turns to her sis and cheerfully says something like ‘That’s another one for the list. I think he’s at least a two!’

And I’m already behind her at this point with my $10 out for two boxes of thin mints, and she’s all like ‘ah thanks!’, and I ask “What’s this list …?”

“My big sister is keeping a list here of racist fucks and she’s going to break their windows and stuff on halloween!”.

Anyways, girl scouts are precious little angels.

Oh right, this.

I checked around the dude’s house late halloween night.

All his windows were broken.




It really grinds my gears when non-Indigenous people make up ridiculous reasons why Indigenous sovereignty is unfathomable and that “colonization happened, we can’t undo it so you might as well stop complaining about it.”

Like someone once said to me “Oh my god but if we give you your land back there will be millions of refugees and that’s not okay.” 

First of all, why is it so unimaginable that we would simply become citizens of the Algonquin nation in this scenario? (Ottawa is unceded, unsurrendered Algonquin territory. It always was Algonquin land, and always will be Algonquin land.) When Newfoundland joined confederation in 1949, my grandparents became Canadian citizens, they didn’t get deported to Britain. That makes absolutely no sense.

Second of all it undermines the idea of our nations being sovereign nations. As if we never had borders, as if we never had law and order, as if we never had urban multicultural centres. As if we didn’t have all the same things other nations have. It promotes the whole “primitive people running around lost” myth, which facilitated colonization in the first place.

And lastly it promotes the idea that the only thing that (for example) makes me Mi’kmaw is my blood quantum. Not the way I was raised, not the community I belong to, not the language I speak, etc. The amount of cultural exchange, trading, multicultural societies, etc. that we had and some of us are really out here thinking we were always “100% Mi’kmaq” or Cree or Anishinaabe or whatever else. Surprise y’all, people all over the world always been fucking. There’s a reason why Mi’kmaq stories talk about Inuit and about Indigenous peoples from South America.

Anyway this has been a PSA. Until next time, peace and love.