PSA: “Healthier” does not mean low calorie, low fat, low sugar, low carb. Healthier does not mean less.  Healthy is relative to each person’s needs.

Also, guilt-free is not a description for food.  Guilt is not an ingredient; it is a feeling.  No matter how many ingredients or calories you remove from that food, the guilt is in your mind, not the food.

I won’t stop reblogging this.

I have to remind myself of this continually. That other people’s definitions of “healthier” are often the polar opposite to what “healthier” needs to mean for me.




Breaking News: Husbands dying on wives makes them happier

This is so fucking funny to read shshshhss

‘older genarations married people they didn’t actually love or get along with, find relief and new life after their partners die’ could also be put there.

Also, “felt like they needed to stay in marriages that were causing misery” 😐

Great way to live, for everyone involved. And such great social expectations leading to situations like this.

I recently found out that I was diagnosed with Severe ADHD when I was only 18 months old. And I learned that the youngest age (on average ) is five years old.. (I’m doing a project in adhd and autism and stimming ) I dunno… I just think that’s pretty f***ing crazy


From December 22 2017

Yeah, that’s really weird. Most of the things that are affected by ADHD aren’t even things typical children can do until they’re at least seven years old anyhow. Autism, on the other hand, can definitely be apparent from birth in some cases and by 18 months for sure.

If you can get more details about it, that would probably be really enlightening.


No idea when that was, but there was maybe even more diagnostic overlap and confusion before professional views of autism expanded up into the ‘90s. Because ADHD was more on the radar as a possibility. (Some earlier discussion, at the end.)

I got dx’ed with the precursor to ADHD when I was maybe 3, based on things that would make people think autism now, with more labels added on later to cover what didn’t fit as ideas of ADHD changed. That didn’t used to be an uncommon thing, from talking to other people.

Mostly chiming in because that does sound awfully early for an ADHD dx.

Hopefully final before Christmas grocery run accomplished!

That ended up being more than I could reasonably lug home on my own with two dodgy shoulders. Even though it doesn’t look like that much, there’s a bag of potatoes in there, along with a bunch of cheese and other dense stuff.

So, I ended up wheeling it home 😅

Just from up the street this time*, at least. Wrangling the cart was fun in it’s own way, and I need a little rest before trying to deal with the food. But, way better than trying to carry it without even wonky little shopping cart wheels.

Riding shotgun: the very cuddly Moosedeer I couldn’t resist bringing home for Mr. C 😊 Who has kept commenting on how many “reindeer” have moose antlers.

* Unlike just before Christmas one time at least 10 years ago, when it would have been at least a 45 minute wait for a cab home with way more than that. So we took turns wheeling it over a mile. At least that was from the nearest bigger supermarket, and before the big health crash. Also the main reason the trolley is parked on our walled patio for now, since that one got stolen from outside before anyone could take it back the next day 🙄