I have no idea who these women are. As you can see, I am reblogging it from a blog I love, @fifties-sixties-everyday-life

I bring you this because if you want to know about me and my life in the sixties, when Star Trek first aired, I am all 3 of the women in this photo. Left to right:

Woman 1: Here I am, bored out of my mind because I am educated and intelligent yet even when I get hired to be a “lab assistant” all I actually get to do is type and file and make coffee for the men. And why am I wearing these stupid heels; they are killing me.

Woman 2: Here I am, slightly crazed because I’m trying to be the Stepford Wife my parents and society expect me to be but I’m really bad at it and I don’t freaking want to be this person. But hey! At least I got my hair to pouf up right.

Woman 3: Here I am, the real me, generally pretty happy and slightly disheveled and smiling like a goofball, because that’s what I am.

Thank you for reading my mini-autobiography, and goodbye.


He knows where you are dueling

He knows where armor’s thin

He knows his way around a fight so recruit the elf to win

Oh, you better watch out,

You better fight well,

Be true to your steel

And send them to hell,

Santa Claus is riding foes down


Tip: If you ever get a jar of cooking sauce that also comes with a little dry spice container like that on top?

DO NOT try to pry the plastic thing off the lid before you have the jar opened safely.

Maybe that shouldn’t need to be said, but… 😩

The design there really did not help matters, though.

On the plus side, that thing is really unlikely to come off by accident before a customer takes it home. Because it really does take some concerted prying with a butter knife or similar.

(Then the thick plastic film holding the spices in needed a sharp knife to get it open. Really, really not going to fall out on its own…)

Tip: If you ever get a jar of cooking sauce that also comes with a little dry spice container like that on top?

DO NOT try to pry the plastic thing off the lid before you have the jar opened safely.

Maybe that shouldn’t need to be said, but… 😩

So Tumblr is now auto-reblogging adverts onto my dash







If you see them, tell me and I’ll delete them. I don’t condone that shit

I was wondering why the fuck you reblogged something about shampoo.
yeah, same here. if you see adverts on my dash, let me know ASAP

I have adblocker and see NO ads, so if I reblog an ad, it wasn’t me, please let me know and LINK me, cuz I’ll never see it otherwise.

Saaame. ^^


Riiight. I’ll believe it when I see it

I haven’t seen it, but Tumblr does enough weird stuff as it is.

It’s also too easy to accidentally fast-reblog things in the mobile app, which is with 99% certainty what must have happened if anyone notices unexpected reblogs from me.

(Including rebloggable “promoted $$$” crap, unless it’s a screenshot I’m making fun of.)







if you think fuckin 11 year olds can be asexual ur super gross please don’t talk to me bye

I was asexual at 11 years old

I mean, I was sexual at 8 years old, why can’t someone be asexual at 11?

I’m going to guess it’s because that kids at 11 are way too immature (physically and mentally) to realize if they’re ace or not. Especially since a lot of kids doesn’t start puberty until like 12 or 13. So if you keep trying to enforce the idea on your 11 year old that they’re ace, and turns out they aren’t. They’re going to keep trying to be asexual because you’re their parent and they trust you over themselves.

So please, let kids work it out by themselves and support then while they do it.

But it helps if they know the option is out there. No one is forcing kids to be asexual, but if you let them know it’s an option, ace kids might feel like nothing is wrong with them for not wanting sex. Like, it’s ok to educate people.

I knew I wasn’t a girl at like, 8 or 9. Are people trying to claim I was “too immature” then to know I wasn’t cis?



I don’t know why but I feel like you guys will enjoy this story.

When I was a teenager, I got really fed up with people asking me what my plans were for school and where I wanted to go to college. It was relentless at every family gathering, and my family is all pretty well off, making it a bit anxiety-inducing. So I made one up. I just invented a college. I wasn’t trying to fool anyone, I just wanted people to stop asking about it, so I gave it an absolutely ridiculous name; “The Velociraptor Institute of Chicago” – worth mentioning that I lived nowhere near Chicago at the time.

This evolved into a rather large joke between my aunt and I. We would occasionally hang up “school fliers” in my room – one of which being an “X Days Since Last Dinosaur Related Incident” and making bad “school sweaters”.

One day, I decided that it would be hilarious if my all-too-boring voicemail message was something related to the reptilian fallacy.

I went to Google Translate, English to English, and typed out a message from the school staff, something along the lines of; “Hello. You have reached the Velociraptor Institute of Chicago. None of our operators are available at the moment due to dinosaur related incidents. Please remain calm. This is not an emergency. Leave your name and number and we will return your call shortly.”

This was a hit among my aunt and any friends or relatives that happened to call, but as most jokes do, it faded out into the back of my head eventually. I don’t really like phone calls so I essentially forgot about it completely.

Until I received my first voicemail from a potential job interviewer.

goddamn i am at the WRONG chicago grad school




mdlksdfsd my fave thing is when ppl outside of florida ask “how do alligators even get in ur pools??? how do they get into ur yards???”


alligators can climb fences. they do this a lot

@ the replies – absolutely alligators can climb fences!! chain link fences are easier for them bc they can get a grip on them, but yep alligators climb fences to get into peoples pools + canals + backyards

i would like to add that alligators wont chase you/attack you unless you provoke them, but yes they absolutely climb fences and ladders and basically everything all the time