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im begging you


Hey, I’m R. It’s winter and I’m hungry and cold and want to cry. I haven’t had any luck finding a job and just. I’m so hungry and cold and I’ve been rationing medicine because I can’t afford a refill, nor can I afford to see a doctor. I eat  every other day right now to ration too. I’m really scared. Please help me out this harsh winter if you can.

Paypal: transdragoning@gmail.com (direct link)
Square: cash.me/$RDonations (direct link)

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@punyhoomans is a first-class human being, but he just cannot catch a break 😦 Every time he starts making progress, the universe throws a wrench in his plans and wipes out his savings. The last year has been really rocky – please help him out if you can! Even $5 would go a long way.

“A little over a year ago, my roommate (and current landlord) helped me to escape a terrible living situation, but things haven’t gone as smoothly as I’d hoped they would.

I lost my health insurance, and haven’t been able to stay on antidepressants. Subsequently, I lost my job, and it wasn’t until a very good friend took a chance on cosigning a car loan for me, that I was able to make ends meet driving for Uber and Lyft, while searching for a job.

Unfortunately, ridesharing hasn’t been very steady, and, despite driving nearly full time during the summer, I’ve fallen behind on my bills. Most notably, the rent.

My landlord has very kindly been letting me slide on the rent for the last six months, and it’s been all I can do to tread water, keeping my car payments up to date and my phone active so I can keep earning.

Most recently, some bad timing in delayed payment for temp work culminated in being unable to pay my phone bill, which led to service being disconnected and me being unable to work for Uber/Lyft.

So I am asking for your help in getting caught up on rent, because my landlord deserves to be paid, and restoring my phone service, so I can earn money again.

I would also like to get back on antidepressants, but one thing at a time.”

Hey guys, Allan has only gotten $10 in donations so far! This is great but please keep signal boosting! And if you can give, even a dollar can make a big difference!

Allan is an A+ dude!

It’s been over a week since I’ve been able to work, and there’s still no sign that the temp agency that owes me money is going to pay me in a timely manner.

Please consider sharing this, as things are getting a bit desperate!

So close to being able to get back to work! Thank you to everyone that has donated so far! Please signal boost, if you can.

Shout out to the morning crowd I’M ALMOST ABLE TO GET MY PHONE BACK ON I’M ONLY ABOUT $20 SHORT

UPDATE: Section 8 housing assistance has a 10 year waitlist, so that’s not an option, and local shelters are full for the winter. Any help you can give will go towards a deposit and rent for a new home, so please please signal boost!

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Oddly enough, dip mixes are just not a standard thing here. (Much in the way of salad dressing mixes, either.) So I’ve gotten pretty good at turning some out from scratch. Not that hard, with pretty good results and totally adjustable to your taste.

But, apparently Mr. C has felt that lack more. To avoid paying the like £2/individual envelope import prices, that’s one of the things he started stocking up on whenever he goes to Sweden. Don’t think he got any more this last trip over the weekend, but we still had at least a dozen packs of assorted flavors left when I used one today 😅

Funny the little items you do miss when it’s hard to find them, though. I was buying up ranch dressing/dip mix and grits, among other items whenever I was back home. Just not quite so much at a time 😁

Corn & Cheddar Mashed Potato Fritters

I wouldn’t have necessarily thought of making a cross between a cheesy potato cake and a corn fritter, but I tried it to use up some leftover mashed potatoes and a small can of corn. It turned out great.

With dill dip on the side (from a mix this time), to go with some quick lemon pepper salmon and broccoli.

Didn’t really follow a recipe, but the proportions there don’t look bad. If I were just going to eat them on their own without any kind of sauce, I would probably add more seasoning to the batter, though. Was tempted to try them with salsa, but that didn’t go as well with the rest of the meal.

Corn & Cheddar Mashed Potato Fritters


How To Support Canadian Net Neutrality

Posted December 19th, 00:45 PST

If you are currently unfamiliar with the unexpected net neutrality battle, please refer to this post.

