It may have taken until after 11 p.m., but finally something resembling a full meal!

(Some fried leftover cheesy polenta with leftover marinara to dip in, some of the marinated zucchini, and a few preseasoned lamb kebab things which aren’t too bad.

The kebabs also came with a little container of tzatziki, but I didn’t notice until after I got them home that it was all curdled like it had been frozen 😈 Good thing they’re fine with no sauce, or the marinara.)




when the swimming pool is cold


HaHA this is great!!! Comparative anatomy gone mad

I am not particularly good at art myself, but I do find that knowing what the Bits are, and what they correspond to, is super helpful in drawing. So I think as an exercise this is pretty legit.

Looks like the comparison animals are a canid, equid and wading bird (heron?)

I really like how one foot remains “human,” that’s such a good artistic choice


TIL there used to be “party lines” for telephones, the entire neighborhood was linked to a single phone line and they had to take turns using the phone. You could listen in to your neighbors’ calls, or interrupt them telling them to get off the phone because they talk too much and you need to use it


My grandmother was on one up into the ‘80s, until the phone company completely did away with the option. It wasn’t even that much cheaper by then, and I have no idea why she insisted on keeping the party line as long as she could.

By the time I came along, there was only one horrible old lady down the street on there. And she listened in on everything. Probably sad that the eavesdropping opportunities had dwindled to one other household 🙄



Meet Baldwin, a black vulture at the Dallas Zoo! He is showing off his classic “vulture walk” during a talk about positive reinforcement training.


Zoo employee in blue shirt and tan shorts walking around mostly offscreen: “So, we feed all of our; or we train them, all of our animals here at the Dallas Zoo using positive reinforcement. That just means when Baldwin, um, does something we ask him to correctly, um, he gets a reward. So uh, when does something we didn’t really ask him to, or doesn’t really understand what we want, he doesn’t get punished or told he’s a bad vulture, he wouldn’t understand that, he just doesn’t get that extra special reward. So it’s a great way to train any animals, um especially any pets you might have at home, or children, or husbands, or whatever you want to train. That is a great way to train..” 

Person offscreen: *laughing*



My One-Eyed Cat

So i’ve been debating coming on here to ask for help with this, but I can’t stand to see my cat in the pain that he’s in.

I’ve had my cat, Sunny, for around 10 years now, and he’s become a very important part of my life over that time. Currently, he has a problem with his eye that, because of lack of money, we have been unable to treat. Here he was a few years ago:


And here is him now:


As you may be able to see, his right eye has gotten very bad. It started out as what the vet thought were weird growths on his eyeball, around his pupil. We had went to a feline optometrist to learn it was glaucoma, so tried to treat it as such. But now it had progressed to a stage where he cannot see out of it at all, it sometimes starts bleeding, and had pretty much developed a huge scab over it that he sometimes tries to mess with cause it is an irritation to him, ending with him ripping it back open and causing him more pain.

The only thing we can do for him now is to have the eye removed and the lid sewn up (enucleation). The surgery is going to cost upward of $500. I have been attempting to put a bit away every now and then to pay for it, but with bills and other expenses around the house, my mother and I have had a hard time trying to procure the funds.

If anyone can help by donating to my PayPal or cashapp, it would be appreciated. I love Sunny, and hate for him to be in this kind of pain.

Venmo: @flyredact

(A better picture of Sunny’s eye under the cut)

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