“I don’t think that I accepted that I wasn’t gonna die young until I was 26 or 27. I really don’t think I fully…when I was 14, 15, 16, 17–I mean I knew as sure as I know that I am wearing green shoes that I was going to die before much happened. It was a certainty for me. And I had shaken off the directly suicidal urge by the time I was 21 or 22, but I still was pretty sure I was going to die pretty young, it really felt like an inevitability. It takes a long time to realize no, you’ve changed…if you shared those feelings with people at some point you go, ‘well, I guess we’re going to stick around.’ And it’s a funky thing to admit because there’s a part of your inner younger self that kind of judges you for that.”

John Darnielle fucking me up with the single most relatable thing he’s ever said



i have come up with a vampire that I think @thebibliosphere would enjoy

Picture this

A vampire who keeps learning languages… Just a little too late.

“Finally, I have mastered the Roman tongue and that strange formal language over in the Frozen Wastes of Russia! Now it shall be easier to converse wi- WHAT DO YOU MEAN NOBODY SPEAKS IT BUT CHURCH BASTARDS??? WHAT?”

“Finally, I may converse with my Irish brethre- Why is everybody speaking a different language? why do they look at me funny when i speak Gaelic? Wh- They WHAT? WHAT??? Excuse me I have a few governmental officials to snack on…” 

“Yes, I do speak English. By this point I figured it was a jinx of some sort and so I picked my least favorite language. Apparently I am just terrible at linguistic gambling.”

They speak: english and a lot of dead or semi-dead languages. That is all. It is very frustrating and when asked about a truly dead language they speak the vampire just starts tearing up and says they “don’t want to talk about it”.

Bless ‘em.





Got this sweet ass tattoo today 😎

Quick friendly suggestion: If somebody ever offers you a ride in a time machine, politely but firmly say NO. (Especially if they also offer you a bag of weed.)

Since this thread has gotten so many notes, I thought it would be fun to go back and look at the reblog graph for it. 

It had some neat data, but when I started clicking on certain nodes, I noticed some interesting shapes appearing… 

Like when I clicked on the reblog from @thebibliosphere and saw this image that appears to be a giant eye. 

But then the really startling one was when I clicked on the reblog from @tangarang and saw this… 

…and you know, it might just be my imagination, but I couldn’t help noticing a certain resemblance… 

Bottom line, I don’t want to worry you @sarahthewonderfilled, but you may want to consider the possibility that your art has been caught up in some kind of temporal pseudo-paradox. And it seems the future definitely has an eye on it. 
(Just a heads up.) 

I feel like the fact that the cosmic eye shape generated from my reblog should worry me but at this stage I’m just waiting to see how this life pans out.


San Francisco is trying to ban employers from offering their employees free food.. It’s a spiteful, petty and ignorant proposal. 

Free food, as a perk, is one of the  most important accommodations a workplace can offer me. I’m recovering from anorexia, and my relationship with food is still kind of complicated. I hate spending money on it, and I hate having to think about it, and lowering the friction between realizing ‘I should eat something’ and having a healthy plate of food in hand is enormously valuable. And it’s really important that I don’t just get the perk of accessible food if I’m willing to tell the company that I’m a recovering anorexic; it’s important that getting myself a free breakfast when i get into work is what everyone else does too, that going to a free lunch in the middle of the day is what everyone else does too, that if we’re working late we can grab dinner and no one will wonder why I get this accommodation, or even take note of my having it, because everyone else has it too. 

This policy, if in its final implementation it applies to setups like the one my employer have, will mean I have to triple or quadruple the share of my energy I spend on summoning up the will to get enough food every day. It will destroy something I really value – conversations around the lunch table with my coworkers. 

But that’s just me, and I’m very unusual, right? Most people aren’t recovering anorexics. But the thing is – lots and lots of people are, in fact, people for whom eating is fraught and challenging one way or another. Many of them are broke, and ashamed to be the one person who brings in a bagged lunch when all their coworkers go out to eat. Some people are even more broke than that, and will actually be hungry if you ban their free food. Lots of people have a long commute and can’t keep their lunch cold on the train in the summer. I talked to several coworkers who were devastated by this bill, and who it would significantly harm to lose their access to free food – for different reasons in each case. Lots of people are just healthier, and work better, and accomplish more, if at any time they can go get tasty nutritious free food without complications. 

Everyone should have that. It’s unjust that only some people do, but the solution is to make it available to more people, not to make it illegal to offer it to anyone. Working in tech has made me acutely aware of the fundamental injustice of tech – which is that most employers don’t treat their employees the way my employer treats me. That most people do not work in an environment that sets them up to succeed, whatever that means – that most people don’t feel trusted and affirmed and prioritized, that most people don’t work in nice environments aggressively customized for their needs, that most people can’t have nutritious free food on demand.

But banning good work environments is a despicable solution.

All the arguments for the ban are profoundly petty, utterly absorbed with improving my character by denying me food. “tech employees are too insular if their offices have food”. Eating a bagged lunch at my desk won’t make me less insular. When I have frictionless access to food, and am well-nourished without having to think of it, I leave my day with enough energy to be an active participant in my community. “tech employees aren’t supporting local restaurants”. I’m not going to pay $10 for lunch every day even if you make it illegal to acquire lunch any other way. And it’s not my job to support your restaurants. “it helps the companies control their employees” No, actually, having more energy and more resources just gives people more options. I do still bring in favorite snacks and go out for tea or coffee, whenever I feel like it. So does everyone else. You do not make me better off by shredding resources I’m using.

This matters. This ‘perk’ is not some menacing attempt my tech companies to bubble off their employees in hermeneutically sealed environments, it’s a popular perk because of how many people benefit from having it, and seek out jobs that offer it. It’s not fair that not everyone gets it. I’m in favor of policy aimed at getting companies to offer this perk to everyone who helps make them happen, from the janitors to the CEO. But efforts to ban this are efforts to make my life vastly worse, and the lives of other people – especially disabled people – vastly worse for no real gain. I hope that the supervisors who proposed it are promptly removed from office and replaced with ones who care about their constituents.

Fundraiser by Erica Marie : Haven’t Seen Family for 6 Years



Hi guys. This is something that I have never done. I was a little anxious to even start this, but it’s pretty much my last resort.

Long story short: My boyfriend of 3 years hasn’t seen his dad or dads family in over 6 years. They live in Oregon, we’re in Nebraska. They’ve tried flying my boyfriend there last year, but some medical issues came up and one of his cousins in Oregon committed suicide. He was devastated because he wasn’t there for them. All I’m asking is to please help my boyfriend get to Oregon so he can visit his family. He has two siblings there as well who have grown so much – unfortunately he’s missed out on it all.

I appreciate ANY amount that is donated. He is a very kind, sweet guy who would do anything for anyone. This was the only thing so could think of to help him see his family. Any little bit helps. Thanks guys. ily

Also, he DOESNT know about this. I want to surprise him with a plane ticket.

Fundraiser by Erica Marie : Haven’t Seen Family for 6 Years