Some of you were curious about the honey process



Well, I’m here to show you what these wonderful little ladies make, and how us humans collect the extra.


Some Vocabulary:


This is a Langstroth beehive. Those boxes in it are called “Supers”. Supers hold 10 frames each. Frames look like this.


I’m here to teach you about honey extraction from this particular kind of hive, and when you only have like 5 or 6.

The Process:

First, we start with the frame of honey.


Notice anything? The bees have “capped” this honey with beeswax so it can keep for the winter! (or beekeep heheh)

So what you wanna do is cut those bad boys off with ya Hot Knife.


(Or you can just scrape them off with a fork. Or poke holes in them. Dealer’s choice, man.)

Next, you put your uncapped frames in the Crazy Spin Cylinder. (The Extractor)




And the honey sp i n s


Honey GO


H O N  E  Y

The frames are spun at such a high speed that the honey is pulled right out!

Next, you open the spigot at the bottom, run it through a strainer…


Pour it in a jar…


and VOILA!


Beautiful Bee Nectar that you got yaself! This has been a PSA

This is my favorite episode of How It’s Made.

Trump wants to defund PBS. ‘Sesame Street’ brutally parodied him for decades.







this is what radical political comedic satire looks like 

im Here for publicly funded jokes at his expense

Anyway, here’s how to donate to Sesame Street and support PBS with donations. Talking about how awesome a thing is can be great if you also take action to support it.


Trump wants to defund PBS. ‘Sesame Street’ brutally parodied him for decades.


There’s so many “if you don’t look mentally ill/disabled you’re still valid” posts and that’s wonderful but this one goes out to the visibly mentally ill/disabled people.

The ones who get stares and shitty comments when they’re out in public.

The ones who are constantly asked what’s wrong with them.

The ones who are visibly different in ways that makes neurotypical/ablebodied people keep their distance.

The ones who people laugh at and point at and talk about.

The ones who many people avoid or are clearly uncomfortable around.

The ones who can’t pass as ablebodied/neurotypical no matter how hard they try.

The ones who are immediately written off as too crazy or too dumb or too weird or too different.

The ones who are facing both aggressive and well intended ableism everywhere they go because they can’t hide that they’re mentally ill/disabled.

Y’all are strong as fuck and don’t let anyone convince you that you’re too mentally ill or too disabled to be treated with respect and compassion or that you don’t have as much of a right to exist in and be a part of this society as everyone else.



Mountain State Blues

forget what happens when government and corporate oligarchs merge.  
This photo, taken a few days ago, is not of a forgotten World War I
battlefield.  It is on Cabin Creek, West Virginia.  From this machine
gun nest, or “pillbox,” corporate employees fired automatic weapons at
coal miners, their wives, and children for the capital offense of trying
to join the union. This was done with the full knowledge and blessing
of the government.  With the Mountain State’s recent “Right to Work”
legislation, the corporate oligarchy soils the memory of our ancestors.

It’s funny that even a lot of West Virginians do not know of the war they fought to end the abuse of coal baron’s who would give scrip instead of money and then force their workers to buy only at their stores, which inflated the prices and ripped the people off again. In 1922 there was 500sq miles of West Virginia in rebellion and held by coal miners. They said they weren’t fighting the government, each time they would strike or act in their own defense, and almost every time the government and state sent the military and national guard at them to “restore the peace.” West Virginia coal miners were in revolt for thirty plus years on and off.

The fact that THIS isn’t taught, and that the people in this country will likely have to fight a second time, probably with all new deaths at the hands of corporations and the government, just to get a fair shake at work, truly depresses me. Eugene Debs and Mother Jones weren’t aberrations of their time. They had a reason for existing, and the people of this country needed them.