Gluten Free Apple Oatmeal Crisp – Recipe |

I couldn’t resist picking up some nice-looking Braeburns over the weekend, and finally got some of this made this evening. Doing a quick search for a reference recipe for proportions heavier on the oats, I ran across this one and decided to give it a try. Seemed appropriate. 😅

Very good results to my taste, as it turned out.

Not overly sweet, which is a definite plus. I would probably use another tablespoon or so of sugar in the apples for a pie filling, but good for this purpose. As usual, I also used some allspice and ginger along with a smaller amount of cinnamon in the apples, but easy to adjust to your taste. This should also be easy enough to use wheat flour in the crumb topping instead, if you don’t need a GF version.

I hardly ever make anything sweet anymore, but glad I did go ahead with the apple crumble. Very satisfying. And there’s about half of it left for later.

With the apples that are left, I am thinking of just turning them into spiced cooked apples and maybe use some for fried pie filling. That’s more spoon intensive than I maybe strictly need, but it’s been at least 10 years now since I had any fried pies. Hopefully they’ll turn out edible, because that’s how much experience I have making them myself 🙄 Done it a few times, never with a GF dough so far though.

Gluten Free Apple Oatmeal Crisp – Recipe |

More than 200 children who lost homes in Grenfell Tower will spend Christmas in hotels


Figures obtained by Emma Dent Coad’s office show that 226 children who lost their homes in the disaster will be stuck in bed and breakfast hotels during the festive period while the rest are staying in temporary flats.

It is illegal for children to live in bed and breakfast accommodation for more than six weeks, yet many Grenfell victims have been staying in bed and breakfast hotels for the entire six-month period since the fire.

The tory promise bto rehouse survivors was complete bullshit

More than 200 children who lost homes in Grenfell Tower will spend Christmas in hotels


That autistic feel when you’re never sure if you’ve over-explained, under-explained, explained just right, or if no explanation was necessary to begin with. Because so many times, you’ve explained things in a way that was perfectly clear to you, and that the other person swears they understand, but it later turns out that what they understood you to be saying had little or no resemblance to what you intended.

Also, when you’re never quite sure if you understood correctly or misunderstood, because so many times before, you were absolutely certain of your understanding, and acted on that certainty, only to discover that when it comes to communication with allistic people, it can be really hard sometimes to know when to take them literally and when not to.