I’m a bit sad that Pepsi didn’t decide to open up a PMC branch after buying up part of the Soviet navy in the 90’s

wait WHAT

“The USSR offered to pay Pepsi with a fleet of diesel ships. Pepsi accepted the deal because they knew that it was the only way to continue to sell Pepsi in the USSR. The agreement included 17 submarines, a cruiser, a frigate and a destroyer, which were sold to a Swedish company for scrap recycling. Those 17 submarines made Pepsi become, for a few days, the 6th largest military power in the world by number of diesel submarines. The president of Pepsi, Donald Kendall, told the National Security Adviser of USA: “We are disarming the USSR faster than you”.“


thank you for this information, I needed to know this and so did all of my followers

Getting paid in vodka earlier was almost as good




The Cutting Room Floor is one of the most interesting and fucking hilarious places on the internet.

Look into any shitty game and you’ll probably see a little present left behind by a stressed-out, probably-underpaid dev.

But one of my favourites is definitely the windows port of the spider-man game for the playstation

And the unfortunate things left over in a shitty Game Boy Color game called DynaMike.

That’s right. We have the porn sites he was looking at while making the game, fully intact in the cartridge.

Personal fave

how is hello hacker fucker not already in this post


Deer trapped in fencing can be a difficult rescue, but over 37 years Simon has thought of a perfect solution to help them out as quick as possible.

Simon and volunteer, Josh, were called out recently to free a deer that was stuck fast in iron railings. With no way to move the fence, Simon had to resort to his trusty aluminium sheets to set him free. With some careful placement and gentle wiggling, the deer was soon free and ran off happily back to the wild!