When you guys have visited potential apartments, what kind of questions did you ask besides the basics like what rent and utilities include?

Here are questions I didn’t ask but should have: what does the basement look like?

What measures are taken to secure the building ?

Are the walls thin?
Brief info of who lives in the building. Are they college kids? People that work through the day? Elderly? Is it a mix?
Where does the garbage go?

Can I pay rent bi-weekly?
What kind of fuses does the apartment use? (My fuse box is in the basement. If I blow a fuse I have to replace it myself. They screw until the box. All of which I didn’t know until it happend and I was sitting in the dark suddenly)

Who do I call for repairs? (If it’s a private rental)
Am I allowed to paint the walls?
Is there any additional storage?
Do you do regular pest control?

count the outlets, ask about recycling policies, ask if there’s a noise restriction (nothing loud after midnight, everything goes on the weekend, etc)

Definitely ask about security
Whether subletting is allowed (esp if you’re in college and might want to sublet for the summer)
If you have a car, whether there’s parking/how much it costs
What kind of heating/AC there is
Procedure/response time for any maintenance
How mail/packages are received/protected from theft (seriously people stealing your packages can be a huge problem)
What kind of verification of your salary will they want, and in what circumstances will they accept a guarantor instead?
Whether the apartment is furnished

Assuming you are in the middle of looking at/choosing between places:
When does the lease start? Are you going to give preference to people based on when they can move in?
Whether groups of a certain number of people get preference
Really anything about who they prioritize for applications, it can save you a lot of trouble in trying to apply to places you’ll never get into

not something for asking the realtors, necessarily, but important rights you should be aware of as a tenant:

when and for what reasons are your landlords allowed to enter your home? how much of a notice should they give you before entering?

can the landlord make modifications to your home or apartment without your approval? to what extent?

what are the options and conditions for breaking your lease early if there’s an emergency? (this is ESPECIALLY important for anyone moving to a new state/considerable distance where you are not able to visit the apartment/home before you rent – students get taken advantage of ALL THE TIME with this shit)

if your first or last month at the property is a partial stay (i.e. you move in on july 15th, and rent is typically due on the first) make sure you don’t pay the full first month’s rent before you know the area laws! in many states, you are only legally required to pay for the time you are occupying the property

is renter’s insurance necessary? many apartments want at least 30k coverage, which can run a couple hundred dollars extra per year

are the landlords/property management liable for crimes on the property? for example, if your car was broken into. if not GET RENTER’S INSURANCE

-ask if there’s any property upkeep you can do to get a bit off the rent (aka, can they take 100$ off the monthly rent if you maintain the lawns/garden, etc.) 

-ask if there’s been any consistent/frequent trouble with electricity/internet connectivity/cable if you have it

-what KIND of electricity? 

-what kind of heating (hot water/electric)

-how secure is the neighborhood (if you don’t know) 

-ANY PLUMBING ISSUES? check ALL the fucking taps, the showers, EVERYTHING WITH WATER to make sure it all works right. 

-ANY PLUMBING ISSUES? check ALL the fucking taps, the showers, EVERYTHING WITH WATER to make sure it all works right. 



– who last lived here? why did they leave?

– Do they charge an “amenities fee” (Around here you can’t avoid them at all now, but some places you might still be able to)

– Do they have a policy on rent increases? (Also check if there’s a legal limit to rent increases in the area).

– Are utilities paid in a separate check or with the rent?

– Are utilities metered or pro-rated (in older buildings it’s common to be charged by square footage and/or number of occupants, which can leave you subsidizing the people who turn the a/c down to 60 in the summer or the heat up to 80 in the winter – you may not be able to avoid this but it’s worth trying).

– Are there any switched circuits in the apartment. Buildings built in the late sixties through the early eighties often have switched circuits. If they do, then with the number of devices used these days you will probably have to have something important on the switched circuit – tape the switch in the on position! (Trust me).

– What are the rules on hanging pictures?

– Who is responsible for paying for and replacing bulbs in permanent fixtures? If it’s you and there’s a fixture with weird/unusual bulbs (globe style, chandelier style, etc) ask where you can buy the bulbs.

– What are the rules about pets? Do they have breed specific restrictions on dogs? Size restrictions on fish tanks? (Believe it or not that’s not uncommon).

This will be so useful once my lease is up thanks tumblr ☺️🙏🏾

If you have roommates, even if they’re your friends, ask what happens if one person moves out. Who is responsible for their rent? What about security deposit, how much is it and what do you have to do to document existing damages before you move in?







all DAT for $28 per person??? shawty missed out on a blessing

also what’s wrong w being an instagram caterer? lol

Fix it jesus

People want you to use your time, energy, labor and resources and provide a product but they don’t want to pay you for it. That is not how business works and I’m tired of people telling someone that operates a business that their prices are too high because you don’t see the value in their hard work. Take your cheap asses some where else with that bullshit.

If you divide $2100 by 200 people that’s $10.50. This bitch wanted breakfast, wing, vegetable, fish, macaroni, and salmon stations PLUS DESERT and she was only willing to pay $10.50 each? The FUCK? You pay more than that at a fucking restaurant if you want a 5 course meal and desert. $28 a person is fucking cheap when that person has to buy and cook all of the food AND deliver it.

