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The main reason I don’t reblog a ‘why is nobody talking about this’ post, is because it appears on my dash between two other posts talking about ‘this’, but neither of the others are calling me a callous shithead for not reblogging their post, or spreading dramatised misinformation.

For 24 hours, the Middle Kingdoms are on sale!


Well, bits of them, anyway.

We’ve just finished the business of generating new covers for the Ebooks Direct versions of these (the Amazon versions will have different ones) and updating their interior texts,
as part of the process of updating their interior look-and-feel with the cutting-edge ebook production software Vellum. The Door into Fire was the last of them to go up in the store, just this afternoon.

So as usual we’re having a one-day sale to celebrate: all our Middle Kingdoms works are 20% off for the next 24 hours. (All the ones that cost anything, anyway. Sirronde’s World: Parting Gifts remains free until the SW sequence is complete, which won’t be before the end of the year.) The sale’s located here:


All these ebooks, as usual, are DRM-free and can be moved from device to device at your pleasure. Lose them? We’ll replace them for free. I have no desire to be mistaken for Jeff Bezos. If you bought them from EBD once, that’s enough for me. …Not sure how to get them into your app or e-reading device? Check our
sideloading guide for basic info, or email us via the store’s contact page for more details. We’ll be glad to help.

Also, I have to admit: this promotion is partly is in preparation for something Middle Kingdoms-based, something frankly quite unusual – indeed groundbreaking – that’s going to happen early next week. But mysteriously I will say no more… for the moment. Except to suggest that if you’re familiar with this universe, you might want to be, well, caught up with the main sequence of MK works. So if you know anybody else who shares you interest in the major personalities of the Kingdoms, do feel free to spread the word.

Anyway, if you’d like to acquire any of the above-mentioned works at a discount, just nip over to the sale page. Links to all the MK books on offer will load there, underneath a copy of this brief blurb.

Thanks, all!



Autistic children are not infants.

Autistic teens are not toddlers.

Autistic adults are not children.

Your 23 year-old autistic cousin does not have “the mind of a 7 year-old.”

Stop calling autistic men “buddy.” Stop calling autistic women “sweetie.”

Don’t act like it’s a crime to swear in front of an autistic adult.

Don’t assume that because someone is nonverbal, they can’t understand what is going on. ESPECIALLY don’t assume that they can’t communicate at all.

Stop infantilizing autistic people.

This is important. I once went to a group meet up for autistic adults with a friend. It was a game night for adults only at a local college. Since it was a game night I brought a bunch of games with me, most notably Cards Against Humanity.

 The game we all decided to play was cards against humanity and we all had a lot of fun. The one issue was the person “overseeing” the meeting, didn’t like how adult the game was and didn’t like how we were all making “inappropriate” jokes. Right before I left I asked everyone what they thought of Cards Against Humanity, and everyone of the autistic people in the room all said it was a lot of fun and they really wanted to play it again. I never went back to that meeting at first due to issues attending, but my friend went to the game night the next month and was told that “Cards against humanity is now banned for being to crass”. 

After hearing that I decided not to go back to any of those meetings since there is nothing wrong with a group of adults having fun and playing CAH. To be told we could not play that game because it wasn’t PG was BS. It was a group of adults. I had had to show i was an adult to attend. It felt like the message was that because it was a group of autistic people we couldn’t play a game that was a lot of fun. 








I think Princess Zelda lost her pregnancy 😦 Or else she gave birth and killed the babies, which is particularly sad because Samus is the one who impregnated her. At any rate she isn’t pregnant anymore.

To recap for anyone who missed it, Samus was found dead behind the castle a couple of weeks ago. Link died not long after that, so it’s just been Zelda, Bayonetta, and Pikachu chilling out with some snails. 

Of course, none of those three can impregnate each other so no one is pregnant or coupled off right now. Pikachu’s babies are growing well. There are six still living. There were seven, but one escaped and Bayonetta ate it. 

Because of course these updates always have to involve someone eating someone else. *sigh*

excuse me what


Blogging about my aquarium is fun

What the FUCK
I really thought this was about shitty fanfics


non-indigenous lesbians can not and should never try to police how indigenous lesbians, especially indigenous butches and other gnc lesbians, present themselves. indigenous butches aren’t any less butch when they wear their traditional clothes like skirts or feminine coded headdresses or have long hair styled in traditional ways. if something is a part of their culture and they choose to participate in that tradition, it is a part of their butchness too.