As a short summary, Bell Media, backed by Cineplex and Rogers Media, is attempting to take control of net neutrality in Canada by going directly to the CRTC (who regulates most Canadian media related leglislation).

This allows them to skip the regular court process that would normally open them to public disapproval and is a dangerous and underhanded move for all Canadians.

This guide will show you how to directly comment to the CRTC on the proposal put forward by Bell step by step. The comment process should take less than ten minutes and could make a huge difference on tomorrow’s outcome.

The following is for Canadian citizens or permanent residents only. If you are neither please follow the above link where you can still make your voice heard by signing the active petition. Please also continue to circulate information including this post and the post linked above.

You can continue to do this until the hearing period is over, but comments submitted in the next few hours will also hold a lot of weight.

First open a new browser tab to this page: https://services.crtc.gc.ca/pub/CommentForm/Default-Defaut.aspx?lang=e&EN=2017-429&ET=N&S=O&PA=B&PT=A&PST=A&FN=

You will see a feedback form. Select all three applicants listed (Bell Media, Corus Entertainment, and Rogers Media).

Next, select your intervention type as opposition. You will also submit your comment here. If you don’t know what to write or don’t feel comfortable writing from scratch, you can use the following skeleton:

“My name is [LEGAL NAME], and I am writing my intervention in opposition to this application.

The application will set a standard for media moderation without input from the majority of Canadian consumers. As a Canadian citizen, I do not believe this is in line with our right to freedom of speech and furthermore does not accurately represent the majority of consumers desires.

As a consumer I ask for this application to be denied, as it stands in opposition to the beliefs of the CRTC as well as the values we as a people hold for our freedom of information and speech.”

I recommend changing the wording slightly if you are able. However even just a direct paste if you agree with the message still is a good contribution.

This next part is optional, but I would recommend selecting “I do not wish to appear” unless you are completely confident should you actually be asked to defend your message in person.

Unless for some reason you actually are a respondent or a designated representative (if you are one you’ll know, don’t worry), skip these two. Agree to the confirmation of service, you won’t be asked to provide evidence or proof as you are responding as a consumer not as a legal or commercial representative.

Finally, before completing make sure all necessary sections are properly filled out. Use your legal name and most professional email.

If you have any questions or if I missed something, please let me know.





Yes, it does!!


Oh man, I suspected this of being a shop because it’s literally only visible on social media, but if it is it’s a really good one, I can’t find any seams or artifacts in the image itself. Even the pattern wear on the “UKULELE” is different for the two Us and the two Es. 

I googled and this is credited with being from Master Detective Magazine, July 1941, but I can’t confirm from any source that isn’t pinterest or tumblr. I can’t find a copy of it online or even on eBay/Amazon, and the pulp collector listings don’t have a table of contents for this particular month. The issue, at least, does exist; I found its cover art.

I hopped on Worldcat and even most libraries only have scant holdings of Master Detective, which makes sense given it was a pulp. UC San Diego might have it, but they don’t list volumes which suggests to me they probably don’t have a full holding. 

MK Arnold was a real pulp writer; they had a story published in the November 1940 issue of True Detective, “Five Faces to Doom”. They might be Myrtle K. Arnold, who wrote “An Accusing Conscience” for the March 1921 issue of Mystery Magazine. 

I’m going to poke around and see if possibly this comes from a library collection made public – lots of libraries are putting their image collections online now, but there’s no central searchable databse, so we’ll see. 

In any case I’m totally gonna print it out and hang it up somewhere 😀 



Okay, I didn’t find it, Interlibrary Loan did and I emailed them to thank them profusely, but how clutch is it that ANYONE found it? I couldn’t even find it combing WorldCat. 

So I can confirm that the image is in fact real and it is a five page story of murder and (presumably) ukuleles. I hope to read it tonight and share the plot with all of you.