Seriously, that many people and that menu I would have expected a quote of 10K+ 

This is how customers treat people with their own business. She was expecting a Sam’s Club price but got something completely different. If she had such a problem with the price, why didn’t she buy everything herself? Oh, that’s right, she ain’t got the money.










Fact: bisexuals make up a majority of the LGBT population.

Fact: the majority of bisexuals are closeted.

Theory: If all bisexual people came out, straight people would no longer be the majority. 

Do we really make up a majority? Cause the way we’re erased i had no idea. Like really. I thought we were in minority…

The Human Rights Commission of San Francisco released a groundbreaking report on Bisexual Invisibility in 2010 which revealed that, even though only 28% of bisexuals are out (compared to 71% of lesbians and 77% of gay men.) bisexuals out-number gays and lesbians combined, Many studies have followed which verify this data. 

There’s also been several studies that have shown that a large percentage of millennials don’t consider themselves exclusively attracted to one gender


Bisexual Invisibility more like Bisexual Invincibility

reblogging for the last comment

I’ve had a lot of bi people tell me “I thought bisexuality was almost nonexistent?” when I brought this up.

Bisexuals make up the majority of the LGBTQ+ community and a huge percentage if not the majority of people in general.

It’s easy to feel like you’re alone if you’re bi or questioning. The most powerful thing we can tell bi youth is ‘you are not alone’. It’s what saved my life as a kid.

All my bi siblings are more than welcome here!!! I love yall!
















also consider: LOTR but hobbits have Tapeta Lucidum

Boromir gets the fright of his life their first night on the road

Boromir: *glances over his shoulder* ??!!!!???!!


Hobbits: what

i will never get over that you used an image of raccoons for this purpose because it is incredibly accurate

LOTR au but instead of hobbits literally raccoons

Gandalf: well this raccoon found the ring and has been carrying it around. unfortunately we can’t take it off him or he gets very bite-y. so I figure, the raccoon is the ringbearer now

Elrond: what are those other three raccoons doing here

Gandalf: he brought his buddies. I call this one ‘Merry’



Aragorn: *watching Frodo & Sam scamper off in the direction of Mordor* our hopes lie with those raccoons now

Legolas: do they… know where they are going

Aragorn: I sure hope so

Faramir: father why is this raccoon in the livery of the citadel

Denethor: haha doesn’t he look precious

Elfhelm: Dernhelm, is that a raccoon in your bag?

Dernhelm: *sweating nervously* Uh no, sir.

Eowyn, later: And I said no, you know, like a liar.

Denethor: WHY did you let a raccoon go off with the Ring??

Faramir: ….it just seemed like the right thing to do

Gandalf: he scratched you up real good huh

Faramir: ……………gouged my FUCKING arm and bit me on my face

Witch King: no living man can kill me – AUGH FUCK, RACCOON, RACCOON ON MY LEG ARGHHHH

Eowyn: *stab*

Wraiths break into the room at the prancing pony: *UnHoLy ScReEcHiNg*

Trash Panda Hobbits:

Wraiths: Oh, what the fuck, whAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!

Treebeard: Baroom, humm, where are my small, impatient friends?

Merry and Pippin:

Don’t go where I can’t follow, Mr. Frodo.

~~~~~~The Hobbit interlude~~~~~~

You’re the burgular.Go on and…burgle something!

Saruman: Well since some fucking TREES took over Isengard I guess I’ll take over The Shire.
Farmer Maggot and ever other Halfling down to the Sacksville-Bagginses:

Sacha Baron Cohen Didn’t Return to Humiliate Republicans. He’s Here to End Careers [via]





👆🏾👆🏾 This is the 10 minute preview clip of Sacha Baron Choen’s new show, “Who is America?” 


👆🏾👆🏾 This is former Alabama judge, former US Senate candidate and alleged pedophile Roy Moore’s official statement about his involvement with “Who Is America?”.

👆🏾👆🏾 This is Republican former Illinois congressman turned radio host Joe Walsh trying to pre-emptively save his own ass after being duped by Cohen on “Who Is America?”.

👆🏾👆🏾 This is former Alaska governor (and former candidate for Vice President Of The United States) Sarah Palin trying to downplay being pranked by Cohen on “Who Is America?”.


👆🏾👆🏾 This is CNN’s official list of public officials who were pranked by Cohen during the shooting of this season of “Who Is America?”.


Lots of Conservatives are hopping mad and tweeting angrily about “gotcha journalism” right now since episode 1 aired on Showtime, but at the end of the day nothing will ever erase the fact that Sacha Baron Cohen got two current Republican members of Congress, and two former Republican members of Congress – ON VIDEO –  to endorse arming Kindergarteners to defend against school shootings.


(And btw, Senator Bernie Sanders was also pranked on Episode 1 of “Who Is America?” but he seems unfazed by the experience. Perhaps because he just espoused his actual beliefs on camera, none of which are reprehensible or embarrassing lol.)



#ThatIsAll #KThanksBye


I’m screaming!!!!!!! In terror mostly but also because like these guys are morons. Especially Walsh lmao like ….

sacha baron cohen really just came out of the shadows to assassinate everyone and everything with 0 remorse, holy shit

This is…. powerful. He gets a lobbyist singing and dancing holding a machine gun with stuffed toy bits on it in a video to teach 3 year olds how to fire a gun. he is absolutely killing these people.

Sacha Baron Cohen Didn’t Return to Humiliate Republicans. He’s Here to End Careers [via]