wouldnt it be nice if more news articles were like this


This is what we mean when we say that rich people have the ability to immediately and directly help people’s lives but most of them actively choose not to

How do you twist a man having to walk 14 miles to provide for himself as a positive? 

fudge popsicles

I decided to go ahead and make some plain Fudgsicle-alikes first, and then maybe try that mocha variation later.

Like with most of the recipes I was finding, these are basically pudding pops made with a homemade chocolate pudding. Which was a good bit richer and sweeter (besides thinner, unsurprisingly) than I would usually want to eat just as a bowl of pudding, when I tasted it cleaning out the pot. But that should hopefully balance out, eating it frozen.

I did go ahead and substitute about half Splenda, and here’s hoping it doesn’t make them freeze unpleasantly crystally. Didn’t want to try cutting back the sugar more before seeing how these proportions turn out.

This amount looks like it would have made 4 or 5 in the (smallish) molds like I just bought the other day. I didn’t pick up another mold today, so only 2 pops’ worth is freezing now. The rest of the mixture should hold OK in the fridge, in the meantime.

With any luck, guess I’ll find out if they’re any good in a few hours!

fudge popsicles


gichigami nibiinaabe #3 … the 3rd Lake Superior water-person I have drawn. As I go a long I form a little headcannon about them, like in the summer they shed most of their fur except for a layer on their arms which are long and don’t have as much insulation as the rest of their body. They spend most of their time using those arms and big hands to pull themselves along the bottom of the lake (maximum depth of 1,332 ft).