Please reblog! Help mum and daughter with clothes and coat.

Looking for clothes for my mum and I, and a coat for mum. Both of us are disabled; mum has fibromyalgia and arthritis, and I have ME/CFS, fibro, endometriosis, possibly mitochondrial disease, and bipolar disorder. I’m in the process of applying for disability and mum is supporting us both on her small SSDI pension. We are dirt poor. I just went from 98 pounds to 110+ (our scale is broken) and need clothes that fit. My mum has almost no clothes, and no winter coat. She wears this horrible olive drab coat with a hoodie, and she’s so embarrassed by it. It gets cold here in Detroit, and she should have a proper coat.

If you find you have things in these sizes, please let me know. We’d be so appreciative. You can also help us by donating to our fundraiser – https://goo.gl/dkoSTW, or PayPal: hansonp@uwindsor.ca – so we can get clothes at a resale shop or thrift store. Please share, and thanks for any help!❤

Mum: Size 16/18 or 1X in tops, the same in coats. Size 15 in junior’s jeans.

Me: Size medium or large in junior’s tops. Probably a small or medium in women’s. Size 1 or 2 in junior’s jeans. Like I said, I’m about 110-115 pounds and five foot six.

Thank you!

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Thank god for xkit’s notification block, because if I have to read one fucking more angry/whiny/entitled comment about why those swimsuits cost $98 I will scream. It’s one thing to have a nuanced conversation about accessibility and the un- and underemployment of young people or to bemoan your own budgetary limitations, it’s another entirely to blow up replies with comments like “why is this one hundred fucking dollars” or “shit cost $90 stop putting it on my dash” or to somehow simultaneously give it props for being run by one woman and criticize it for having a price that reflects that labor.

Tumblr needs a fucking lesson in what garment labor actually looks like, my fucking god.

Holy shit $98 is actually such a low price for a handmade garment from one-person-operated small business. It SUCKS that it’s too expensive for a lot of people, but that’s a broken economy, not a single proprietor’s fault (artisans deserve living wages too). Christ. We are so out of touch with what it actually costs to make and sell things.

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My youngest brother (18) took his life early morning 11/29/2017 please help his family with services for our parents both have medical complications restricting work and $$. His siblings whom loved him very much and are in a state of stock to this news can not do it on our own. Thank you all donations are greatly appreciated.

Currently at $2,192 out of the $8,500 goal. Please help.

Now at $2,202 of $8,500

$3,113 of $8,500 goal

Click here to support unexpected funeral for little brother

Those who speak out run the risk of alienating future professional contacts; in publishing, it doesn’t pay to be known as a “problem” or a “difficult person.” People of color, in particular, already face substantial barriers to entry in publishing even before they start talking about diversity. Resistance can be ferocious, in part driven by the heavily white, nondisabled, cis demographics of the upper echelons in an industry that is heavily built on women’s labor—supportive work in publishing is often feminized and at times racialized as well. If that sounds like a perfect storm for sexual harassment, so closely mirroring other industries where women are coming forward to talk about abusive men in power, you’d be right. Like those industries, whisper networks within publishing alert people to handsy editors, sexually aggressive agents, and other abusers, but from the outside, the waters in publishing appear remarkably calm, with a few notable exceptions.


5 Dec 2017 (5:20 p.m.) – Fry Day 1

More terrible video, with a better view of the yolk sacs. (A.k.a. the miniature beach balls it looks like they swallowed 😅)

They seem to be doing fine so far today, and maybe even more hyper.

I covered the hang-on tank over with a dark t-shirt while I was asleep, to block out the light that’s been staying on over that tank. May just turn it off.

But, this is not long after going in there to turn on the main tank lights and uncover the fry tank.

I did coincidentally end up marrying someone who makes enough money that, while “loaded” is definitely not the word, we’re also not really struggling with me unable to bring in more income for years now.

(“Coincidentally”, as in I wasn’t exactly looking to marry someone for that great middle-class income potential 😯 Neither one of us had actually planned on getting married at all, but guess what.)

I know I’ve rambled about that before, but total financial dependence still isn’t the kind of precarious position anyone should have to end up in. So many ways that can go badly.

Anyway, even though my partner has never acted like a dick about it at all, and I made very sure he was aware going in that I might or might not ever be able to do paid work again? (To the point that my mother got on my case for “trying so hard to run him off”. Yeahno, the reactions there are really something I need to know ASAP if things are getting serious, for my own protection.)

That’s still one of the major things my brainweasels keep seizing onto. Some people worry that their partner might want to leave them for someone better looking. Which frankly wouldn’t be that hard either, but that’s never really been my big relationship insecurity thing.

No, I can’t help but worry that he’ll get totally fed up dealing with my bullshit, with disability stuff/general craziness in a leading role of course. And prefer to spend time with someone who can do things like get paid for an actual career, and go out and do fun things with him. Someone just generally easier to live with.

(Kinda amplified with the prospect of moving to Sweden, tbh. In that case, plenty of people he has way more in common with, on top of all the rest.)

I am very aware that this stuff, not too surprisingly, does tie right in with some earlier emotional abuse. Including caregiver abuse, yeah. (Important if very triggering post, and it’s not just paid staff.) Intensifying the worse my health situation was. And that it’s most likely seriously overblown. But, those brainweasels sure are persistent.

For an extra level of unpleasantness to the situation. And I would be surprised if that were an uncommon thing, given some of the nasty social messages out there. Even if not everybody has the same awesome combo of PTSD and OCD feeding the weasels.