I hate to make this post but my 14 year old dog is dying and every animal hospital nearby is closed for the holiday, we got in touch with an emergency care place but since its after hours its $180 just for them to open the doors for us. He’s been in this condition for hours and I refuse to let him suffer for another 13 hours til his vet opens.

I’m coming to terms with the fact that this is probably my last night ever with my dog but I’m just NOT prepared for this expense, plus whatever the costs of euthanization and cremation are gonna be. also I know this is so sappy of me but he’s my first pet ever and literally my best friend, I want to get him cremated and some kind of (inexpensive) memorial urn instead of just disposing of him. If any of you can spare some money it would mean the world to me. I dont want to be put in a position where I cant even afford my dog’s remains. My cash app is $KyrstynB and PayPal is infamousnfamous@yahoo.com . I’ll reblog this with updates as they come, we’re leaving the house after I send this post. Thanks for anything you’re willing to give.

Here’s one of my favorite pics of him from 2 years ago:

we’re at the emergency care vet now, they’ve got him on an anti nausea med and mild sedative. I dont think he’ll make it through the night so I’m just trying to prepare myself for the worst. thanks to everyone who has sent money so far so that I can take care of my best friend 🐾

good news: he’s fighting! He’s trying (and failing) to stand lol. Seems a bit less disoriented and stressed but he’s definitely not in the clear yet.

bad news: they want to run more tests, just to confirm what we walked in here already knowing. more tests = more $$$, and we already dropped $300 on the visit+meds, so once again, anything you guys can send me helps, no amount is too small. this is obviously going to be a costly ordeal.

once again, thank you all so much for your help 😭

Hey everyone, I’m back with one last update. The meds they gave us have done absolutely nothing, and he hasn’t eaten or stood in 5 days and we have to hold his head to make him sip some water. We’ve made the appointment to have him put down tomorrow (Monday) morning. It will be at least 300 dollars to have him cremated and keep his remains, but they cant give us an exact figure till they get him weighed.

The initial rush of donations was wiped out by the vet visit + things we’ve had to buy over the past few days (like tons of pee pads, dog wet wipes to bathe him, extra cleaning supplies, etc.) I would love if you guys could help me out one last time just to get this last thing covered. Because of you guys I’m able to let my best friend go peacefully and have something to keep him by. Mello thanks you too 🐶

just in case you dont want to scroll back: cash app is $KyrstynB and PayPal is infamousnfamous@yahoo.com 💚



It drives me up a wall when someone claims the Democratic party was the party of slavery and the KKK and has it pointed it out to them that the parties switched iedologies, because 10/10 times it becomes “oh well there were racist Democrats in the 80’s” or some shit.

So, yeah, in truth the parties didn’t instantly flip in 1964. The reality is that there was a long transition that started around 1890 when the Progressives separated from the Republican party and culminated in the election of Reagan in 1980, but even pointing that out and laying out historical fact isn’t enough for people with no will to learn anything.

You could point out the shift in rhetoric (how did “state’s rights” become a talking point for the “party of Lincoln” anyway?), or their defence of the Confederacy, or the attempts to destroy voting rights and civil rights protections.

Like, yeah, Andrew Jackson was a fucking monsterous, mass-murdering proto-fascist and a Democrat, but it should raise a red flag that times are different for you when a Republican President hangs up a portrait of him and calls him his inspiration.

This is the modern Republican Party.

A loud-mouth vulgarian known for sexually assualting women and demonizing minorities and a Senator who holds up the eugenicist Johnson-Reed Act as standard for immigration policy, shaking hands under a portrait of a man that inpired Hitler.




So we brought home two strays a couple months ago and they turned out to be pregnant. About a week ago, both of them had the kittens and we can’t keep all nine kittens.

If anyone in the upstate South Carolina area, or somewhere in Georgia or North Carolina near Pickens/Oconnee wants a kitten please message me, I’ll send pictures of them to anyone who asks.

They will be ready to go to new homes in a few weeks and I don’t want to have to take them to our shelter. They’re so precious and soft and the idea of putting them in a shelter or taking them to animal control breaks my heart.

It is super important that these babies find loving homes. 💕💕

Please please please reblog. If I don’t have homes lined up for them within a week I will have to call animal control and they will only keep them alive for 72 hours.

I have found homes for all of the kittens! Thank you all for reblogging!

Wtf is the pledge of allegiance





i pledge allegiance (nope) to the flag of the united states of america (ew never) and to the republic for which it stands (mmkay sure it does) one nation (but separated families) under god (this racist country doesn’t realize there’s other religions) indivisible (but families aren’t?) with liberty and justice for all (except anyone who isnt a white male who is well dressed)

or as i put it:

i pledge defiance against the flag of the divided states of america, and to the republic by which it falls; one craphole under white cishet supremacy with unconstitutional acts and bias for all.

For non-US’ers who haven’t heard of this yet: Schoolchildren in this country are in fact trained to ritualistically pledge devotion to the U.S. flag, often on a daily basis, very often before they know what half the words in the pledge mean.

This is seen as normal.

Just this week (3 July, 2018), NPR uploaded this video explaining the history of The Pledge (spoiler, bot spoiler: it was because: Capitalism, and Indoctrinating Immigrants).

(one detail they left out is that the words: “Under God” were added during the Cold War, to distinguish us from the “Godless Commies”)