If you claim to worship Odin, but you are physically weak and do not try to change it, then you dishonor Odin.











Its that simple.

At least understand the gods you claim to honor. 

If all you do is bend the gods to way you want to live your life then why pray to them? Pray to gods who favor your lifestyle. Seriously. That’s the idea. Live up and honor the gods who you understand, and who would respect how you honor them. (this is more too the more loose pagans. Asatru has even more direct things to say, I don’t follow Asatru directly)

I’m sure Odin, who is disabled (missing an eye, associated with madness and frenzy, gets women to pick his warriors for him, can’t even do it himself), would appreciate being told that he’s disrespecting himself.

Sigh. Is it time to break out Havamal again? The words of wisdom attributed to Odin? (Quoting the Crawford translation since that’s what’s at hand.)

No one is totally wretched,
even if his health is bad–
some find happiness in their children,
some in their kin,
some in their money,
some in work well done.

Better to be alive,
no matter what, than dead–
only the living enjoy anything.
I saw a rich man’s house,
but it was on fire,
and he lay dead outside the door.

A limping man can ride a horse,
a handless man can herd,
a deaf man can fight and win.
It’s better even to be blind
than fuel for the funeral pyre;
what can a dead man do?

So, yeah, no. Odin doesn’t demand you fit some model of physical strength. That’s something that no one gets to keep, in the end. He just asks that you use whatever it is that you’ve got.

i’m a loose pagan dishonouring Odin

reblog if ur a loose pagan

You Ergi fuck hiding behind false masculinity. Odin basically said “fuck your gender roles” when he learned seidr from Freya, which according to Norse values was a woman’s job. With the Vikings the women controlled the most powerful magic. You honor Odin by seeking wisdom, which is what Odin did. You honor Odin by traveling, which is what Odin did. You honor Odin wandering in nature. You honor Odin when you say “fuck everybody’s opinion, I’m doing my thing”. You honor Odin when you show courage. Not strength. It is not the strongest warriors in Valhalla, it’s the most courageous. YOU dishonor Odin when you hide behind outmoded false masculinity. The gods do not smile on such things.



You dishonor Odin when you claim his name to justify your own hatreds and fears. 

I visualize Odin reading OP’s comment, squinting, raising his goddamn eyepatch, and squinting again

I know I already reblogged this like five times or some dumb shit but that last comment had me laughing for a fucking minute. Like that’s fucking Odin to a t.

Somewhere, Odin read OP’s comment, sat there, & frowned for a moment before he got up & walked away. All the while, he muttered that he did not sacrifice himself to himself & hang from Yggdrasil for nine fucking days *while speared* to have to deal with this level of bullshit.

Rare Blue Moth Discovered 130 Years After It Went ‘Extinct’


For 130 years, the only known specimen of the Oriental blue clearwing
moth was the one caught in 1887 and preserved behind glass in a natural
history museum in Vienna, Austria. It was considered a lost species,
until a PhD student hiking in Malaysia earlier this year made a stunning discovery

Rare Blue Moth Discovered 130 Years After It Went ‘Extinct’

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