In 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law the great Social Security program. It was designed to give workers an income after retirement.

Today, it’s not so great. The tiny Social Security increase that will be bestowed on retirees and the elderly in January is a cruel fraud perpetrated by the government. That’s because increases in Medicare Part B and Part D insurance premiums will negate all of the Social Security 2% cost of living increase for many recipients. Instead of staying even, we’ll fall behind.

I just got my annual benefits letter from Social Security. It says I will get $24 a month more next year. However, after the Medicare premium increases, my new Social Security check will be $3.40 a month less than the one I currently get. (The government deducts Medicare premiums from Social Security checks.)

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2018 Social Security COLA Won’t Meet Seniors’ Needs.

  • The just-announced 2.0% cost-of-living increase (COLA) for Social Security beneficiaries is woefully inadequate. The 2018 COLA translates into a paltry $27 a month for the average recipient, barely enough for a prescription co-pay, a tank of gas, or a bag of groceries. 




Can someone explain when and how “discourse” came to be the word of choice for meta and discussion and how all meta then became wanky?

I’m too tired tonight but maybe hit me up later. It makes me cranky as a postmodernist because “discourse” is an incredibly useful word for me in my work, but when I use it on Tumblr, the children think I’m calling things wank.

Based on my personal experiences, this began when the question of social justice became really prominent in fandom. Because these discussions/meta about social justice in fandom and fanfic were actually rooted in academic social justice literature, “discourse” entered the vocabulary. In the very beginning, it was actually used correctly and some useful discussion was had. (“Problematic” came into use at the same time, and was also useful in the beginning.)

Later, fandom culture had changed such that *every* discussion had to occur in terms of social justice (ie. nothing is in bad taste, rude, or squicky; it must be abusive, homophobic, morally wrong, etc). When wank happened, it was also couched in social justice language. Such language gave (seeming) legitimacy and moral weight to any argument, so I can see how it was seductive. This became normal to the point where I personally think that these days some wankers don’t even realize they’re wanking rather than doing productive social justice. Thus, discourse became synonymous with wank.

(I too am annoyed that “discourse” as a word has been, well… tainted. When I use it sarcastically, I write it as The Discourse or Disk Horse to show that I don’t think wank is legitimate or good-faith discourse.)





Boozhoo (hello), my name is Ken, I am a disabled Ojibwe artist from northern Wisconsin. I am writing this post because I am having a hard time making ends meet and any donations I could possibly receive at this time would be greatly appreciated. Recent events have left my bank account depleted and my cupboards bare, I have some food but it will not last and I still do not know how I will cover all the utility bills.

I do have PayPal, that is really the best way to donate at this time, the email I use for that is:, or you can click here.

Miigwech (thank you) everyone. Working hard to at least get caught up and still coming up short, every little bit helps.

Miigwech all, still trying to plan a big shopping trip, there’s better food choices and prices if I can get to Duluth, MN, this means 4hrs of travel and a need for gas money and most likely having to buy a meal for my driver. Though this seems like a lot for just food shopping it makes sense as local options, especially on the reservation, or the tourist trap of a town next to it, include far more expensive and less healthy options. Any help is greatly appreciated, hoping to get all stocked up before the first big snowfall.

Didn’t get out before the snow but managed to do some food shopping closer to home, still low on food though, and $80 short on the water/sewer bill this month, anything helps, miigwech.

Really big snowstorm is on the way and the vehicle we have won’t do us much good once that’s hit, really need to stock up on a few things, hoping to get to the food shelf but that’s an hr drive, will need gas as well.









then again

the more things change….

The people making these memes obviously have never seen some of the weird ass shit in old-timey photos. A quick Google and:

Humans are basically a giant jumble of weirdos that try to belittle other weirdos…

That’s the most accurate and poignant description of human nature I’ve ever read

humanity has been shitposting since the very birth of photography, probably even earlier

“probably even earlier”

True shitposts, made by artisans, filled with blood, sweat, tears, and the dankest memes of early man.

Snemons, or snail demons.